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#WIWS The funky, flowy version

I don’t even know where to link up to #WIWS anymore.  Or is it even a thing?  Clearly I am not a fashion blogger.  That’s ok though, because really I just wanted to share these AWESOME pants that I finally wore today—their Mass debut.

Rating:  A+ for super light and flowy material, very flowy and funky design

After Mass the Hubs and I went paddleboarding for a while, so I’m giving you a partial shot of #WIWS at the beach…which was a complete fail since I meant to get the ocean in the shot, but bright light and sun you are no friend to seeing what I just took a picture of until I find shade and/or darkness.  So, that’s it.  Oh, well.  The waves were a little rough, but it was an hour well spent with my sweetheart and that combo is never a bad one.


yup, lost those glasses on the way in. dang!

Hope your Sunday was peaceful, restful and that you had a little Jesus time in one form or another!


22 Year Celebration

Ok, so I am having a mid-life blog crisis and can’t decide which one I’ll keep…..this one gets more traffic, so I am thinking that for the rare moment these days that I actually DO blog, this might be it.  I’ll deal with that later!

For now, I just wanted to share some of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary celebration.  An entire date DAY.  And dinner.  Alone.  It was great.

We moseyed up A1A to St. Augustine.  Our first stop was at Snack Jack’s on Flagler Beach.  We scored a great table on the screened deck, next to the ocean.  Enormous fish tacos for me and a fried oyster po’boy for my Hubs.  It was a good start!!


Lunch @ Snack Jack’s in Flagler

A little further up the road to Washington Oaks State Park to walk on the rocks on the beach and then explore the gardens and the river view.  I tell you that was SOME gift of Owen Young to his bride, Louise!!  Truly a beautiful park and I will be working some bribe magic on our kids for a Christmas card picture up there!!

Matanzas (2)

The Rocks

Matanzas (1)

Matanzas view from the Young’s winter home

In St. Augustine, we strolled the streets, window shopped, had a gelato (me), smoothie (Hubs) and water.  Summer is here.  And she isn’t playing.  Lord, help us come August.  No joke!  Checked out the alcove area at Flagler college….WHOA!!!  What a stunning area!

Flagler Rotunda (1)

The Rotunda @ Flagler College

We ended up on our 22nd Anniversary at the Basilica.  Walked through the Holy Door together AND managed to be there for Reconciliation.  With Mass this a.m. it looks like we completed our first Mercy indulgences on a total fluke.  Or was it?  You know, God has little surprises for us that aren’t even on our radar and then it’s just mind-blowing.  So it was with this.  (We had already planned on a road trip later this year to the Shrine in Orlando to walk through the Holy Door there.  We still plan to, but what a beautiful gift.  On our anniversary.)  His Mercies are never-ending.

#HolyDoorSelfie (1)

But first….let me take a #HolyDoorSelfie

A little coffee for the road.

#HolyDoorSelfie (2)

A little dinner at Mama’s favorite restaurant.

Flagler Rotunda (2)

22 looks good, ya’ll.  22 looks real good!

Sliding into the end.

Monday morning and I am heading into work (after  I drop a boy off at the dentist).  It’s been a fabulous Christmas so far…even with Thanksgiving falling so late (I am not  fan of losing an entire week of Christmas shopping and prep).  In spite of the shortened Advent season, it’s been a great Christmas so far.  I’m sure that it is by the grace of God that I recognized my limitations and cut back on a few things (baking, killing myself saying yes to events that needed a “no” for our family’s sanity).  With that freedom came a weekend trip to Tallahassee to stay with my nephews, attending a surprise birthday party mid-week for a friend, Adoration and reconciliation, regular spin classes with the Hubs and a nice Christmas Eve at my step-dad’s with family.  One of the more relaxed holiday seasons that I can remember.  Definitely turned our focus to the birth of Christ….shoot, we even managed light the Advent candles pretty regularly!!!  I’m calling it a win!

This week we will enjoy another short work week (which I could SO  get used to), ringing in the New Year, planning ahead for 2015 and prepping for a trip for the boys and I to see my mom in Pennsylvania.  I’ll mentally prep for my annual break-up with food and reunion with a healthier lifestyle—fully supported by the Hubs AND financially motivated by work–it might just work this year!  I’ll continue with the great purge of 2015, which I started yesterday in the coat/game closet and shoe area in the garage.  Blog regularly and master this new laptop (I hope).

