22 Year Celebration

Ok, so I am having a mid-life blog crisis and can’t decide which one I’ll keep…..this one gets more traffic, so I am thinking that for the rare moment these days that I actually DO blog, this might be it.  I’ll deal with that later!

For now, I just wanted to share some of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary celebration.  An entire date DAY.  And dinner.  Alone.  It was great.

We moseyed up A1A to St. Augustine.  Our first stop was at Snack Jack’s on Flagler Beach.  We scored a great table on the screened deck, next to the ocean.  Enormous fish tacos for me and a fried oyster po’boy for my Hubs.  It was a good start!!


Lunch @ Snack Jack’s in Flagler

A little further up the road to Washington Oaks State Park to walk on the rocks on the beach and then explore the gardens and the river view.  I tell you that was SOME gift of Owen Young to his bride, Louise!!  Truly a beautiful park and I will be working some bribe magic on our kids for a Christmas card picture up there!!

Matanzas (2)

The Rocks

Matanzas (1)

Matanzas view from the Young’s winter home

In St. Augustine, we strolled the streets, window shopped, had a gelato (me), smoothie (Hubs) and water.  Summer is here.  And she isn’t playing.  Lord, help us come August.  No joke!  Checked out the alcove area at Flagler college….WHOA!!!  What a stunning area!

Flagler Rotunda (1)

The Rotunda @ Flagler College

We ended up on our 22nd Anniversary at the Basilica.  Walked through the Holy Door together AND managed to be there for Reconciliation.  With Mass this a.m. it looks like we completed our first Mercy indulgences on a total fluke.  Or was it?  You know, God has little surprises for us that aren’t even on our radar and then it’s just mind-blowing.  So it was with this.  (We had already planned on a road trip later this year to the Shrine in Orlando to walk through the Holy Door there.  We still plan to, but what a beautiful gift.  On our anniversary.)  His Mercies are never-ending.

#HolyDoorSelfie (1)

But first….let me take a #HolyDoorSelfie

A little coffee for the road.

#HolyDoorSelfie (2)

A little dinner at Mama’s favorite restaurant.

Flagler Rotunda (2)

22 looks good, ya’ll.  22 looks real good!

2 thoughts on “22 Year Celebration

  1. Beth Anne

    I am going to have to take a ride down to Flagler Beach one day for dinner. That food looks YUMMY! We went to Washington Oaks for Mothers Day and we walked around the Garden as a potential wedding venue for my sister but I’ve never been to the beach side. Those pictures are gorgeous!

    It’s like dejavu I was at the cathedral for mass earlier today for mass 🙂



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