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Once upon a time, there was a couple who had been married a long time.  Blessed with 4 children who were happy, healthy and going through the usual ups and downs of childhood.  No complaints, just normal life.  This couple was open to life.  Even though they are both approaching mid 40s, they were healthy and open to God’s plan in regards to their family.  Lo, and behold one day it happened.  The woman suddenly and without warning re-gained her sense of smell during Mass whilst seated next to a woman who clearly hit the garlic rolls the night before,(heavy emphasis on garlic).  Confused with this return of olfactory sensation and accompanying nausea, a quick count on the PeriodTrackerApp prompted a visit to the local CVS.

Confirmation post peeing on a stick.  Twice.  And the world began to spin.

Fast forward through the week of sudden shock and awe at this life turn of events as the couple quietly processes the news with prayers, trepidation, joy, laughter, wonder and trust.  Clearly God has a plan here; who were they to question.


Just as the reality settled itself and planning stages were to begin:  when to tell the kids, the family, friend, etc., doctor’s appointment, bedroom rearranging, financial rearrangement, etc, etc, etc..  The woman began to bleed.

And cramp.

And reality readjusted.  And plans were undone.  Tears were cried.  A mental day was taken.  And with Lent upon them, they clung to the promise that God’s plan is infinitely better than their own.  Despite the temporary confusion and fog, He has great things in store.  In addition to His promise of hope and plans and future, He has given this family, this couple a special soul to intercede on their behalf.

Thanks be to God.

imgres Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Fast First Friday aka #7QuickTakes

Burnout.  7 days in a row of blogging and nada this week, until today, because everyone in my casa is occupied (for the moment), so here I go…all Fast like….on this First Friday in March AND in Lent…woot, woot!  (see what I did there?)  Therefore, jumping back in (for today), with author and speaker of many hours in a row…Jen@Conversion Diary for a weekly wrapup…go see!

  1. So Lent is here, how’s it going for you?  For me, so far so good.  I haven’t felt called to fast from any particular thing but I have been called to prayer.  Lots of prayer….I mean:  Adoration, weekly, and prayer journal for prayer requests.  So, if you are in need of any extra prayer (and aren’t we all), feel free to drop a note in the combox or email me (found on the sidebar).IMG_3716
  2. The other thing I am committed to is finishing some spiritual reading:  Mere Christianity, The power of persistent prayer, St.Monica.  I have a bad habit of having too many books going at once, so this is a great time to actually focus on these!
  3. Meatless meal time.  This year is going to be a little less trying since we have a boy/man in the house interested in veganism and willing to help me out with finding new and fun recipes for the fam.  He’s good in the kitchen and tonight picked out and helped make a (non meatless) homemade version of Hamburger helper with roasted cauliflower and peas.  Makes dinner much less a chore for Mama!
  4. Ash Wednesday ended up being a date night with the Hubby and I.  The only Mass we can make it to is the 7 p.m. and opted to allow the kids to stay home and shower and settle in.  Sometimes you just have to exercise common sense in knowing when it’s forcing too much.  I missed them, but enjoyed the one on one with the Hubs.  We even took a selfie afterward!  Love an unexpected date time with my honey!669831106177617683_3843666
  5. Providing our son wakes up in the a.m. and we make it to the gym, it will have been a full week working out.  Spin this a.m. was with Crazy Courtney (as I like to call her) and I was soaked, so a good workout and start to the day.
  6. Clean(er) eating this week has been going well.  Perfect?  No.  However, definitely have been getting in more fruits and veggies and avoiding miscellaneous crap food at work that seems to show up unannounced and at the most ravenous times.  Planning is key.  Will just keep planning and plugging along.imgres
  7. The end!  Blessings on the weekend and praying all north of Florida will thaw out soon and welcome spring most joyfully.  Until then, I will do my best to appreciate the Vitamin D for you!IMG_1970

Finally Friday

Home stretch!  Friday is my FAVORITE day of the week.  Yes, I do have to work, but the light…the LIGHT is so very, very BRIGHT at the end of the tunnel!

Still blogging for the 7 days with the Conversion Diary and friends!!  Woot, woot!  In honor of blogging 7 days, here’s 7 Quick Takes from the week!

1.  Blogging every day is HARD!!!!  Even Jen had a fail day.  Perhaps a fail at ONE missed blog day, but reading her post on her “Day in the Life” made me remember just how hard those years are with littles and I honestly don’t know how you young Mamas blog at all!!