Enjoy the week and all the goodness the Christmas brings!




Anyone remember their Pre-Cana weekend?  Classes?  Some, all or none?  My memory is pretty crapola these days…I blame multitasking, 4 kids and age.  Maybe I should do more Sudoku or 20, 40, 8 or whatever that game is.  Gingko?  Whatever…getting off track here.

I vaguely remember our Pre-Cana meetings with our Priest as more of a checking off of the boxes and looking back I’m certain he probably wanted to forehead smack both of us.  We were barely active in the Church and going through the motions, however, clearly the seed was planted because….here we are…20 years later and growing everyday in our Faith, Marriage and family.  It’s been a mind-blowing 20 years.  To say the least.

The thing is, I don’t remember much about Pre-Cana.  I remember a lot of vague, surface discussions.  Discussions on the budget and maintaining a joint checking account were the main things I remember, and that’s it.  NFP?  Not so much.  Marriage being hard?  Not really.  So, whether it is my p.poor memory or my 23 year-old naive self, Pre-Cana didn’t really prepare me or scare me.

I take you to be my  lawfully wedded spouse,  my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

I would have loved if we could have taken an in-depth look at those vows:

  • Lawfully wedded, constant friend.  Your spouse comes first.  Always and forever.  Your best friend.  Girlfriends are second and friends come and go as you move through seasons of life.  Pick wisely and you will never be lonely.
  • Faithful partner.  There is a reason men and women shouldn’t be alone together if they aren’t married.  It’s called a fallen world.  Free will.  Attractions will happen and we are all human; it takes a lot of effort to go from foot loose and fancy free to hitched forever.  It can be overwhelming.  Be honest and be sure you are both up for the task and be ready to decide if you can be forgiving if one or both of you fall.  It’s a tough and enticing world out there and marriage isn’t a deterrent to some.  There’s a reason 50%+ of marriages fail.  And infidelity doesn’t always come in the form of a person.
  • Sickness and health.  You will both get sick.  You will both need caretaking.  Be loving.  Be awesome.  Be kind.  Be thankful you are in this together, because being sick is something no one enjoys.  Being a caregiver is no picnic either.  You’ll both have a turn, be ready.
  • Savor and relish the good times and know that bad times will come.  Be a team.  Fight for each other.  Fight for your marriage.  Life is a constant change, ebb and flow and the better you work together, the stronger your marriage will be.  Dig in.
  • Love unconditionally.  This takes practice.  Every day.  All day.  For life.  Staying in love is work.   Put in the sweat equity.  You’ll reap a harvest far beyond your expectations.
  • Support each other.  Careers change.  Dreams evolve.  Work it together.  Marriage is team work.  Be flexible and be each other’s greatest cheerleader.  You’ll take risks in your careers and when you do it together the reward is so much sweeter.
  • Respect each other.   Criticize in love and in private.  The tongue is a savage beast and those words….well, don’t believe the rhyme…it’s all backwards:  words wound.  Be respectful always in word and in deed.
  • Laugh together.  Often.  Experience life joyfully.  It is far too short to be taken so seriously.  A huge area of weakness for this bride who, far too often gets caught up in all the “must do’s” and details of life.  Laughter is free therapy.
  • Cry together.  Forgiveness is hard.  Loss is hard.  Change is hard.  Life is hard.  There will be tears and if nothing else, hold each other through the storm.
  • Cherish each other.  This is your best friend.  Your life partner.  Your help mate.  Your help meet.  Your other half.  Your better half.  Your worse  half.  Your half.

So maybe Pre-Cana DID cover these…maybe I wasn’t listening….maybe it takes 20 years.

More to come….on marriage and vow renewals….stay tuned! 😉

20 years…let’s do it again!

the young newleywedsI’m still processing a beautiful morning but for my friends and family who couldn’t make it to our 20 year Anniversary Vow Renewal…a few pics.

I have more pics.  I have more words.  Perhaps later this week.  I’ve got lots of words.  After 20 years I’ve got LOTS to say on marriage.  I’m thinking a little marriage series.  Like I said.  Processing.  For now.  You’ve got this.

9 a.m. Mass and BOOM right in the middle….a little vow renewal.  In front of God and everyone.  Again.  Neither of us cried.  Neither of us got the usual hysterical nervous giggles.  Neither of us passed out.  All good.  All.  Good.


close flowers


drink station