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When it all falls in place

Back to the epic tale of Tracy.

There are times in my life when I have KNOWN without the shadow of a doubt that God is working and I am merely following His lead. I recognize it (not always right away—-which would be soooooo much easier) when my life seems to take an unexpected turn and wild ideas pop into my head WITH SOLUTIONS to the unexpected turns. My/our current job change is one of those times. And it is still in progress, so it is absolutely terrifying and fascinating to experience.

Once I recognized that my job wasn’t mine to keep and that we were being called to New England (it appears—remember, this is still in progress, we aren’t there yet!) I remembered that a former co-worker/friend and his wife had traveled years ago as X-ray techs and that seemed to be an interesting idea to pursue as well as a great way to figure out where we want to live and work—a kind of “try before we buy”. I talked with my friend who gave me good insight on travel life and I found a couple of helpful Facebook groups which had a ton of information and with that combination of guidance and direction everything snowballed very quickly. Much faster than the original thought of “two years from now”.

After narrowing down travel companies and figuring out a start date for a my first travel assignment (with a very generous resignation timeframe from my job), I resigned from my position and vaulted into the travel world. I was able to stay on PRN with my company since I have quite a wide range of abilities within the company, so it worked out well for them and I keep a foot in the door and pick up extra shifts when convenient. Win-win.

Ironically enough, since I had been out of clinical for the last 3 years and had no travel experience, I was not the hot commodity I thought I should be. Apparently 30 years of experience means nothing. Enter humble pie. Somehow though, I ended up with an interview and offer for a job 2 hours away with the hospital I worked at straight out of X-ray school—-it seems they would be my “first” again. Side note: Conveniently, this job is located in the same town our youngest son attends college. Bonus!!

The next step was to find housing since it’s not practical to make a 4 hour commute daily. After reviewing a few options of a “room for rent in a house”, I was able to find a studio apartment for a reasonable rate and super convenient location. It provides exactly what I need: bed, shower, coffee pot and a mostly quiet neighborhood and most importantly—-NOT in someone’s house. I sleep “ok”—not great, not horrible, but it’s fine. As soon as I finish my last shift each week, I drive home. It usually takes me a couple of hours to wind down after each shift, so it’s nice to do that in the car and be back in my own bed that night.

The actual job is busy. No surprise. It is a fast-paced 12 hours, but the ER team is great to work with and time flies. 13 weeks will be up before I know it. In fact, I am already at the point where I am reviewing positions for my next assignment which is wild to me!

The downside of the job is the shifts are on the weekend. The upside is I am home all week. My weekdays are finding a new rhythm and this new freedom has provided an enormous blessing…..to be continued

Get ready

Welp.  Looks like the next couple of days will be interesting.  Praying Matthew doesn’t change course any further west and hooks east back out to sea.  It’s a thing, it can happen. See Hurricane Charley (although that hooked east about mid-state–which was NOT good!).

The last time we dealt with a big hurricane it WAS Charley in 2004, who was followed by 3 friends.  The others are a blur, because with 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks, that was a crazy I do not care for.  Prior to that was Floyd in 1999 when most of Central Fla evacauated north (we were in the Panhandle at the time and were fortunate enough to host my dear friend and her family for the night—which was in turn fortunate for us as our 2nd son was born early the next morning!).

This time though, we are here.  This time it’s far larger and stronger.  People may have been slow to act (12 years will do that to you), but I can assure you that the gas stations, grocery stores and home building stores were bustling yesterday.  The Hubs, is a planner though and when we grocery shopped last week we stocked up on the water, gatorade and soup.  Our cars are all gassed up.  Our windows are about a year old.

Today, we will watch the forecast and the Hubs and kids (and cat and dog) will head inland to a friends and depending on whether I get called to the hospital, I will meet them tomorrow after we close or head in to weather out the storm at the hospital.

Pray it up, people.

Head east, Matthew.  WAY east!!!


#WIWS, blue eyeliner and more….

Joining up with the lovelies at Fine Linen and Purple for a little Mass-wear edition and some Sunday Funday pics.

