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Spring Breakin’

Spring Break here and I heard through the weather channel grapevine that some unfortunate people north of us are getting MORE of the white stuff.  Absolutely incomprehensible in my balmy world.  And fascinating.  Nonetheless, we ARE getting cooler temps and rain (all day today, allegedly) in the 60s, so Brrr.  Glad I kept on the flannels a little longer!

For me spring break is a break from getting the kids rolling in the mornings and I have a contest with myself every morning of how much I can get done before I get to work, or just lollygag on the computer…BECAUSE I CAN.  Going to cut it close today.  REALLLLL close!  Alas, work calls. Got to feed these kids.

I did take the morning off on the first day of Spring Break to enjoy the County Fitness Festival of which our youngest participated in 3 events:  50-yard dash, shuttle run and 440 Relay.  It was a GLORIOUS morning to take off so I’ll share the pics with you.  Enjoy and stay warm, people.

Our girl and a few of her buddies pre-festivities!

Our girl and a few of her buddies pre-festivities!





I lugged these things and out of 3 hours, they saw about 30 minutes of use.  #bettertohaveandnotneed

I lugged these things and out of 3 hours, they saw about 30 minutes of use. #bettertohaveandnotneed

50 yard dash

50 yard dash

Shuttle run...I'm always holding my breath there is no split action on the turn around.

Shuttle run…I’m always holding my breath there is no split action on the turn around.

Relay.  NO baton dropping for the 5th place out of 17 finish!

Relay. NO baton dropping for the 5th place out of 17 finish!

And the last shall be first….

THIS week, Jen has flipped the order and the procrastinators (AKA, MOI) are at the TOP of the list…so Friday Saturday QTs it is….b/c I can’t seem to get it together in time for Friday….but y’all pray for her and her health and her upcoming birth of her bambino…..she really needs ’em!!  Annnnnd, BTW…congrats to MoxieWife, Hallie on the birth of her tardy chubs, Charlie!!!  Now onto the QTs….


— 1 —

This was week 6 of my Groupon for Impact Fitness and it was AWESOME!!  So awesome in fact, I conned encouraged a friend to join (which scored me 1/2 off the NEXT 6 weeks).  We are both doing the next challenge which promises a $2000 prize to the person with the highest % weight loss.  I’M.  IN.  GAME.  ON.

— 2 —

I’m also apparently in the lead for a word-of-mouth contest the gym had for referrals and maybe, just maaaaaaaybe if I win….Mama will be reading these blogs on her new iPad.   The anticipation is KILLING ME!!!

— 3 —

And so, with the upcoming challenge and my aspirations on bringing home the multiple Benjamins I am planning my menu…except I’m not.  I’m on the computer.  Earlier this week I already sorta mapped it out.  Now to put it to paper.  And head to the grocery store.  And cook.  HOWEVER…my family is on board.  Might have something to do with the dinner out I promised with my winnings…….

— 4 —

Switching gears….Hubs and I are almost done with this season of Downton Abbey.  ONE.  MORE.  EPISODE.  I’m preparing for withdrawals.  And bracing myself for a shocking last episode.  Or so my friend has said, without spoiling it.  GAH!!!

— 5 —

Hubs and I have a date night tonight.  Gotta love Groupon…..Steak!!!!!  And date night!  Double W!!!!

— 6 —

On a camera/photography note….I need to send off my beloved Nikon for repair.  Sad face.  Any suggestions?   So far, I’m planning on sending it to Nikon…they diagnose online and price it before you even send it.

— 7 —

For the final QT…I’m sharing this video of a hilarious “prank” by Jeff Gordon at a car dealership…real or no….flippin’ funny.  My friend showed me at work and then I watched with the Hubs last night and laughed even harder.  Happy Weekend!!  I’m off to PLAN for my WIN!!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Seven Quick Takes (a day late….)

A day late to the party, but the kids have hijacked the computer this week and I’ve been coughing so much I haven’t cared to be on it anyway….however…..bright and early Saturday morning and I’m feeling fine-ish and they are sleeping so it’s MINE.  ALL.  MINE.  And I’m joining in with Jen and her weekly Quick Takes…she says she might go last first…hmmmmm, that might bode well for me  😉   without further adieu….

