Kayakin’ Christmas Eve (Day)

Because nothing says Christmas Eve like taking the kayak for a spin, right?

We are borrowing my friend’s kayak for a while (she hasn’t used it and we have a nice little home with some use from time to time for it, so it’s win-win for all of us) and after a month or so, we finally had a free day to take it for a spin.  Sadly, the day before it was pushing 80degrees and bright blue skies and sunny…the day after (kayak day) was pushing mid 70s, grey Eeyore kind of skies and breezy….BUT….all for adventure…and minus one kid, we hit it!

First up was our youngest son (who also helped heave the beast up and off the truck with dad). It’s WAY too hard for me to take pictures AND manage the kayak and bungie cords!  Besides, isn’t that one reason we enjoy our children?  They make our lives so much “easier”…<wink, wink>

The marina was a great spot to put in, protected from the wind and no traffic=great introduction for the kids!

Next up was littlest, who turned out to be a pretty good little rower once she got the hang of it.

Big sis rounded out the kid-turns and was THRILLED to be kayaking.

Here I am…WHAT!?!?  You kidding me???  It was “cold” and I was not up for getting my booty wet!  Especially when we forgot towels.  yeah.  don’t got there.  oversight.  won’t happen again!

Brother was cozy in the car waiting while Daddi-O took the girls for a spin and ventured out for a short trip into the river before loading up to go home!

Heading under the little car bridge!!

Checking out the birds while waiting for the crew to pass by..

Under the BIG bridge into the river!

Heading home for some hot chocolate!  (and the traditional Christmas Eve Family Mass, of course, but a great way to enjoy an afternoon).

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