And so sadly, I don’t have a full shot of my dress, mostly because I thought I had blogged it and was going to steal it from a previous post and yet…..not so much, but I’ll give you what I got!

My super cute-knee-length scoop neck  and black cardi from Kohl's.

My super cute-knee-length scoop neck and black cardi from Kohl’s.

Fave necklace, fun ring and BOOM blue eyeliner...b/c I couldn't find my brown.

Fave necklace, fun ring and BOOM blue eyeliner…b/c I couldn’t find my brown.

Then we had some World Cup and birthday thank yous going on

Then we had some World Cup and birthday thank yous going on and mango salsa making for fish dinner

then we had some of this going on, b/c great waves for jumping over and under and well worth the itty raspberry on my knee from a poorly caught wave

then we had some of this going on, b/c great waves for jumping over and under and well worth the itty raspberry on my knee from a poorly caught wave

Some lovely snapdragons from our Trader Joe's trip..and some yumminess

Some lovely snapdragons from our Trader Joe’s trip..and some yumminess

lastly.....the 44 yo eyes were kicking in this morning, thankfully better by the afternoon.  OY.

lastly…..the 44 yo eyes were kicking in this morning, thankfully better by the afternoon. OY.

The birthday that lasted a Week!

Our  youngest turned 11 last week, however, her birthday had the misfortune to fall during a tremendously hectic weekend and so we dragged out a few celebrations in order to celebrate a joyous day, as every birthday should, and to also celebrate with the family in entirety.

  • On her actual birthday, we celebrated in the morning with a giant cinnamon bun from Publix for breakfast and opening of cards and gifts.
  • The next day at Mass we celebrated with a hoot and holler (thanks, Dad!) after Mass during visitor/birthday and anniversary announcements and hot dogs and pool time for Father’s Day at Popop’s
  • Monday, we celebrated with the annual birthday dinner of choice (Chinese takee outee) and family birthday cake (made by joint effort of big brother and sis–Red Velvet delicious!)

    what's not to love about this?  #framer

    what’s not to love about this? #framer


  • This weekend we finished up with a Mystery birthday Party (gotta love Dramatic Fanatic) and friends….with the men of the house vacating for the afternoon.

    Detective/Suspect Interviews...Who done it??

    Detective/Suspect Interviews…Who done it??

    The final table...thank YOU Pinterest..camp fire flames and s'mores chex mix for the win!

    The final table…thank YOU Pinterest..camp fire flames and s’mores chex mix for the win!

‘Twas a good day that the girls both had a Girl Scout event at the local water park after Mass for a relatively peaceful afternoon .

No complaints, yo!

In honor of Padre

Father’s Day.  I’m going to say my Hubby had a good one, because it’s my blog, not his.  But……perhaps he’ll chime in on the combox (as he does from time to time) and confirm or deny.  However, here’s the breakdown of the day:

  • No work today.  With new schedule of alternating Sundays today was day OFF.  Win #1
  • Due to no work, he woke up early to ride his road bike.  Sunday morning+no traffic=20 sweet miles Win#2
  • Our girl was home from Life Teen Camp at Hidden Lake after being gone all week Win#3  (actually #1)
  • Family Mass together.  Sort of.  Our girl was BEAT from getting in so late and our boy is still struggling with church, so 1/2 the kids and sweet Mama and donuts after Mass bringing us to Win#4
  • After getting in the garden and bleaching out the A/C and cleaning the filter because, you know, man stuff, he opened presents.  Behold my new addition to my Pinterest board:  Candy bar bouquet and sweet sentiments from the kids because….love language=words!  Win#5basket
  • Lunch at my step dads with most of the siblings and kiddos in tow….we beat the rain, ate hot dogs, the boys and dad jumped off the roof and made it home for a little nap.  Win #6
  • To top it off….World Cup.  Win#7

Focusing on the amazing man and Father my husband is, how much he loves our kids, how hard he works for our family and the continuous efforts he makes on a daily basis to be the best man he can be.  He is a blessing to me and our kids; we adore him!!   For that I say Happy Father’s Day, today and everyday!  XOXO