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Monday minutiae and a shrunken head

Day 2 of the 7 day stretch with the Conversion Diary peeps!

Mondays are crazy here;  are they that way for you, also?  Coming off the weekend high of relaxed (hopefully) schedules and then BAM!  back into the grind.  The a.m. moves a little slower and grumpier around here on Mondays, but somehow we make it through.  The Monday Miracle, I say.

Our Monday brought Eeyore kind of weather:

“It’s snowing still,” said Eeyore gloomily.”So it is.””And freezing.””Is it?””Yes,” said Eeyore. “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.”

Ok, kidding.  No snow or freezing, but totally gloomy.  Whatevs.  Spring will come and summer, too and before long, we’ll be crying the blue about the heat, so I’m zipping it.

Work has been crazy busy and steady and today after work I took our oldest daughter to the Walk-in clinic for a sinus infection (just call me doctor, I diagnose for fun), anyhoooooooo, huge mistake.  In the end, we spent almost 2 hours between the wait (one person in front of us at the clinic) and the pharmacy for a:  sinus infection.  Just give me my own Rx pad and DEA# already.  Moral of the story:  sticking to the kids Pediatric clinic; worth the 20 minute drive…everytime.  Silver lining:  road to recovery coming soon!

Today will bring a lunch time workout because our clinic visit pushed us so far backward last night I was too tired this a.m. for spin…boo hoo.

Here’s hoping we don’t see this dude again, today!

The crazy things our patients use as walking sticks!

The crazy things our patients use as walking sticks!

All I could think of was the Brady Bunch episode:  Hawaii bound.  Or Scooby Doo.

And the last shall be first….

THIS week, Jen has flipped the order and the procrastinators (AKA, MOI) are at the TOP of the list…so Friday Saturday QTs it is….b/c I can’t seem to get it together in time for Friday….but y’all pray for her and her health and her upcoming birth of her bambino…..she really needs ’em!!  Annnnnd, BTW…congrats to MoxieWife, Hallie on the birth of her tardy chubs, Charlie!!!  Now onto the QTs….


— 1 —

This was week 6 of my Groupon for Impact Fitness and it was AWESOME!!  So awesome in fact, I conned encouraged a friend to join (which scored me 1/2 off the NEXT 6 weeks).  We are both doing the next challenge which promises a $2000 prize to the person with the highest % weight loss.  I’M.  IN.  GAME.  ON.

— 2 —

I’m also apparently in the lead for a word-of-mouth contest the gym had for referrals and maybe, just maaaaaaaybe if I win….Mama will be reading these blogs on her new iPad.   The anticipation is KILLING ME!!!

— 3 —

And so, with the upcoming challenge and my aspirations on bringing home the multiple Benjamins I am planning my menu…except I’m not.  I’m on the computer.  Earlier this week I already sorta mapped it out.  Now to put it to paper.  And head to the grocery store.  And cook.  HOWEVER…my family is on board.  Might have something to do with the dinner out I promised with my winnings…….

— 4 —

Switching gears….Hubs and I are almost done with this season of Downton Abbey.  ONE.  MORE.  EPISODE.  I’m preparing for withdrawals.  And bracing myself for a shocking last episode.  Or so my friend has said, without spoiling it.  GAH!!!

— 5 —

Hubs and I have a date night tonight.  Gotta love Groupon…..Steak!!!!!  And date night!  Double W!!!!

— 6 —

On a camera/photography note….I need to send off my beloved Nikon for repair.  Sad face.  Any suggestions?   So far, I’m planning on sending it to Nikon…they diagnose online and price it before you even send it.

— 7 —

For the final QT…I’m sharing this video of a hilarious “prank” by Jeff Gordon at a car dealership…real or no….flippin’ funny.  My friend showed me at work and then I watched with the Hubs last night and laughed even harder.  Happy Weekend!!  I’m off to PLAN for my WIN!!

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Take Five…

There’s a cute little linky going on around the blogosphere about some Five things Thing where you tell about 5 things most people don’t know about you.  Mary Kate tagged me and since A) I can’t really resist a “challenge” and B) I am currently suffering a bout of insomnia/coughing and am up anyway, I figured alrighty then….let’s do this!!

Of course, this IS a little tricky since I blog/talk about a lot of stuff and I may have already mentioned a thing or two, so you’ll have to pretend you haven’t heard it before if you already have…K?  K.