2.  Blogging every day is QUICK!  If I want to do it, I have to sit down and get to it or it’s not going to happen.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Either way, it’s a blog post.

3.  Blogging every day is helping me to re-prioritize my daily activities and prepping for Lent.  Truly.  I am seeing where and WHEN I can be more productive in certain areas and that is oh-so-helpful in making me a wee bit more organized!  Which I love.

4.  On to other topics…because I need to be quick here!

5.  Last week I shopped CASH ONLY.  Saved about $50.  I’m doing it again.  It’s a little scary, but truly empowering!

6.  Lent is coming and I scheduled my annual physical right in the middle of it.  Perfect time to add eating simply to my goal of keeping Lent simple, eh?  Because who doesn’t get a little motivation from the thought of stepping on the scale for an annual review?  Who?

7.  It’s Friday.  EVERY.  ONE.  OF.  THE.  KIDS.  WILL.  BE.  OUT.  OF.  THE.  HOUSE. TONIGHT.  ALLATONCE!!  You know what that means, right?????  Yesssss, we are catching up on the last two Downton Abbeys!!!  Although we may save the finale and savor it.  Gotta say, I still love Downton, but truly not the most exciting season….nonetheless, I will be having withdrawals and ready for next season!!

Happy Friday, y’all and make it on over to Conversion Diary for other better blogging spectaculars!



Theme Thursday: Black and White

Two posts in a row.  Two links in a row.  What the????  Yes, crazy.  I know.  I have a wee bit of extra time this morning since I am letting the girls sleep in and go to Popop’s to swim this morning and bring them to day camp after lunch.  Win-win for Mama!!

Black and white.  I love black and white.  It is so forgiving!!!  Mysterious.  Dramatic.  Stands out.  I don’t have enough time this morning to take a NEW B&W photo, but have included a favorite of mine for submission!


There’s plenty more where this one came from, and likely way cooler over @ Cari’s.  You can link up your own sweet B&W!!!     And you can check the laundry barometer while you are there….almost $7500!!!!  Looks like Dwija is going to have a sweet REAL laundry room, mice and drying rack free!!!

EASTER…taking it outside to celebrate!

The whole-ish outfit.  My missed the shot.  Apparently.  the skirt is swingy and goes just below/to the knee.

The whole-ish outfit. My legs missed the shot. Apparently. The skirt is swingy and goes just below/to the knee.

Camp Patton

Joining in with Camp Patton,  Freckles in April, and North Meets South, in a nod to Fine Linen and Purple‘s wildly fun WIWS….EASTER STYLE!!  I’ve been COMPLETELY MIA for the last few months on the WIWS circuit, mostly because I was in repeat mode. buuuuuuut, now I have the spring clothes out so you might see me more frequently the next couple of weeks.

Hoping you all had a blessed Lent and a are enjoying a fabulous Easter celebration today.  I have a whopping T-20 minutes, so let’s see what I can throw together here what with cropping and editing and such with the photos!

Mass outside.  Breezy 69 degrees, sunny, cloudy, sunny.  Awesomeness.

Mass outside. Breezy 69 degrees, sunny, cloudy, sunny. Awesomeness.




Disregard the scraped knuckle courtesy of porch project to come later...

Disregard the scraped knuckle courtesy of porch project yesterday…post to come later…

Love these sandals.  Disregard the sad state of the pedicure...just ran out of hours this weekend!

Love these sandals. Disregard the sad state of the pedicure…just ran out of hours this weekend!

danceDancers, pre-Mass practicing their carousel.  They were a little nervous with the wind, but did great!!

Pre-Mass warm up by the lake.

Pre-Mass warm up by the lake.

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Papa and his girls!

Papa and his girls!

Even snagged the big boy for a quick shot!

Even snagged the big boy for a quick shot!

Deets:  Moi, Kohl’s for the outfit and shoes and Lia Sophia for the blingz.

Big girl:  Kohl’s except for the inherited shrug

Dancer girl:  Church for the dance uniform

French horn boy:  Church for the tux jacket/tie, thrifty for the pants and inherited shirt.

Big boy:  Thrift Volcom shirt, Old Navy khaki shorts

Dad:  Thrifted and inherited and  a total keeper!

It takes a village, even for grown-ups!

It’s been an interesting week and in light of Sede Vacante (no Pope at the moment, in case you missed any/all of the news), it’s a somber time as we wait on the conclave to decide our next Pope.  Historical.  Fascinating.  In light of this transitional time, I thought I’d do my version of 7QTs with Jen and throngs a little differently and offer up some inspiration I’ve come across the blogosphere this week. Be motivated.  Be inspired. Enjoy.

