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Teacher duty day…1/4 of the school year: DONE!

And this Friday finds our lovely children home with Hubby (as he actually tries to work with them around…good luck with that, babe!) as their teachers put together report cards wrapping up the first 9 week period of the school year.  And you’ll find me…..at work.  Whatever.  At least I’m not waking/dragging kids out of bed, to the breakfast table and then herding them through general hygiene and dress to the car.  A little break, if you will.  I’ll take it.  You’ll also find me “groupie-style” with Jennifer Fulwiler and peeps throwing down some Quick takes…7 to be exact.

1)  I’ve lost my way this week.  Eating healthy that is.  It started with my sister and nephews in town for the weekend (I always like to blame my sister….it feels comfortable…), then rolled into a potluck lunch at work and now here it is Friday and I’m wondering where in the HECK did my mojo go???    Fortunately, I’m still moving.  Each day I seem to pull it together a little more, however, it’s KOOKOO (for cocoa puffs) KRAZAY what sugar does to you….it’s like a drug.  Serious.  C’mon, just a taste.  Everyone’s doing it.  Before you know it…it’s Friday and your body is all kinds of confused and begging you to just.  walk.  away.

2)  We let our oldest stay home from school one day.  End of the semester.  The older grades were doing PSAT testing and the 9th graders were stuck in home room all day.  Not to fear though….I left him a list.  *finish driving permit practice test *laundry.  all of it. *dishwasher *vacuum house*mow lawn. front and back.  and neighbors.  front and back. It was sooooo nice to come home to a clean and tidy house.  We should keep him home more often…

3)  I had to make a difficult decision in the best interest of someone else this week.  Sadly this resulted in cutting out a treasured annual trip.  However, in doing so, and receiving affirmation from a friend in my decision, it was an incredibly FAST and certain answer to prayer.  I’m not sure what God has in store for ME that weekend, but I know He’ll be busy and I’m happy to not be an obstacle, but rather an intercessor, and that’s OK.  The most important work ALWAYS happens behind the scenes.

4)  Our girl has her cheer competition this weekend and each practice I’m more amazed at how these girls have put so much effort in over these past few weeks and to see this routine come together.  Tonight, I actually got a lump in my throat as they practiced in front of the older and younger cheer groups.  Pathetic, I know.  What can I say?  I’m a sap.  Her first year cheering and of this I am sure:  Sunday will be quite the experience that is a certainty.  Which also means the season is almost over.  Can I get an AMEN?!??!  **note to self, grab earplugs from MRI tomorrow….

5)  We are one week into the Read the Catechism in a Year for the year of Faith.  I must say, I am truly enjoying it.  So is Hubby!  It’s in small bite size pieces (so far) and it’s a great Faith discussion for us to focus on TOGETHER during this year.

6)  It’s Biketoberfest here.  Thinking about taking my camera this weekend and shooting some frames.  An interesting mix.  Soccer. Football. Romney/Ryan. Cheer comp.  Bikes.  We live in an interesting and eclectic area.  Fo’ sho!

7)  Now that I’ve stayed up too late…it’s time to go to bed….and get a walk in before work.  Because I can.  Happy Friday, all and have a super weekend!!

**in reference to a portion of #6, I will NOT be attending…mainly due to time constraints and kid activities, also I really don’t enjoy getting stuck in traffic, etc.  I’m good, I’ve made up my mind….I completely agree with Calah Alexander on her article about Politics…I’m pretty sure she wrote it for ME…though with many more actual facts…I’m not really a detail person, so thanks, Calah!!

View from the pew, an 8 year old’s eyes

We are enjoying Spring Break here, and it’s been a lovely week with truly amazing weather; this IS the reason people come to Florida’s beaches.  I’ve taken three days off (back to work today) with the kiddos and it’s been fun.  Coincidentally, our church had it’s Lenten mission this week the EXACT days I was off.  The speaker, Father Richard Leonard, a Jesuit priest from Australia was truly inspiring.  He had the perfect blend of history, theology, lightness, seriousness, delightful personal anecdotes with hilarious impressions of friends and family as well as a deep, strike-your-soul, baritone song and sung prayers.  (I’m sure I’ll blog (hopefully) later this week about the mission, however, I’m still processing the three days.) The talks were at 9 in the morning and repeated at 7 in the evening and since I was home, I hit the morning mission and hubby hit the evening ones.  Since I was home with kiddos, I brought varying children with me each day and on the second day let my 8 yo daughter play with my phone, as she was losing interest in the talk.  I enjoyed her vantage point of the church and small glimpse into her view of the church.