  1. During my bachelorette party (back in the day), my FAVORITE sandals broke mid-shindig.  I mean, straight dry-rotted….What’s a girl to do?  There was much more dancing to do!!!  Somewhere along the way, some nice bouncer had some masking tape and I just taped those puppies up…both shoes and boogied on down the rest of the night.  I have pictures somewhere……annnnnd I actually got up to look for it, I can see it in my mind…..and nothin’, I got nothin’, but trust me…it was fUNny!!
  2. When I was in 4th grade I was terrified of Bike Week…an annual event in Daytona Beach…now a BI-annual event, lucky us!!  Back to the terror….we heard stories of the Hell’s Angels and how they swoop into town and kids walking home from school were easy pickins…now we had no idea what that meant but I know we made record time coming home from school that week!  Fast forward a gazillion years and we have some Outlaws one street over and we just sleep with the windows closed during Bike Week….or try to, I think we are getting used to the noise or losing our hearing, one of the two.
  3. Somewhere around 4 years of age…ish….we had a neighborhood dog that I would bring a biscuit to regularly…one for him….one for me.  Come to find out, my kids did the same thing with our dogs when they were little.  Hmm.  Hereditary inclination toward dog biscuits, interesting.
  4. My first job was at Mr. Donut.  I got over my love of donuts REEEEEEAL quick like (although it has returned slightly in the last decade…)  You can NOT wash that donut smell out of a uniform, trust me.  That’s also the place Hubby picked me up for our first date…..maaaaaaaaany moons ago, like 26 of ’em.
  5. I dont’ really like a lot of noise and mess.  God blessed us with 4 kiddos.  Talk about your sense of humor.  We’ll just say I’m coming to terms (a little bit) with noise and mess.

My turn to tag 5 people and carry on the funnies or the fives…how’s about it Lea, Brite, Pam, ViolinMama, and Lesley?  Tag, you’re it!   You’ll love the diversity of their blogs, food, travel, inspiration, kids…..you’re welcome!

And now….it’s been 4 hours and I can re-dose the cough syrup….I’m out!  Enjoy!!

To flu vaccinate or no….

An interesting debate to be sure and I’m curious to see why YOU have to say about this.  Of course, this won’t be all serious, I do have some funny-ish stuff to report as well 😉

So, a few months back I heard Mac and Katherine on Catholic in a Small Town podcast discussing Katherine’s preference NOT to get the flu vaccine….#203, you can check it out on iTunes…and it got me thinking about the flu vaccine and WHY do I bother each year?  Is it worth it?  What am I subjecting myself to?  It opened up an internal can o’ worms for certain.


Anyhoooo…I work in the medical field, my employer provides the vaccine to me at no cost each year and so, I get the vaccine.  I’ve not had the flu in 10 years and quite frankly, would  prefer to not have it again.  However….due to the controversial issues on the flu vaccine for our kids…I’ve not had them get a flu shot.  Ever.  That I remember, anyway.    Questionable ingredients, 62%ish effectiveness rate, roll of the dice on which strain we’ll actually come in contact with, ACK…it’s too much, so we’ve opted out.  However…..things ’bout to change in these parts!

Our 15 yo son came down with Flu B last weekend.  I already blogged on all THAT fun here if you missed it the first time around and the kid ended up missing a WHOLE FLIPPIN’ WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!  yes, High School.  Good times.  The kicker is that I actually started getting sick at the end of the week last week, sucked it up for a couple of days (chalking it up to allergies and pollen), however, by Saturday afternoon–after an ENTIRE day of solo and ensemble stuff with our 13 yo and tag-along 9 yo daughter, I came home and went to bed and got up yesterday.  Monday.  Ugh.  Fever’s gone and I was back to work today, but still…..ain’t.  quite.  right.  And I WAS vaccinated!!!  WTH??!?!?  So when I brought the 15yo BACK to the doc yesterday for additional antibiotics for “possible” pneumonia still not resolved as a result of his flu….I decided next year EVERYONE gets the vaccine.  Mine didn’t last as long as his, certainly wasn’t as brutal and you know “Ain’t NOBODY got time for that” to be staying home with sick kids, for kids to be missing a week of schoolwork (the stuff the teachers didn’t email…) and we ALL know Mama don’t have time to be sick..even though Daddy is a pretty fantastic taker-carer.

So, what’s your take?  Flu vaccine or no?

On the upside…..I got a TON of reading in.  Finished Screwtape letters, almost finished A year of biblical womanhood, completely caught up on my Daily Catechism readings—(I MAY have been 3 weeks behind).  Mailed a long overdue encouragement card and ordered The Power of Positive Thinking to go with said card.  Slept so much my back ached.  Lost a few pounds.  Woke up from a nap to find Hubby and 75% of the kids playing Monopoly….WITHOUT blood shed.  True.  No joke.  Prayed.  (It was a good few days to be on my heart…you are so covered it’s ridiculous).  Continue to play with PicMonkey and learn a little more.

