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March 7

Today’s reading shows us a zealous Lord. We do not see this side of Jesus anywhere else in the Scriptures. He presents himself (in my mind) throughout Scripture as calm, cool and collected. Today, Jesus is furious — expressing his anger publicly to get His point across.

The people have become focused on sacrifice as an obligation. They have lost the point of making the trek to the temple; they have lost their focus on God. In the same way we sometimes get distracted in life and put aside our faith journey we also experience noise, chaos and distractions which keep us from growing closer to Jesus.

Jesus sometimes has to shake things up in a big way to get our attention, to remind us where our hearts need to be focused. It is often uncomfortable , loud, and usually requires a lot of cleanup but in the aftermath we can see the grace, love and beauty in Christ alone without all the distractions. There we are free to experience the gifts of grace, mercy and peace that accompany His love for us all.

FEB 22

Haven’t we all had a teacher who made a subject come alive for us? Their excitement and passion about geometry/chemistry/English literature brought forth a tangible understanding of that subject so that we shared that excitement, engaging and hungering to learn more. Those subjects then became a foundation, rock solid, for additional growth throughout life.

Sometimes, however, even with a phenomenal teacher, extra tutoring is needed. A deep dive into a problem helps us to grasp understanding with both hands so that we own that knowledge.

I think Jesus was that phenomenal teacher to his disciples and still had to make those deep dive discussions so that their comprehension and ownership of the faith was all-encompassing.

The disciples didn’t fully understand all that Jesus taught them. Until they could grasp the faith that Christ taught, and allow it to permeate their heart to it’s core, how could they effectively share that faith? Jesus had to remind the disciples of the gifts they were given, and that they were fully prepared for the journey He was sending them on. Once the disciples fully embraced the truth, then they were ready to share the faith with others—passionately, tangibly, fully alive.

Someone to love


During His last hours on the cross, in pain, struggling to breathe and trusting in God to release Him from His misery, Jesus was still able to provide for those He loved–  His disciple John and His mother, giving them to one another to love and care for each other.

When I think of my husband, children, my sister, mother, family, dear friends, it is easy to see how Jesus was still concerned enough to take care of them despite his physical suffering.  So many times in my motherhood I have gone above and beyond what I would have done for myself and done for my children– provide for them, care for them, love them–even at their most unlovable and even then I would give them whatever I could to assure their happiness, peace, and safety.  It is how I love; I nurture.   Jesus did that for us.  Even in his last hours, minutes, seconds, He did it for us so that we could find happiness, peace, safety; He loved us, nurtured us and provided for us even at our most unlovable.

How do we respond to Jesus’ gift of eternal provision?  Do we ask?  Do we seek?  Do we try to love like Jesus?

Jesus, help me to love and nurture those around me today, even at their most unlovable.

The road to happiness


This idea of renouncing our worldly comforts goes against our consumerist brains in a painful and fearful manner.  However, let us look at a few things outside of the realm of “wealth and riches” to get a glimpse of life without a focus on materialistic desires—and let us imagine letting go of our riches so that we may enter heaven.

Don’t we all, at some point, crave the down time of solititude, sitting small and enjoying a gentle breeze in our society of more, bigger, faster ?  Lying in a field under a clear blue sky, light breeze, sunshine keeping the chill at bay, dogs wrestling at the the end, music playing softly—much preferred to a loud, crowded, stifling throng of people in a festival atmosphere, right?

Where money can buy convenience, take you wherever you want to go, it is still the simplest things in life that bring the most joy: a walk on the beach as the sun comes up over the ocean, clean sheets pulled from the clothesline on a sunny day,  a kind word for no particular reason.

When we cling to the material ideas of the world as our road to happiness and joy, our hands are too full to accept all Jesus has to offer.  Letting go of “things” that twist our focus and priorities allows us to experience a deep, content faith, seeking Christ and ultimately a place in heaven.

What are we holding on to that keeps us from receiving true happiness?

Lord, help us to let go of the world’s idea of happiness and joy and let us receive all that you have to offer in eternal happiness.

Reno part 3: Office and dining room

When we bought the house we had 2 living areas, which was great for a while, however, as the kids grew, we converted one living room to a bedroom which was shared by girls, then boys and then as our oldest’s room as our youngest son left for college. We have played musical rooms MANY times in this house and it always makes things fresh and fun for a while and miraculously clean for a time.

Hubby’s home office was on the opposite side of bedroom wall sharing the dining room. It worked. When our oldest son moved out, we then had a spare room with plans to move the home office, however, we had paneling over the block walls and one of the walls wasn’t properly insulated, so we had some work to do first. Of course.

From spare room/guest cat room, to emptying out and therapeutic peeling of random wallpaper
with paneling down we were able to insulate and put up dry wall in the entire room, leaving fresh walls to paint and paint and paint
A quiet spot to have coffee in the morning and Bandit’s new spot—-poor dude, his crate was moved so many times during the construction process over the past 2 1/2 months, he kept returning to his original spot in the living room and just standing there. He’s got it now, though!
Command central and the best thing is a DOOR for those loud conference calls! Our cat enjoys this new space as well.

The dining room, was a good size, however, we had a couple of pieces of furniture that took up space and since we shared space with the office it could get a little tight with a large dinner group—-AKA all the kids and their significant others. With the furniture going to our oldest for his new house and my dishes and miscellanies now housed in the kitchen cabinets, we have a peaceful spot for dinner.

Before. Our flooring was able to go right over the tile with a transitional concrete. That saved us some dust! Old and new paint…..from golds and greens to greys and blues. We also replaced all the interior doors in the house.
New doors and hardware. Doors close fully and teenage skate stickers artfully covering inside and outside of doors are no longer. This is also important in that our cat can no longer “knock” on our door at 2 a.m.—-if he does, we don’t hear him!

My buffet table now has a new home and we have room to stretch out. Hubby hated the old light so we swapped it out for a new light with LED and dimmable option. the kitchen also has an LED light that replaced our old fluorescent light—you can just barely see it on the right—-it also has a dimmer. It was an option I didn’t realize we had—our electrician told us about it and I’m glad we went in that direction.