  1. I’m working on a “Day in the Life” post.  Riveting.  I’m sure you can’t wait to see how my day shapes up compared to yours.  Funny thing is, it’s a little tedious accounting for one’s day AND trying to make it funny.  Clearly I have nothing mind-blowing to talk about if THAT’S my big project, eh?
  2. One week post-flu and I THINK (Oh, please, please, please, please let me not jinx myself here) we are relatively healthy.  Except for this nagging cough/sinus infection I’ve had all week.  I’ve been eating cough drops by the bagful and have had several nights on the couch trying to breathe/sleep/not wake Hubby all night.  I finally broke down and my doctor called me in some antibiotics and cough syrup…hence the early wake up–slept like a baby.
  3. Week 2 of my fitness Groupon and each workout KILLS.  Amazing how hard you can work in a 35 minute period doing just a few exercises and opposing muscle groups.  Super excited to see how I’ll be at the end of the 6 weeks.
  4. This week our boys had a WWF session in the backyard.  By boys I mean including Hubby.  Let me say, I HATE wrestling.  Someone always gets hurt.  It’s loud.  It’s annoying.  And yet…..so necessary.  Hubby had me read (and I probably need to REread) John Eldredge‘s book Wild at Heart and it helped me to understand and appreciate the male “need” to be a male, so I accept it a wee bit more.  Wee bit.  In the end, Dad still won (he’s still hanging on…).  Big brother still won (barely).  And the only blood drawn was on Dad’s chin by a stray long nail. boys
  5. I scored some AWESOME dishes at our church thrift store this week.  Service for 12.  TWELVE I tell you!  12 dinner dishes.  12 small dishes.  12 bowls.  A serving bowl and lid and salt and pepper shaker.  $50.  Except they weren’t.  They were half OFF…..yes, that’s right, $25.  S.C.O.R.E.  Super cute.  AND I saw some fantastic coffee cups that will complement this set from Pier One.  Now when we have company….we’ve got enough dishes!  So come on over!!!rooster
  6. I have the day off Monday to take our youngest athlete to the County wide Fitness Festival.  Little stinker made it to 4 events.  Sit and reach.  Standing long jump.  Shuttle run.  50 yard dash.  Should be great weather.  I’m sure there will be pictures to follow.  And blogging.  Especially since I have the DAY OFF!
  7. We’ve been in the refinancing dance for our house and got a sweet low-interest rate with no closing costs and no re-appraisal.  It takes a while, as you may or may not know, and yesterday we got the call from the title company….because we were late to our closing….that no one ever told us we HAD.  We jockeyed around lunches (fortunately Hubby was working from home that day!) and traffic—-because Bike Week starts this week….but…..it’s done.  We celebrated with a Friday night fire pit and marshmallows after our fish and chips dinner.  ‘Twas a good day, nice end to the week.  fire

Happy Weekend, Y’all!

How to Fight the Fat and WIN!

Re-blogged from Bonnie Pfiester at pfitblog, this article helps to describe our different personalities in regards to how we exercise and make strides towards our goals.  I’ll tell you that I am a dancer, (working out but not QUITE pushing myself into the uncomfortable zone) and a spectator, (I can tell myself AND everyone else what to do, just not exactly following through myself).  In this quest to get through the rest of this year focused on treating this body of mine as God intended, finding balance in the chaos and reaching toward my health goals one day at a time; I’ll step toward “fighter” status with every healthy choice I make.

Phillippians 4:13  

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

How to Fight the Fat and WIN!.

Monday Madness

Peak313 5 week challenge…Starts TODAY!!

Did you have a great weekend?  Goes too quickly doesn’t it??  Once again, Monday is upon us and thus begins the rat race once again…

I actually woke up early to make the kids this yummy Pinterest breakfast (and fruit) and it actually came out pretty good, so far….50% of the kids are still sleeping, at this time though, I am 2 and 0!  Pretty decent start!

OK, not super healthy, but since I’m not a huge Nutella fan these are safe for me!

I also knew I needed to get up and check out Peak313 for the plan for the week.  It’s my gym day at lunch and I need to print out some workouts….Hubby is my accountability partner so hopefully he’ll keep me in check @ home and my girls @ work will keep me in check there (we already have a workout calendar going to keep a visual on each other…it takes on a whole new life when you write it down!).  Exercise is fine for me, I’ve got that component, it’s the food I struggle with and since that’s roughly 80% of the game….it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m in.  A great way to bring in fall, wouldn’t you say? (#livingandactive on Twitter)

Off to the printer and then get these kids rockin’ and this day rollin’!!


Mid-Week, post Labor Day blues…

I’m not really blue (although 3 day weekends are always SO nice…).  I am confused.  Mondays off of work/school always throw me for the rest of the week.  It’s a full-on conscious effort to remind myself exactly what day it is, and in order to make sure the kiddos get to where they need to be WHEN they need to be there.  Therefore, today my mantra is:  Today is Wednesday.  Phew.  Now to repeat for the rest of the day!!!

Here in the states we celebrated Labor Day, which is defined  by the US Department of Labor as:  Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. I Labor, therefore I get a day.  However, Hubby labors and worked, so did lots of other people…..still a reminder and a paid holiday for me, so I’ll take it!

A few other things Labor day signifies, officially, unofficially, either way it’s a benchmark:

Fall:  It’s a comin’.  Maybe not here in the South where we will continue to swelter enjoy 90-degree temps for another month or so, but it is coming!

Pumpkin:  Fall flavors @ Starbucks.  Pumpkin spice cream cheese (oh MY!!  I bought this weekend and holy cow!!  Delish.  Go get some).  Pumpkin muffins.  Pumpkin cookies.  Pumpkin pancakes.  ‘Tis the season of pumpkin!  Enjoy!!

Fashion:  No more white pants, shoes, etc.  WhatEVA!!!  When we are enjoying 90-degree temps, I WILL be wearing white, just sayin’.  Deal.