Phew.  It’s been a long couple days.


A day off: spring is springing and the flu has flung!

Don’t worry, the WHOLE post won’t be a play-by-play of all the sick deets of our household, just the funnyish bits and lo, they are a plenty.

Our swell journey o’ sickness began Saturday afternoon when our oldest son phoned for a pick-up from his skate day…..at 4:30!!!  For this kid, who will skate from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. given the opp, when he asked for a 4:30 pick up, well….that wasn’t ’bout to be good for anyone.  And so his day ended with an early shower and to bed.

The fun really didn’t begin until about Midnight thirty (smack in the middle of REM sleep) on Monday when our sweet little almost 6 footer stumbled in our bedroom  with a nice little rage of a fever and some apparent hallucinations.  We managed to get him out in the living room just as he went completely limp with Hubby catching him on the way down and myself mildly assisting (and slightly pulling my back).  Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt…unfortunately when he went to use the restroom a few minutes later, it happened again….fortunately the shower curtain/wall combo is strong like bull and Hubby is quick like lightning.  2 concussions averted in a matter of minutes.  Adrenaline rush?  Yup.  Finally managed to get him to take some ginger ale and Tylenol and after some cool compress apps, he managed to settle down and slept on a palette in our room until 2:30 a.m…..when he opted to return to his bed….no, the couch…ugh.  Spinal needle to the eye, please.

Last night/this morning, almost the same time frame, we had another visit, another episode of big boy managing to get me out of bed to help him only to have him climb in and take my spot.  Then back to his bed where he curled in a ball and said “C’mon guys, you can fit, c’mon up, there’s room”…then back out to the living room couch, cold compresses, yada, yada, yada and settled him down much quicker.  Hubs grabbed the youngest who fell asleep on the couch after her migraine/vomitosis episode and put her in her bed lest her big brother hallucinate again and sit on her.

I will just say that it’s been a looooooooooong time since I’ve had regularly interrupted night sleep and I.  don’t.  miss. it.  one.  bit.

This morning with some “changes” in symptoms (I’ll spare you the deets) we headed to the Ped where Flu B is confirmed and possible pneumonia.  He’s on the antibiotics now, managed to hold some ChickFilA down for lunch and is currently on Star Wars Ep 2…with plans to finish up the series tomorrow–as he will be home again.  With Dad.  I’ll be at work.  Recuperating.  Pray for us for some sleep….Mom and Pops are terribly out of practice.  I’ll be praying, too and knocking on all kinds of wood that everyone else is healthy.

Because as Sweet Brown says…Ain’t nobody got time for that

In the meantime, I’ll keep calm and Lysol on!!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession!  Thanks, Cari!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession! Thanks, Cari!!

Spring comes early in these parts and since it is 79 beeeeyoooouuuteeeeeful degrees out and gas is a gut-wrenching, throat strangling $3.91, I forced myself to ride my bike to Publix to pick up the script.  <sigh>  A mother’s sacrifices never end…ammiright??

7QT Return, Ta DAAA!

With my whole social network fasting apparently I have more time to blog…who knew???  So, I’m jumping back in with the tried and true at Conversion Diary with Jen and her peeps…of course, I’m not #1 like Grace, but she’s a new mom again and clearly not sleeping anyway…so go check ’em all out…

1.  Fresh into Lent, folks…Fresh.  Into.  Lent.  You know what that means, right?  All those sacrifices and desires to help more, pray more, do more, etc are FRESH and “technically” two days in we should be going strong.  Ammiright??  Riiiiight, so remember…no meat today. And if perhaps, halfway through that double with cheese you remember “ACK…it’s Friday!!!”, just start over.  We are imperfect people, God knows this.  His joy is in our TRYING to do better.  And when we screw up, dust ourselves off and try again….that’s what we can choose to do.  So, in the classic words of Dori from Finding Nemo…”just keep swimming”!

2.  What did you give up for Lent?  Perhaps you are instead focusing on praying and have some plans of monastic retreat or super fasting to add some oomph to your prayer life,  or maybe working in the soup kitchen or homeless shelter….what’s the plan, Stan?  I gave up Facebook and Twitter.  It’s quite freeing and I actually look forward to this each Lent.  Now, you might say, but “Tracy, your blog shows up on Twitter?”  Yes, it’s set that way automatic, but I am not CHECKING said Twitter account.

