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A few of my favorite things

Not that I don’t really want to work weekends forever—in fact, my next assignment I have weekends OFF!—but weekdays off have their merit! It’s a little like how I imagine retirement to be-HAHA, but truly, it hasn’t been terrible and here are a few things I’ve enjoyed as a result of this weekend assignment:

5. Target is EMPTY. Cashiers wait at the end of their row to beckon you over to check out—like Publix, but it is TARGET! It is glorious, I tell you! Aldi is another story—-quite busy, but it’s Aldi. You can get in and out pretty easy regardless of the people. Almost makes grocery shopping fun! almost…..

4. Crossing the main street on my walks is easy–peasy! Very little traffic on the main road during the day, makes for a peaceful walk! Also, very few people walking/running/biking so I don’t have to share the sidewalk very often. Petty, I know. Just being honest here.

3. I have the beach to myself—-ok, who am I kidding? We are a tourist destination, so it’s never REALLY to myself and our “spot” is pretty quiet even on the weekends, but getting on the beach and driving to my destination with sparse traffic, makes my favorite place even better!

2. Daytime with my hubby. We get to enjoy quick walks during the day. Intermittent conversation and just being near each other with no hustle and bustle. Going through the day together. Work, lunch, dinner prep, exercise. It’s very peaceful hanging out all day. I didn’t expect that, honestly. I thought he’d be very focused on work (he is laser focused, type A), but we actually have many moments during the day to chat, grab a hug, walk, make plans, etc. In person. Not via text or phone. In person. That’s the best part. This also bodes well for our empty-nest adventure!!

1. Daily Mass. Since I am working on Sundays for this assignment, I miss Sunday Mass. My shift is 7a-7p so there are no Masses available and so I attend during the week. Fortunately, this is a temporary situation but it is not lost on me that this period of time falls during Lent with my first available Sunday Mass being EASTER!!! Perhaps it is missing Sunday Mass which makes me appreciate Daily Mass so much, but the time is more reverent, focused and beautiful to me and it is time I wholly look forward to throughout the week.

Not that you asked….but there’s a few (5) little silver linings I’m enjoying while working weekends.

Peace! T

When it all falls in place

Back to the epic tale of Tracy.

There are times in my life when I have KNOWN without the shadow of a doubt that God is working and I am merely following His lead. I recognize it (not always right away—-which would be soooooo much easier) when my life seems to take an unexpected turn and wild ideas pop into my head WITH SOLUTIONS to the unexpected turns. My/our current job change is one of those times. And it is still in progress, so it is absolutely terrifying and fascinating to experience.

Once I recognized that my job wasn’t mine to keep and that we were being called to New England (it appears—remember, this is still in progress, we aren’t there yet!) I remembered that a former co-worker/friend and his wife had traveled years ago as X-ray techs and that seemed to be an interesting idea to pursue as well as a great way to figure out where we want to live and work—a kind of “try before we buy”. I talked with my friend who gave me good insight on travel life and I found a couple of helpful Facebook groups which had a ton of information and with that combination of guidance and direction everything snowballed very quickly. Much faster than the original thought of “two years from now”.

After narrowing down travel companies and figuring out a start date for a my first travel assignment (with a very generous resignation timeframe from my job), I resigned from my position and vaulted into the travel world. I was able to stay on PRN with my company since I have quite a wide range of abilities within the company, so it worked out well for them and I keep a foot in the door and pick up extra shifts when convenient. Win-win.

Ironically enough, since I had been out of clinical for the last 3 years and had no travel experience, I was not the hot commodity I thought I should be. Apparently 30 years of experience means nothing. Enter humble pie. Somehow though, I ended up with an interview and offer for a job 2 hours away with the hospital I worked at straight out of X-ray school—-it seems they would be my “first” again. Side note: Conveniently, this job is located in the same town our youngest son attends college. Bonus!!

The next step was to find housing since it’s not practical to make a 4 hour commute daily. After reviewing a few options of a “room for rent in a house”, I was able to find a studio apartment for a reasonable rate and super convenient location. It provides exactly what I need: bed, shower, coffee pot and a mostly quiet neighborhood and most importantly—-NOT in someone’s house. I sleep “ok”—not great, not horrible, but it’s fine. As soon as I finish my last shift each week, I drive home. It usually takes me a couple of hours to wind down after each shift, so it’s nice to do that in the car and be back in my own bed that night.

The actual job is busy. No surprise. It is a fast-paced 12 hours, but the ER team is great to work with and time flies. 13 weeks will be up before I know it. In fact, I am already at the point where I am reviewing positions for my next assignment which is wild to me!

The downside of the job is the shifts are on the weekend. The upside is I am home all week. My weekdays are finding a new rhythm and this new freedom has provided an enormous blessing…..to be continued

Road trip!

Waycross, GA. or as I like to refer to our little trip as Waaaaaaaay-‘cross Georgia..

School is upon us and we can no longer deny the fact that the lazy days of summer are crashing to a close.  The kids will be grudgingly turning in sooner, waking earlier and submitting to whatever form of homework their teachers proffer (while Hubby and I pray we can keep up and help them if needed–mostly we just stay out-of-the-way!).  With the addition of cheer and soccer (which I’ve mentioned a zillion times already) as well as band commitments, I realized my traveling-for-fun weekends are done.  So, I decided to take a “quick” 8 hour road trip up to spend time with my girlfriend in Atlanta.  Her Hubby was traveling for work and her boys were on a school retreat, so the girls and I made the trek for a super-quick all-girls Road trip.  Let’s just say, I’ve cured myself for a bit.  I’m not as young as I used to be, but I can definitely say…..it was well worth the effort!

