Recipe Files

I try and get the kids in the mix, too! Here’s my baby 3 years ago helping me make some chili!

Pretty much all my recipes are stolen.  Yup.  I’m fessin’ up.  I steal other people’s recipes.  Family, friends, strangers, internet, I’m open to all recipes!  The kicker is…..I share them, too!  We all get in a rut from time to time and I love trying new things out—especially if we are having guests!

My “passion” leans more toward baking (probably because I have such a sweet tooth), but I’m always up for new dinner recipes to mix it up during the week, keep the kids guessing.  We aren’t a spicy family and I will almost ALWAYS tweak a recipe to make it my own (mostly out of rushing and failure to fully follow a recipe or missing an ingredient–whatev, that’s the beauty of cooking!), so feel free to improvise and make any of these YOURS!  And don’t forget to share!

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