A day off: spring is springing and the flu has flung!

Don’t worry, the WHOLE post won’t be a play-by-play of all the sick deets of our household, just the funnyish bits and lo, they are a plenty.

Our swell journey o’ sickness began Saturday afternoon when our oldest son phoned for a pick-up from his skate day…..at 4:30!!!  For this kid, who will skate from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. given the opp, when he asked for a 4:30 pick up, well….that wasn’t ’bout to be good for anyone.  And so his day ended with an early shower and to bed.

The fun really didn’t begin until about Midnight thirty (smack in the middle of REM sleep) on Monday when our sweet little almost 6 footer stumbled in our bedroom  with a nice little rage of a fever and some apparent hallucinations.  We managed to get him out in the living room just as he went completely limp with Hubby catching him on the way down and myself mildly assisting (and slightly pulling my back).  Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt…unfortunately when he went to use the restroom a few minutes later, it happened again….fortunately the shower curtain/wall combo is strong like bull and Hubby is quick like lightning.  2 concussions averted in a matter of minutes.  Adrenaline rush?  Yup.  Finally managed to get him to take some ginger ale and Tylenol and after some cool compress apps, he managed to settle down and slept on a palette in our room until 2:30 a.m…..when he opted to return to his bed….no, the couch…ugh.  Spinal needle to the eye, please.

Last night/this morning, almost the same time frame, we had another visit, another episode of big boy managing to get me out of bed to help him only to have him climb in and take my spot.  Then back to his bed where he curled in a ball and said “C’mon guys, you can fit, c’mon up, there’s room”…then back out to the living room couch, cold compresses, yada, yada, yada and settled him down much quicker.  Hubs grabbed the youngest who fell asleep on the couch after her migraine/vomitosis episode and put her in her bed lest her big brother hallucinate again and sit on her.

I will just say that it’s been a looooooooooong time since I’ve had regularly interrupted night sleep and I.  don’t.  miss. it.  one.  bit.

This morning with some “changes” in symptoms (I’ll spare you the deets) we headed to the Ped where Flu B is confirmed and possible pneumonia.  He’s on the antibiotics now, managed to hold some ChickFilA down for lunch and is currently on Star Wars Ep 2…with plans to finish up the series tomorrow–as he will be home again.  With Dad.  I’ll be at work.  Recuperating.  Pray for us for some sleep….Mom and Pops are terribly out of practice.  I’ll be praying, too and knocking on all kinds of wood that everyone else is healthy.

Because as Sweet Brown says…Ain’t nobody got time for that

In the meantime, I’ll keep calm and Lysol on!!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession!  Thanks, Cari!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession! Thanks, Cari!!

Spring comes early in these parts and since it is 79 beeeeyoooouuuteeeeeful degrees out and gas is a gut-wrenching, throat strangling $3.91, I forced myself to ride my bike to Publix to pick up the script.  <sigh>  A mother’s sacrifices never end…ammiright??

6 thoughts on “A day off: spring is springing and the flu has flung!

  1. Angela Bashaw

    Oh Tracy, so sorry the bug has hit your house and that your kiddo’s are so sick. Hope it doesn’t spread to the rest of you and that everyone is on the mend soon!
    And, OM Garsh…Sweet Brown. Once I scrolled down enough to see the video, I literally busted out laughing. My husband and his fire department friends discovered this video last weekend while they were away at Fire Academy and it he could hardly wait to show me when he got home. Ain’t nobody got time for that…LOL still.
    Glad to get your seal of approval on the Picmonkey. I have been wanting to get some sort of editing software, and I saw Cari’s post so I thought I would try it.
    Enjoy your awesome weather, here it’s anywhere between 14 degrees this morning and 32 degrees this afternoon (at least it’s going in the right direction). Have a great week.



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