A visual “Quick Takes” of our road trip and the you can check in with Jen @ Conversion Diary and LOTS of other people, too!  Enjoy!!


Our sassy girl found a little mailbox that reminded her of our cat during our little exploration of Roswell’s “Alive after Five” event in historic downtown Roswell. Tons to do and see and eat (if you want to wait an hour….)


Bulloch Hall. A pic for my Hubby who is a big Teddy Roosevelt fan….so this will do until he can see the childhood plantation home of President Roosevelt’s mum!


A pic for my meat and sausage and BACON loving boy! Provisions…quite the happenin’ spot as we picked up some sausage for my girlfriend’s lasagna the next day…sadly it was forgotten in the trunk until the next day! OOPS!


The girls enjoyed the burlap chairs and couches @ Provisions (a super quaint and old-timey spot) as well as great people watching and super tempting delicacies all around…dinner was CALLING!


The. BEST. Part of the evening (for the girls)…topless in the Beamer….”put your hands in the air like you don’t care!” They loved it and are now spoiled for all other vehicles. Poor dears.


Cruising through downtown ATL. The girls were fascinated by the toll booths–apparently they forgot we actually have a few in Orlando…***the girls were iPhone-shooting all pics from the car, not me.…PuhLEEZE!! I was white gripping that wheel like a maniac!!


Had to stop and get a photo OP with ‘Mater in a little used car parts/pieces place just south of Waycross. Although that doesn’t explain why our youngest’s shorts are pulled up like Erkel….ah well, whatcha gonna do?

***a couple bonus shots…


My girlfriend’s AHHHHHH-some deck. We most certainly spent ALL morning on this baby, chatting, reading, drinking coffee and enjoying the breeze, the shade and each other’s company. Simply the best part of their renovation–and their kitchen is to die for–but this….this is beyond peaceful.


Taz enjoys the deck also. What he wasn’t all the interested in were 2 little paparazzi who wanted to use his image on their Baldify app….



Nothing like a rainbow to settle your nerves after a good storm on the road

Happy weekend y’all!






Road trip…view from the backseat

  • ImageLast weekend, my girls and I took a road trip to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephews; while we were there, my sis, my girlfriend and I were going to see my friend’s daughter in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  It was a whirlwind weekend, rainy, cold and eight hours of car time, but we had a great time.
  • Quality time with my sister:  a play AND appetizers/dessert (I know you are jealous…you should be), something that so rarely happens without at least one of our children present.
  • Catch up (in fast forward) with a good friend and praising God for His mercies and the works He has done in her family’s life after just a year ago their son being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma.  To just visit with her after their year that changed their lives and see the grace and growth and the LIVING that continues…HUGE.  God IS good.  Even when the circumstances purely suck.
  • Mass at our old church with a powerful sermon by a young priest who is simply ON FIRE and IN LOVE with our Savior.  Seeing and hugging old friends and their growing children.  Life goes on.  We are blessed with the richness of friends and family and this weekend was but a small example.

Back to the road trip portion…..the girls come ready, they pack their own bag o’ goodies.  Snacks.  Games.  Books.  They are veterans of this drive and they know what it takes to stay busy and pass the time.  In the end, they barely touched their bag (aside from the snacks) and we listened to their music so we could hear Taylor Swift (Mama’s iPhone needs to be updated with T’s music), they made up car games, sang songs, played on the iPhone, watched the world go by and took pictures.  Love.  Them.  


They packed their own snacks.  And dad vaccuumed the crumbs when we got home.  oops.  Image

It’s a long boring drive


Hoping the truck gets close enough to do “the sign”…you know ‘honk your horn, mister!’  he didn’t.


Searching for horses….


Finally.  No offense to country music.  After 8 hours though….Mama needed a change-up in tunes!


10 and 2, baby!  It was comin’ down!


Should have checked the weather before we left….


Love.  Free.  Apps.


More clouds.


Rewarded by a group performance in the garage by Ty and his crew…PRICELESS!  (he’s the one commanding the lead from the cooler/stage)

A weekend away…(but not too far!!)

For the past four years, some of my girlfriends and I have had the amazing luxury of (ridiculously cheap) access to a phenomenal beach house in St. Augustine.  It is large enough to grant each of us “space”, even if there are 8 or 10 of us (this year 4 of us) and comfortably decorated enough to not feel lost in the enormity of the house.  Generally, we go in November and do some “Christmas shopping” but this year we opted for a post-holiday season retreat (November was booked..) and THAT was a seriously good call!!  And so, enjoy a (mostly) photo essay of the weekend!

Friday evening.  Subs for dinner @ 8:30 p.m. and a chick flick.

Saturday morning.  Peaceful.  Quiet.  Sunshiney.

A walk on the beach.  And surfers, too!  With snow in the Northeast this morning, THIS is the reason “snowbirds” got it goin’ on!!

I did NOT make my bed!!

Antiquing pre-lunch waiting for our name to be called at Osteen’s.  (cash only, baby!  super yum, super reasonable and worth the wait!…..about an hour!)

A one-man band.

Cobblestone streets.



The Cathedral.

Cupcakes @ Luli’s!  Yes.  I ate the WHOLE thing.  and I didn’t take a picture.   SO.  FLIPPIN’.  DELICIOUS!

Boots with the fur…the whole club was looking at her….(thanks, Flo-Rida…that’s all the lyrics I know, though, so you’ll have to YouTube it yourself, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to link here….)

Dinner.  Out.  Of course!  Creekside.  Sister restaurant to Saltwater Cowboys.  Both are wonderful!

Sunday morning after Mass.  One more walk on the beach…