The blog returns and other quick takes

I figured since I have blogged a few times this week that I would make my “comeback” official by joining in with Kelly and crew for a recap on the week with the “7 Quick Takes” which you can read up on MANY quick takes on the blogosphere here!!

  1. So far this week I have survived the “swing shift” training and tonight will be my last night before I head into my “night shift” training  before they cut me loose to run solo!  I am happy to report that after 3 years on the management side of things with a side of clinical:  my skills are not rusty, I can still drive a stretcher and my fitbit count is OFF.  THE.  CHAIN.  My biggest struggles are learning the nuances of the work flow and scanner, working the walkie talkie radio and most importantly finding the right hair “DO” so that my earpiece doesn’t drive me up the wall—I am confident I will overcome this situation, but there may be some cussing in the interim.
  2. Our oven died this week.  It was turning itself on broil and needs a new motherboard.  Right before Thanksgiving.  I will not panic.  I will not panic.  The mother** should be fixed on Monday, in the meantime we will be grilling and crockpotting it up and probably some pizza orders; we have a plan!
  3. Let’s talk Kombucha.  I have tried a few different flavors and have found “humm” coconot lime, blueberry mint and strawberry lemonade are my go-tos.  The jury is still out on the GTS gingerade flavor–not bad, I think it will grow on me, but my absolute FAVE is the seasonal fall edition of GTS “living in gratitude”.  Apple, carrot, turmeric–it is awesome and I have shamelessly gone into Aldi and scooped up every last one.  So now I have to grab them one at a time when I am out and about since Aldi is out of stock.  So.  Good.  See the source image
  4. With my extra time this past week I am finding more time to do stuff I am interested in on my own terms while the kids are in school and hubs is working.  Blogging, sewing, exercising.  It’s been a fun and productive week.  As I move into my regular schedule I can be more structured and figure out where I want to focus my efforts and get a routine down.  Right now, I am starting with the Body Boss, 12 week workout program–week one is done, however,  this phase is the “pre training/ warmup” to the program and is 4 weeks long.  I am a little scared and though initially almost decided to skip the intro month because—puhleeeeeze–I’ll be fine—I am grateful I didn’t listen to my ego because I would now be dead.  Or really sore and sorry.  Maybe I am growing up?!?!  Cool.  I figured it’s a good time to re-instate Whole 30 meals as well, however, I’ll need cofirmation I have a working oven first so that may take another week!
  5. Blogging.  Still trying to figure out the direction I’d like this blog to go in.  Will be doing some researching and reading up on writing and the art of writing so hit me with any recs and suggestions on this…I’m all ears!  and typing fingers.
  6. Thanksgiving is coming and I am so glad my mom reminded me!!!  We are going to host at our house again because we are all about the leftovers!  So far my mom is doing the turkey.  I made a vegan mashed potato and sweet potato dish the other night and apparently it was quite the hit and has been requested.  There were exactly zero leftovers when I got home, but the spoonful of “taste testing” was indeed quite tasty, so we have that dish on the menu.  Now to plan the rest of the sides which I plan to make ahead.  I also got a good tip on a great website for all my entertaining needs here.  I think I’m ready!!
  7. Christmas cards.  My goal is to finish the card and order today so that I can mail out ASAP and let the Christmas season begin.  Now to just get my picmonkey and shutterfly to cooperate with some strong teamwork and I will be golden.

That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend!