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WIWS and other weekend craziness

Full shot

Full shot

I’ve not linked up with the fashionably forward ladies at FLAP in a while, but to be fair, I haven’t been blogging a ton lately.  Life is fully back into school and activities mode and there are only so many hours in the day.  You KNOW this, I know.  That’s the truth and I’m just getting it in when I can.

Aaaaaaaand, our oldest girl and I went thrifting yesterday and I simply HAD to share my outfit.  Thrift winning!



IMG_5632This is me showing you:  my fave necklace, shirt detailing and MY HAIR.  I actually did my hair.  Looks the same right?  Yep.  That’s why I don’t really do my hair.  It always looks the same to me.  Whatever.

Outfit Details:

Pants…just love the pinstriping (?) is that what it is…khaki and brown.  Can’t go wrong there. $1

Shirt….Love.  This.  Shirt.  All of my colors and super sassy.  $2

Shoes….Aerosoles, BROWN, slides and $2.  yes, thank you.

Jewelry:  not thrifted, but some pieces my beloved Lia Sophia collection.  Call me sucker.

For other weekend news:

Friday night after work and kid pickup/dropoff/pickup/pickup, Hubby and I went to a 50th birthday dinner.  The couple goes to our church and he wanted to do his signature BBQ ribs to celebrate.  In.  Had me at BBQ and me not cooking.   We also met a few other folks from church there (although I only remember about 2 names…I do poorly in large groups) and our associate priest was there as well.  It was a really nice time, great food, good conversation and just so nice to FINALLY be socializing with people from church OUTSIDE church.  It only took 10 years.  Whatever, that’s a whole other post simmering….

Saturday was thrifting and cleaning.  Productive AND fun.

Today I helped our 6th grader do her Science Experiment for her Science project due next week.  I was the photographer.  At Mass  our 8th grader was recognized for his accomplishment in making All State Orchestra for his French Horn.  It’s been a big weekend.

Now swing by the FLAP girls and check out the rest of the ladies!

Happy Veteran’s Day and have a great week!


Seven Quick Takes (a day late….)

A day late to the party, but the kids have hijacked the computer this week and I’ve been coughing so much I haven’t cared to be on it anyway….however…..bright and early Saturday morning and I’m feeling fine-ish and they are sleeping so it’s MINE.  ALL.  MINE.  And I’m joining in with Jen and her weekly Quick Takes…she says she might go last first…hmmmmm, that might bode well for me  😉   without further adieu….

  1. I’m working on a “Day in the Life” post.  Riveting.  I’m sure you can’t wait to see how my day shapes up compared to yours.  Funny thing is, it’s a little tedious accounting for one’s day AND trying to make it funny.  Clearly I have nothing mind-blowing to talk about if THAT’S my big project, eh?
  2. One week post-flu and I THINK (Oh, please, please, please, please let me not jinx myself here) we are relatively healthy.  Except for this nagging cough/sinus infection I’ve had all week.  I’ve been eating cough drops by the bagful and have had several nights on the couch trying to breathe/sleep/not wake Hubby all night.  I finally broke down and my doctor called me in some antibiotics and cough syrup…hence the early wake up–slept like a baby.
  3. Week 2 of my fitness Groupon and each workout KILLS.  Amazing how hard you can work in a 35 minute period doing just a few exercises and opposing muscle groups.  Super excited to see how I’ll be at the end of the 6 weeks.
  4. This week our boys had a WWF session in the backyard.  By boys I mean including Hubby.  Let me say, I HATE wrestling.  Someone always gets hurt.  It’s loud.  It’s annoying.  And yet…..so necessary.  Hubby had me read (and I probably need to REread) John Eldredge‘s book Wild at Heart and it helped me to understand and appreciate the male “need” to be a male, so I accept it a wee bit more.  Wee bit.  In the end, Dad still won (he’s still hanging on…).  Big brother still won (barely).  And the only blood drawn was on Dad’s chin by a stray long nail. boys
  5. I scored some AWESOME dishes at our church thrift store this week.  Service for 12.  TWELVE I tell you!  12 dinner dishes.  12 small dishes.  12 bowls.  A serving bowl and lid and salt and pepper shaker.  $50.  Except they weren’t.  They were half OFF…..yes, that’s right, $25.  S.C.O.R.E.  Super cute.  AND I saw some fantastic coffee cups that will complement this set from Pier One.  Now when we have company….we’ve got enough dishes!  So come on over!!!rooster
  6. I have the day off Monday to take our youngest athlete to the County wide Fitness Festival.  Little stinker made it to 4 events.  Sit and reach.  Standing long jump.  Shuttle run.  50 yard dash.  Should be great weather.  I’m sure there will be pictures to follow.  And blogging.  Especially since I have the DAY OFF!
  7. We’ve been in the refinancing dance for our house and got a sweet low-interest rate with no closing costs and no re-appraisal.  It takes a while, as you may or may not know, and yesterday we got the call from the title company….because we were late to our closing….that no one ever told us we HAD.  We jockeyed around lunches (fortunately Hubby was working from home that day!) and traffic—-because Bike Week starts this week….but…..it’s done.  We celebrated with a Friday night fire pit and marshmallows after our fish and chips dinner.  ‘Twas a good day, nice end to the week.  fire

