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I’m truly over hearing about Brock and his foolish speaking father.  I’m probably about to do an unpopular post here, but first do not misunderstand me:  that kid was wrong.  that dad was wrong.  that judge was wrong.  this entire thing is so.   so.   so.  wrong.  The only thing that is good is the two young men who intervened.

There are so many layers of wrong in this entire scenario we could dissect it for days.  Which has been done.  Over and over again.  I’ve stopped reading.  Maybe you have, too.   You might not even read this, and that’s ok.  I’m not reading anymore.  Here’s just some of my observations:

Here’s what I haven’t seen:

  • Accountability.  so much excuse-making in the Brock camp:  let’s just call a spade a spade, he did wrong.  period.  end.  Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.
  • Remorse.  So much blah, blah, blah about alcohol, privilege and talent.  While I’m quite sure he is sorry now for what he did……it also seems certain that he’s likely not sorry for the right reasons.  I can’t help but wonder if this kid was truly, honestly, genuinely remorseful from the very beginning (without his paternal mouthpiece) would we have even seen this story?
  • Cause.  We live in a society that makes big money on exploiting women.  Human trafficking is so disgustingly large that we somehow can’t even get a small grip on it.  The seed of women-as-objects is so deeply planted in the minds of our boys (and girls) that while eyebrows are raised when a 14 year old wears a skin tight dress to 8th grade graduation, the parents won’t even see what’s wrong with that.  I bet they dang sure give the side-eye to any male who takes notice though.  Because modesty=prude.  This is apparently anytime I take my 5’9″ daughter dress shopping and it takes an act of congress to get a cute dress that actually covers her ass.

Here’s what I have seen:

  • USA swimming taking the stance that the Judicial system should have taken.  BRAVO.  BRAV.  O.
  • Privilege and letters of recommendation apparently serve more of a purpose than job applications, or college apps.  It truly IS all about who you know.  Myth:  proven.
  • Alcohol.  Once again a factor. And when it is you can’t count on staying in control or your friends watching your back.  It’s a long history through the decades of impaired decisions on both sides and tragedy following.  And a whole lot of regret. And shame.
  • Great posts on the reminder of an ongoing teaching of our boys, girls, young men and young women on the importance of respecting others and standing up for what is right, in spite of what big advertising and society shove down our throats.  This conversation should NEVER end.  Despite the uncomfortable nature  of the topic.
  • Inconsistency in how a crime is treated.  Race.  Privilege.  Good, Lord.  Is it any wonder what a mess our country is in?  And with the two top running “candidates” for president, I don’t see any improvement any time soon.  Jesus, please come soon!
  • Mob mentality.

There’s my vent.

1 thought on “Big picture

  1. laurachristine06

    I will try to teach my girls to be smart about drinking alcohol the same way I will teach them not to leave their purse on the front seat of the car with the door unlocked! Bad guys are everywhere, and they don’t always look like bad guys!



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