Reno part 3: Office and dining room

When we bought the house we had 2 living areas, which was great for a while, however, as the kids grew, we converted one living room to a bedroom which was shared by girls, then boys and then as our oldest’s room as our youngest son left for college. We have played musical rooms MANY times in this house and it always makes things fresh and fun for a while and miraculously clean for a time.

Hubby’s home office was on the opposite side of bedroom wall sharing the dining room. It worked. When our oldest son moved out, we then had a spare room with plans to move the home office, however, we had paneling over the block walls and one of the walls wasn’t properly insulated, so we had some work to do first. Of course.

From spare room/guest cat room, to emptying out and therapeutic peeling of random wallpaper
with paneling down we were able to insulate and put up dry wall in the entire room, leaving fresh walls to paint and paint and paint
A quiet spot to have coffee in the morning and Bandit’s new spot—-poor dude, his crate was moved so many times during the construction process over the past 2 1/2 months, he kept returning to his original spot in the living room and just standing there. He’s got it now, though!
Command central and the best thing is a DOOR for those loud conference calls! Our cat enjoys this new space as well.

The dining room, was a good size, however, we had a couple of pieces of furniture that took up space and since we shared space with the office it could get a little tight with a large dinner group—-AKA all the kids and their significant others. With the furniture going to our oldest for his new house and my dishes and miscellanies now housed in the kitchen cabinets, we have a peaceful spot for dinner.

Before. Our flooring was able to go right over the tile with a transitional concrete. That saved us some dust! Old and new paint…..from golds and greens to greys and blues. We also replaced all the interior doors in the house.
New doors and hardware. Doors close fully and teenage skate stickers artfully covering inside and outside of doors are no longer. This is also important in that our cat can no longer “knock” on our door at 2 a.m.—-if he does, we don’t hear him!

My buffet table now has a new home and we have room to stretch out. Hubby hated the old light so we swapped it out for a new light with LED and dimmable option. the kitchen also has an LED light that replaced our old fluorescent light—you can just barely see it on the right—-it also has a dimmer. It was an option I didn’t realize we had—our electrician told us about it and I’m glad we went in that direction.

Reno Part 2: Bathrooms

We have 2 bathrooms, both are small, but proportional to our 1972 house, and both had “issues”. Loose tiles in the tub and shower, floor tile/linoleum that was hard to clean and an overall dingy appearance.

For our master we opted to gut it and start fresh. Au revoir to the pink square tiles, too-short-for-Hubby shower head and linoleum square tiles on the floor

to give you and idea of the pink and some of the sinking wall tiles in the shower…..issues.
new Durock and shower pan and actual tile for the floor. (fortunately, no major issues behind those sinking tiles), some built in shower shelves, and new paint. We shared the girls bath while ours was under construction and flipped to ours while theirs was transforming to a much cleaner look. We all survived!!
it’s really challenging to get a full look in a small space, but Voila….new vanity, mirror, light and shower—-the pic is to show the pebble floor—which I love, however a bonus is the puffs which made a cameo!
Girls bathroom: This is the best “before” I have. that tiny tile was SO hard to keep clean, even with the boys gone—-a struggle. We also had a couple of loose tiles to repair in the shower—with no huge underlying issues, blessedly!

In the girls bathroom, we opted for re-glazing of the tub and tile rather than a gut. We replaced the floor tile, repainted and installed a new vanity, mirror and light fixture, matching the floor tile and lighting to our bathroom. From dingy to crisp and clean.

off white to BRIGHT!
with re-glazing only a soft cloth and soap and water are used to clean the tub and tile. Our girls are older and so far this is faring well. If our boys were still home or the kids were younger, this likely wouldn’t have been the best choice. Time will tell, but we are pleased with the finished product.


Remember that little house that God bought?

Welp. She got a reno! This little 1972 ranch has now come into 2020. A project that monopolized all of our Corona-quarantine time. When we first started, I shared a little house paint/office demo here. We still have some exterior stuff to do—wrapping up over the next two weeks. However for the most part—it’s done. Hallelujah!! Perfect timing because my allergies kicked in today, so I’ve been laying low with no enormous “to-do” list staring me down.