Happy Weekend, Y’all!

Sunday rest, weekends are best!

It was a brisk one here this weekend…no snow, but with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s, that’s a little on the cold side here in sunny FLA.  On the bright side, the cooler weather made it positively perfect for a fire in the backyard on Friday night.  Some of us even brought our fish and chips out and ate around the fire; it was  fabulous end to the workweek.

Saturday morning I picked up my girlfriend and we hit the gym I snagged a Groupon for (6 weeks of personal fitness training/group environment–seriously HARD!!!!) and joined in their AMRAP challenge.  As Many Rounds As Possible of:  25 Jumping jacks, 20 Basketball jumps, 15 Pushups, 10 Burpees and run to the stop sign and back (a pretty long block) and repeat for 35 minutes.  y’all.  Holy hurtness.  I did 6 Rounds.  The winner (who I’m sure was like 15) did 9, the woman’s winner did 8.  I was proud of myself, especially considering I can’t run, so the down and back was walking.  It’s going to be an interesting 5 more weeks….Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday mornings.  These guys are seriously professional, encouraging and motivating, even making sure they know their clients by first name….all 40 of us on Saturday!  It’s refreshing.  The professionalism.

Sunday was full on NOTHING!  Mass was great.  I mean who CAN’T relate to the woman at the well?  We all FAIL.  We all fall short.  We can all receive that everlasting water, that grace, that mercy; we just need to seek Him out.  If we can but take a minute and not judge others, but turn our gaze inward we can see we are ALL the same and we can ALL receive grace and healing in our broken-ness.

Follow that message up with a quick little trip to Target for some essentials and a day of just puttering, relaxing, tackling bills and thank you cards for 1)yummy food and 2) I job I didn’t get, some Downton Abbey (which I purely cried my eyes out on), homemade mac and cheese with ham and ALL the kids home and chilling out all day, was a total home run.  The only downside?  Today is Monday.

Have a great week, y’all!

New Driver…Y’all pray for us!!

Last week I missed the Quick Takes with Jen and the ALMOST 200 HUNDRED people who link up with her @ Conversion Diary…so if you got some time honey….get on over and check ’em out!  Without further adieu….here’s MY wrap up:

  • Sunday I joined in at Fine Linen and Purple for a fashion show of Church-lady (and men) clothes on REAL PEOPLE!  It was so fun, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people where, how they accessorize, and most of all….WHERE they get their digs.  It’s so girly and holy canoli….my biggest traffic EVAHH from it.  Cray, cray….almost bringing me to 100 followers.  Cool.
  • Our oldest son got his learner’s permit two weeks ago and the kid is ALL about it. Dad is the more patient driving instructor meanwhile mom feels new grey hairs sprouting ever time he gets behind the wheel and I’ve learned a few new things.
  • Apparently no…there is NOT a brake on the passenger side floorboard in our vehicle.  I can’t seem to remember this when I ride with him.  Every time.  We probably WILL have a hole there shortly, so maybe we can put a brake in then.
  • Screaming “STOP” is counter productive.  I realized this the first time, now I just crescendo up…”you want to let up on the gas and start slowing down now….yes, start slowing down….slow down.  slow.  down.  …brake….Brake..BRake…yes.  NOW.  Good job, next time let’s not climb up in their trunk business, K?  K.”
  • The door handle seconds as a security blanket and with repeated kneading is beginning to bear my clawmarks handprints nicely.
  • The St. Michael prayer has become a new addition in our repetoire:                        Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
    by the Divine Power of God –
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  • Having a kid who drives makes me THAT much older.  THAT’s the hard pill to swallow.  Indeed.