End of the beach season:  Maybe for others, not so much for us.  In fact, I avoided the beach this weekend because I know NEXT weekend I won’t be fighting the crowds.

Back to school:  We’re in week 3 here, but at this time of the year, the entire country is BACK TO SCHOOL!  AMEN!!  Perfect time to hit Disney if you are a local…NO lines, baby.

Sometimes with season changes come other changes:  Spring cleaning, fitness changes, furniture re-decorating, garage sales,and so on.   For me, season change usually signal a change-up in my fitness routine and this is what I’m doing to kick off Fall:

Peak 313 has a 5-week challenge starting on the 10th…a Monday, of course!  It’s up over 200 people!  WOW!  I’m always up for a change; I  get  bored so quickly.  It will be good accountability and challenging.  Of course, I’ll still be hitting my track routine during cheer practice and the gym @ lunch a few days a week…so this will be extra!  5 weeks never sounds so bad in the beginning does it?  There’s still time to join in, you can click HERE if you want to find out all the details, etc, etc, etc….

That’s it for today….time to get crackin’ on the day!  Happy Hump day!!!

All good things must come to an end….until next year!!

Thanks to The Treasure Trove (Lynnell), Dance Mommy’s Odyssey (Laura), Sempiternal (just call me AJ), The General (MB) , Redefining Normal (Brite), The Eagle’s Nest (Amanda), and Blog it ALL (Lea) for this month’s “Blog-Every-Day-in-May”.  Or most days.  Or some days.  Or whatever you felt like days.  It was fun and all good things must (PRAISE GOD FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!) come to an end. (I know my Hubby is happy, too!)  So we will all now return to our regularly planned blog schedule or non-schedule and I thought I’d wrap it up with what I gained from this little exercise Bloggapalooza.

In no specific order:

  • I gained new “Followers” this month….these lucky people automatically receive an email each time I post a new blog, so they never have to worry about missing one single minute detail of my life.  Lucky, right?  Well, in case you want to be lucky, too…just click on the “+Follow” in the top left of the screen…..see below….other handy-dandy tools, “Like” if you enjoy the post and “Reblog” if you really like it and want that to be your post on your blog.  I didn’t even know what that WAS until Sempiternal “Reblogged” me…very cool indeed!
  • I found several new blogs along the way, one to encourage my fitness and health journey AND encourage my Faith walk like Clare @ Peak313Fitness.  The woman loves her some Jesus and keeps the workouts fresh to constantly keep that temple humming and wondering what in the heck is coming next?!?
  • Ellie @ Emerald Pie.  Her life in Ireland is fascinating to me, a world apart and yet no different in her daily life, challenges and busy-ness as a mom and wife.  Her Irish scenery is AH!MAZING!!!!
  • Ex-pats and their very interesting lives in Dubai @ Circles in the Sand and Three years and home in Switzerland.  Witty, insight and photos into other parts of the world, customs, differences in their “normal” lives and how they adjust and roll with each day.
  • A gem of thoughts to teach our daughters (though us parents and sons would benefit, too) from One Joyous Heart . Witty, dry, sometimes right on the edge of cracking, raw observations on motherhood and life to two very young and very close-in-age cutie-pies, Camp Patton (I see glimpses of myself when the girls were so very young at this stage….I want to hug her and tell her, keep taking pictures, take videos…they grow up and you. will. survive!!)
  • I’ll be keeping my day job.  The only time I want to write is first thing in the morning…that 20 extra minutes or so (the “or so” often sets me running behind!) after my Quiet Time.  I don’t think I’ll get a Nobel in those 20 minutes.  Probably.  Apparently you need to write often and enjoy it..another strike.  Soooooooooo…..just press “Follow”…you’ll know when I update.
  • You can get lost for VERY.  LONG.  PERIODS.  OF.  TIME.  on the internet.  You might think I learned this from Facebook.  Child’s play.  There are so many flippin’ blogs out there.  Thank goodness for my Reader, but then I often get sidetracked by hyperlinks to other blogs, then add them to my reader and boom….there goes another hour.  CrAzAY!!!!
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone to share something I feel passionate about usually brings out my best writing.  Over the next couple of months as I move my old mac blog over to WordPress (an EXTREMELY time-consuming process–one would think as “user-friendly” as apple generally is, that “THEY” would have made it easier to transfer blogs once they decided to no longer support mac blogs–but that is a whole other venting blog…) I will also add a page of “The best of….according to Hubby”.

This month I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day internationally, my birthday, my sister’s birthday, the end-of-the-year chaos, enjoyed new baby pictures, witnessed the ups and downs of a NICU baby doing her best to grow big and fat and go home (and won a T-shirt!), remembered the joys of maternity leave and the heartbreak of it ending, new house pictures, great words of encouragement, learned about Broadway plays, enjoyed recipes from new gardens and a world of LIFE happening.

So, this month comes to a close, but the blogging goes on.  Maybe not everyday, but it goes on.  Like life.  So get out there and enjoy it!!  And THANKS for visiting!!