For starters I’ll give you the kitchen. I’ll do separate posts of the bathrooms, office and living/dining room. The entire project has been in various forms of discussion for the past 2 years, however, we knew that when we started we were doing it ALL. That knowledge was so overwhelming we never could pull the trigger—-add to that all the choices that we needed to make—-neither of us were ready. Cue Corona and all the weekends at home….just add paint and we crossed the start line.

While our kitchen was fully functional, the wall oven was small and I was limited in cooking—-I made it work, but I really longed to return to a standard size oven. Our cabinets were laminate overlay so painting them might have been possible in some Pinterest universe, however, we know our limits and if we were doing it,we were DOING IT!! So. We opted to gut the kitchen and in the end we have a standard oven, microwave above to free up counter space and the wall oven is now an open shelving unit with plans to add a shelf to house my cookbooks with the bottom shelf making a home for our larger applicances. I am thrilled with the outcome! And Hubby built it!! One other bonus with gutting the kitchen was that our flooring was continuous through the house.
The wall oppposite the kitchen sink was a hodgepodge of functional items to fill the space. I love the buffet (a piece I inherited from a dear friend), but really wanted to have more cabinet space as well as some additional counter space to serve food on at family gatherings. Mission accomplished and my buffet now has a new home in our dining room .

Of course we are still shifting items in cabinets trying to find the best place and I keep going to the wrong spot for the garbage…..but it is finished and we love it!

Daily Bread

John 6:51-58

In today’s Gospel Reading, Jesus emphatically and repeatedly proclaims that He is the bread of life and partaking in His body and blood will bring eternal life, entwining us with Christ–the one and only true sustenance.  Jesus doesn’t say that the bread and blood represent him or are a likeness or symbol of him:  the bread and blood ARE the body and blood of Christ.  Period.  End.  Important enough that He speaks this six times in this Gospel….in case we didn’t hear it the first five times.

As a young mother with 4 kiddos who took turns  distracting me during the Mass, receiving holy communion was frequently the only part of Mass that I remembered.  As I lamented to a friend that I often felt exasperated and got nothing out of Mass due to the constant herding of little kittens in my pew, she reminded me that there are many graces granted to those who attend Mass and receive the Holy body and blood, she also encouraged me to keep on keepin’ on and that I would experience those graces throughout my long days and short years with these little people.  And so I went, even when I knew it would be a struggle –no matter what shenanigans were going on in my pew (looking at you palms on Palm Sunday), when we took our place in line to receive Holy Communion the kids lined up and pulled it together for the remainder of Mass–every time.  My strength renewed for another week ahead, that post-Communion peace in our pew a little reminder that He was with us every wiggle, loud whisper, wrestling match and loud toddler protests.  Graces abundant indeed.

Believing that he healed the broken, rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of God, for me, it’s not that big of a stretch to believe he can turn bread and wine into His very presence each and every Mass.  The ultimate gift is the receiving of the Eucharist–to be one with Christ, wound together in body, blood, soul and divinity in spite of our past or present.

Lord, may your great love lead us to you, to experience your love and ultimate sacrifice for us in the gift of the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

If you are able, spend some time in Adoration prior to Mass (or arrive early to Mass to focus on Christ’s sacrifice) preparing your heart for His presence.

all good things

look like crap before they look good

We were stuck in our house too long with the “stay-at-home” orders and decided to paint and discuss renovations. Pandora’s box, anyone???

That went well.

this is the only before picture I have. I’m not even sure how that happened except that I think snapchat was involved. Trust me when I say we went with Behr “Evaporation” and it is a the loveliest of blue/grey chameleon paint every and I love it!!

anyway. here we are.

hopefully I have some lovely pics to show you in a couple of months. In the meantime, here’s the next project and probably first “fix” to be complete.

lifted up the wallpaper that was bubbling and found this lovely paneling. soon to be dry walled and painted a non-green color. it’s better than it was and eons different from what it will be. fingers crossed!

until then. I’m just going to keep whispering to myself and the hubs, “it will all be worth it. it will all be worth it. it will all be worth it.” then I’m going to find some ruby red slippers!!