Off to curl in a ball and suck my thumb.  Have a great weekend and be sure to visit Jen!!

sniff, sniff…my baby is growing up!

Teacher duty day…1/4 of the school year: DONE!

And this Friday finds our lovely children home with Hubby (as he actually tries to work with them around…good luck with that, babe!) as their teachers put together report cards wrapping up the first 9 week period of the school year.  And you’ll find me…..at work.  Whatever.  At least I’m not waking/dragging kids out of bed, to the breakfast table and then herding them through general hygiene and dress to the car.  A little break, if you will.  I’ll take it.  You’ll also find me “groupie-style” with Jennifer Fulwiler and peeps throwing down some Quick takes…7 to be exact.

1)  I’ve lost my way this week.  Eating healthy that is.  It started with my sister and nephews in town for the weekend (I always like to blame my sister….it feels comfortable…), then rolled into a potluck lunch at work and now here it is Friday and I’m wondering where in the HECK did my mojo go???    Fortunately, I’m still moving.  Each day I seem to pull it together a little more, however, it’s KOOKOO (for cocoa puffs) KRAZAY what sugar does to you….it’s like a drug.  Serious.  C’mon, just a taste.  Everyone’s doing it.  Before you know it…it’s Friday and your body is all kinds of confused and begging you to just.  walk.  away.

2)  We let our oldest stay home from school one day.  End of the semester.  The older grades were doing PSAT testing and the 9th graders were stuck in home room all day.  Not to fear though….I left him a list.  *finish driving permit practice test *laundry.  all of it. *dishwasher *vacuum house*mow lawn. front and back.  and neighbors.  front and back. It was sooooo nice to come home to a clean and tidy house.  We should keep him home more often…

3)  I had to make a difficult decision in the best interest of someone else this week.  Sadly this resulted in cutting out a treasured annual trip.  However, in doing so, and receiving affirmation from a friend in my decision, it was an incredibly FAST and certain answer to prayer.  I’m not sure what God has in store for ME that weekend, but I know He’ll be busy and I’m happy to not be an obstacle, but rather an intercessor, and that’s OK.  The most important work ALWAYS happens behind the scenes.

4)  Our girl has her cheer competition this weekend and each practice I’m more amazed at how these girls have put so much effort in over these past few weeks and to see this routine come together.  Tonight, I actually got a lump in my throat as they practiced in front of the older and younger cheer groups.  Pathetic, I know.  What can I say?  I’m a sap.  Her first year cheering and of this I am sure:  Sunday will be quite the experience that is a certainty.  Which also means the season is almost over.  Can I get an AMEN?!??!  **note to self, grab earplugs from MRI tomorrow….

5)  We are one week into the Read the Catechism in a Year for the year of Faith.  I must say, I am truly enjoying it.  So is Hubby!  It’s in small bite size pieces (so far) and it’s a great Faith discussion for us to focus on TOGETHER during this year.

6)  It’s Biketoberfest here.  Thinking about taking my camera this weekend and shooting some frames.  An interesting mix.  Soccer. Football. Romney/Ryan. Cheer comp.  Bikes.  We live in an interesting and eclectic area.  Fo’ sho!

7)  Now that I’ve stayed up too late…it’s time to go to bed….and get a walk in before work.  Because I can.  Happy Friday, all and have a super weekend!!

**in reference to a portion of #6, I will NOT be attending…mainly due to time constraints and kid activities, also I really don’t enjoy getting stuck in traffic, etc.  I’m good, I’ve made up my mind….I completely agree with Calah Alexander on her article about Politics…I’m pretty sure she wrote it for ME…though with many more actual facts…I’m not really a detail person, so thanks, Calah!!