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To flu vaccinate or no….

An interesting debate to be sure and I’m curious to see why YOU have to say about this. ¬†Of course, this won’t be all serious, I do have some funny-ish stuff to report as well ūüėČ

So, a few months back I heard Mac and Katherine on Catholic in a Small Town podcast discussing Katherine’s preference NOT to get the flu vaccine….#203, you can check it out on iTunes…and it got me thinking about the flu vaccine and WHY do I bother each year? ¬†Is it worth it? ¬†What am I subjecting myself to? ¬†It opened up an internal can o’ worms for certain.


Anyhoooo…I work in the medical field, my employer provides the vaccine to me at no cost each year and so, I get the vaccine. ¬†I’ve not had the flu in 10 years and quite frankly, would ¬†prefer to not have it again. ¬†However….due to the controversial issues on the flu vaccine for our kids…I’ve not had them get a flu shot. ¬†Ever. ¬†That I remember, anyway. ¬† ¬†Questionable ingredients, 62%ish effectiveness rate, roll of the dice on which strain we’ll actually come in contact with, ACK…it’s too much, so we’ve opted out. ¬†However…..things ’bout to change in these parts!

Our 15 yo son came down with Flu B last weekend. ¬†I already blogged on all THAT fun here if you missed it the first time around and the kid ended up missing a WHOLE FLIPPIN’ WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! ¬†yes, High School. ¬†Good times. ¬†The kicker is that I actually started getting sick at the end of the week last week, sucked it up for a couple of days (chalking it up to allergies and pollen), however, by Saturday afternoon–after an ENTIRE day of solo and ensemble stuff with our 13 yo and tag-along 9 yo daughter, I came home and went to bed and got up yesterday. ¬†Monday. ¬†Ugh. ¬†Fever’s gone and I was back to work today, but still…..ain’t. ¬†quite. ¬†right. ¬†And I WAS vaccinated!!! ¬†WTH??!?!? ¬†So when I brought the 15yo BACK to the doc yesterday for additional antibiotics for “possible” pneumonia still not resolved as a result of his flu….I decided next year EVERYONE gets the vaccine. ¬†Mine didn’t last as long as his, certainly wasn’t as brutal and you know “Ain’t NOBODY got time for that” to be staying home with sick kids, for kids to be missing a week of schoolwork (the stuff the teachers didn’t email…) and we ALL know Mama don’t have time to be sick..even though Daddy is a pretty fantastic taker-carer.

So, what’s your take? ¬†Flu vaccine or no?

On the upside…..I got a TON of reading in. ¬†Finished Screwtape letters, almost finished A year of biblical womanhood, completely caught up on my Daily Catechism readings—(I MAY have been 3 weeks behind). ¬†Mailed a long overdue encouragement card and ordered The Power of Positive Thinking to go with said card. ¬†Slept so much my back ached. ¬†Lost a few pounds. ¬†Woke up from a nap to find Hubby and 75% of the kids playing Monopoly….WITHOUT blood shed. ¬†True. ¬†No joke. ¬†Prayed. ¬†(It was a good few days to be on my heart…you are so covered it’s ridiculous). ¬†Continue to play with PicMonkey and learn a little more.

Phew. ¬†It’s been a long couple days.