3.  Did you get your ashes?  We did.  I must say it was practically WW3 getting there.  A serious force of crazy, crappy, grumpy, tempers came over our household IMMEDIATELY prior to leaving.  We persevered anyway and let me say, people….GOD prevailed.  Oh yes he did defuse that 13 yo, 15 yo and 2 young ladies who readied themselves in their Mass finery only to see EVERY to the ONE was in their regular clothes (including yours truly, fresh off the JOB train in her scrubs).  Hubs took everyone home after the distribution of ashes and I stayed to wait for our 7th grader to take him home after his RE class.  We came home to fish and chips awaiting.  (AKA, fish sticks and fries)  God is good.  All the time.  All the time.  God is good.  

4.  Ash Wednesday I also went to Adoration (a weekly Lenten practice for me this year).  Unknowingly, I arrived during the church’s Mass celebration, therefore the Eucharist was not in the chapel, but in the church.  ENNYWAY….I still prayed the Rosary and intentions and fully enjoyed my quiet time.  If you have noise in your life (you don’t need to be a parent for this) you should take time to go to Adoration…shoot, even if you’re not Catholic….just go…it is AWESOME.  Peace, quiet.  Total gift.  I’d live there if I could.  Really.  Logistically though, just not going to work.

5.  Saved me some cash this week.  Went in to quit the gym, just not feeling it, and I’ve been working out at home (not this week so much…but mostly-ish) but they love me so much they comped me 2 months and lowered my monthly rate to $5.  Sheesh, alright.  I’ll come back.  $5, c’mon.  Who CAN say no to that???

6.  Along with my social fasting, weekly Adoration visit and prayer intentions….I am also trying to focus on some spiritual reading.  This week I finished C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters”…wow.  wow.  wow.  If you haven’t read it….do it.  Next up…”Visions of the Children” by Janice Connell.  And continued reading of Saint Faustina’s Diary (although that is taking YEARS.  Literally.  YEARS!!  tremendously rich reading.  small bites only)

7.  Finally, if you read yesterday’s post on our little Romeo and his Valentine’s flower promise…I’ll tell you how it went:  He made his first deposit to his math teacher (who, although killing him, has been incredibly helpful and challenging) and from then on out had “hordes” of ladies following him around for roses. He had them labeled and did have a couple extra (to which I was also a recipient….smart boy!)…but he admitted at dinner that it was an impossible task to please all the ladies on Valentine’s Day.  Not to mention expensive.  He’s a mess that one.  A sweet mess.  **For all you Bachelor fans out there….I asked him if he was prepping to do a teen Bachelor and he was unaware of the show/concept etc….PHew.  I don’t watch either, but have the gist of it from some of you…who will remain nameless for the obvi reasons.

Have a great week y’all and enjoy the weekend!!!  We won’t be shoveling snow…thank you, JESUS…but will be wearing jeans and hoodies this weekend here in Central FLA.  Brrr.  High of 50ish tomorrow.  Yikes!!  😉

Rude gets rewarded

Last night it was raining, not thundering and lightning, just raining.  There were still sports practices in session despite the wet stuff.  On the way to DD1’s soccer practice, Hubby and I had a discussion and I ended up deciding not to have her go.  It was wet, the fields were gross, we’ve had strep throat in the house, I was grumpy from a late patient at work and I was happy with my decision.  As we left the field (I had to pay the coach’s fee and let them know she wouldn’t be there) and drove to DD2’s cheer practice, it was raining pretty good so I made sure to MERELY travel the posted speed limit.  Apparently, there was a jeep behind me that disliked my choice and was impatient with my other choice of not moving to the right lane (since I didn’t feel I could safely move over with a car so close to blind spot) and he promptly sped past at first opportunity……FLIPPING ME THE FINGER the whole way.  First I was mad…..a)it’s raining and b)I choose to drive safely WITH MY KIDS IN THE CAR.  Idiot.  And then, I laughed.  As I continued traveling the posted speed limit, about 10.5 seconds later I saw that he beat me to the red light.  I did my pointing-oh-you-beat-me-to-the-red-light-dance and made sure he saw it.  If it weren’t still raining, I would have made sure he heard my lyrics.  With a smile on my face, he got the picture.  And he added more hand gestures.  Whatev, babes.  At least I don’t work in the ER anymore to deal with your whiney self coming in on the backboard crying because you have to pee and you’re strapped down in a neck collar….all because you were in a hurry on a rainy night…to beat me to a red light.

Vent over…..be careful out there people.  An extra 10 seconds behind a careful Mama isn’t going to ruin your day.  For realz.  Blessings!