Baptismal font

Feet resting on the kneeler

Always fascinated by the organ pipes

Our seats "up close" to see better..(though this vantage point has room for improvement!)

Is she interested in which hymn we are singing next or the Exit?

She finds this banner colorful and SO COOL!



Spring Break is upon us, and while I don’t have the ENTIRE week off, I DO have these three days off!  So, we will be spending at LEAST a portion of every day soaking up the salt, the sun and the waves.  The girls have new suits (LOVE Walmart $9 suits!), fresh sunscreen, I have a book to read and the back of the truck is already set with chairs and beach toys.  We will vacuum on Wednesday….why bother until then?


Apparently we aren’t the only ones getting in a post-Mass beach day.  Well….it IS Spring Break AND the end of Bike Week!  not to mention an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!


one set of “bikes”….


and another set of “Bikes”…it should be a little quieter around here now.


You can find me here these next few days.  Text if you need me, I’ll answer when I can….

Road trip…view from the backseat

  • ImageLast weekend, my girls and I took a road trip to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephews; while we were there, my sis, my girlfriend and I were going to see my friend’s daughter in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  It was a whirlwind weekend, rainy, cold and eight hours of car time, but we had a great time.
  • Quality time with my sister:  a play AND appetizers/dessert (I know you are jealous…you should be), something that so rarely happens without at least one of our children present.
  • Catch up (in fast forward) with a good friend and praising God for His mercies and the works He has done in her family’s life after just a year ago their son being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma.  To just visit with her after their year that changed their lives and see the grace and growth and the LIVING that continues…HUGE.  God IS good.  Even when the circumstances purely suck.
  • Mass at our old church with a powerful sermon by a young priest who is simply ON FIRE and IN LOVE with our Savior.  Seeing and hugging old friends and their growing children.  Life goes on.  We are blessed with the richness of friends and family and this weekend was but a small example.

Back to the road trip portion…..the girls come ready, they pack their own bag o’ goodies.  Snacks.  Games.  Books.  They are veterans of this drive and they know what it takes to stay busy and pass the time.  In the end, they barely touched their bag (aside from the snacks) and we listened to their music so we could hear Taylor Swift (Mama’s iPhone needs to be updated with T’s music), they made up car games, sang songs, played on the iPhone, watched the world go by and took pictures.  Love.  Them.  


They packed their own snacks.  And dad vaccuumed the crumbs when we got home.  oops.  Image

It’s a long boring drive


Hoping the truck gets close enough to do “the sign”…you know ‘honk your horn, mister!’  he didn’t.


Searching for horses….


Finally.  No offense to country music.  After 8 hours though….Mama needed a change-up in tunes!


10 and 2, baby!  It was comin’ down!


Should have checked the weather before we left….


Love.  Free.  Apps.


More clouds.


Rewarded by a group performance in the garage by Ty and his crew…PRICELESS!  (he’s the one commanding the lead from the cooler/stage)

A weekend away…(but not too far!!)

For the past four years, some of my girlfriends and I have had the amazing luxury of (ridiculously cheap) access to a phenomenal beach house in St. Augustine.  It is large enough to grant each of us “space”, even if there are 8 or 10 of us (this year 4 of us) and comfortably decorated enough to not feel lost in the enormity of the house.  Generally, we go in November and do some “Christmas shopping” but this year we opted for a post-holiday season retreat (November was booked..) and THAT was a seriously good call!!  And so, enjoy a (mostly) photo essay of the weekend!

Friday evening.  Subs for dinner @ 8:30 p.m. and a chick flick.

Saturday morning.  Peaceful.  Quiet.  Sunshiney.

A walk on the beach.  And surfers, too!  With snow in the Northeast this morning, THIS is the reason “snowbirds” got it goin’ on!!

I did NOT make my bed!!

Antiquing pre-lunch waiting for our name to be called at Osteen’s.  (cash only, baby!  super yum, super reasonable and worth the wait!…..about an hour!)

A one-man band.

Cobblestone streets.



The Cathedral.

Cupcakes @ Luli’s!  Yes.  I ate the WHOLE thing.  and I didn’t take a picture.   SO.  FLIPPIN’.  DELICIOUS!

Boots with the fur…the whole club was looking at her….(thanks, Flo-Rida…that’s all the lyrics I know, though, so you’ll have to YouTube it yourself, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to link here….)

Dinner.  Out.  Of course!  Creekside.  Sister restaurant to Saltwater Cowboys.  Both are wonderful!

Sunday morning after Mass.  One more walk on the beach…