Chicken pot pie

This morning was crazy, woke up a full HOUR later than normal and our morning went into overdrive like no one’s business.  Last words out the door to Hubby were to “take out the chicken for dinner”.  Tonight I came home from work and decided we’d make a chicken pot pie since we were having a cray cray night and with a hurricane a comin’, comfort food was where it was headed for dinner!

Here’s what I did after perusing a few recipes and seeing what I had in the pantry/freezer/cupboards to fix it up…

13X9 pan sprayed with Pam

Next in:  Skinless chicken breasts cut into large bite size pieces

Then cream of mushroom soup spread over chicken

Mixed bag of frozen veggies spread over soup

Bake @350 for 15-20 minutes

While chicken is baking, mix up Bisquick according to directions for biscuits and set aside (I added a little extra milk to make it easier to spread out)

THEN:  Pull out chicken mixture

season it up with salt, pepper, adobo, all season’s and garlic salt (whatever you like)

Grated mozzarella spread over veggies (now seasoned) mix (or skip this part, but really?  cheese just makes everything so much yummier!)

Spread Bisquick over cheese

I love me an all-on-one meal…don’t you??

BACK IN THE OVEN….about 20-30 minutes or until topping is brown

Nice. I’m in love with bread. And Bisquick.

Was mostly a hit (1 out of 6 preferred a fluff-a-nutter sandwich).  I think we have one serving left for lunch.  I think.


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