1.  No one knows what the next minute holds — but you let ourselves be moved into it anyways. Because somewhere inside of you, you know Someone holds it.

Ann Voskamp “When you are tired of worrying”

2.  Sometimes you just need a plan….

1) shaken, lea prays. i go to God for help…​

2) let God take care of His part. look at Him. not at the enemy.

3) my job is obedience. the battle is the Lord’s.​

4) praise and worship Him. walk by faith in His promises not by sight. ​

Lea “I didn’t think I needed this book”
3.  :: REMEMBER TO LOVE THESE LITTLE SOULS..just LOVE them .  I can not fix all of everything about them…I can not be perfect and complete for all of them at all the same time…but I can have LOVE for them and show that in ALL that I do for them and around them…

The Little House that Grew

4.  Sometimes we need reminders on making it through the day…during Lent


Every time a child interrupts you today, stop what you are doing and look into his eyes as he talks.


“My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me.” (John 10:27)


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta)

Elizabeth Foss   Fast.  Pray.  Give.  

5.  There is a fine line between celebrating your gift, using it for the glory of God, and practicing humility.

Katherine “Finding your Gift”

6.  And of course, Pinterest/Tumblr..


7.  And this one, just warmed my heart, through and through.  What an awesome experience, truly awesome!  Can you imagine?  I don’t know if I could wash my child’s forehead again!!!!

‘When I see you, I see the Church is alive.’
-Pope Benedict XVI

Most blessed baby...EVAH!!!!!!

Most blessed baby…EVAH!!!!!!

Mama Needs Coffee (Image cred and you really have to go read her posts on Papa Bene’s Popemobile exit….Really.  go.  NOW.  go.  HERE!!!!)

A day off: spring is springing and the flu has flung!

Don’t worry, the WHOLE post won’t be a play-by-play of all the sick deets of our household, just the funnyish bits and lo, they are a plenty.

Our swell journey o’ sickness began Saturday afternoon when our oldest son phoned for a pick-up from his skate day… 4:30!!!  For this kid, who will skate from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. given the opp, when he asked for a 4:30 pick up, well….that wasn’t ’bout to be good for anyone.  And so his day ended with an early shower and to bed.

The fun really didn’t begin until about Midnight thirty (smack in the middle of REM sleep) on Monday when our sweet little almost 6 footer stumbled in our bedroom  with a nice little rage of a fever and some apparent hallucinations.  We managed to get him out in the living room just as he went completely limp with Hubby catching him on the way down and myself mildly assisting (and slightly pulling my back).  Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt…unfortunately when he went to use the restroom a few minutes later, it happened again….fortunately the shower curtain/wall combo is strong like bull and Hubby is quick like lightning.  2 concussions averted in a matter of minutes.  Adrenaline rush?  Yup.  Finally managed to get him to take some ginger ale and Tylenol and after some cool compress apps, he managed to settle down and slept on a palette in our room until 2:30 a.m…..when he opted to return to his bed….no, the couch…ugh.  Spinal needle to the eye, please.

Last night/this morning, almost the same time frame, we had another visit, another episode of big boy managing to get me out of bed to help him only to have him climb in and take my spot.  Then back to his bed where he curled in a ball and said “C’mon guys, you can fit, c’mon up, there’s room”…then back out to the living room couch, cold compresses, yada, yada, yada and settled him down much quicker.  Hubs grabbed the youngest who fell asleep on the couch after her migraine/vomitosis episode and put her in her bed lest her big brother hallucinate again and sit on her.

I will just say that it’s been a looooooooooong time since I’ve had regularly interrupted night sleep and I.  don’t.  miss. it.  one.  bit.

This morning with some “changes” in symptoms (I’ll spare you the deets) we headed to the Ped where Flu B is confirmed and possible pneumonia.  He’s on the antibiotics now, managed to hold some ChickFilA down for lunch and is currently on Star Wars Ep 2…with plans to finish up the series tomorrow–as he will be home again.  With Dad.  I’ll be at work.  Recuperating.  Pray for us for some sleep….Mom and Pops are terribly out of practice.  I’ll be praying, too and knocking on all kinds of wood that everyone else is healthy.

Because as Sweet Brown says…Ain’t nobody got time for that

In the meantime, I’ll keep calm and Lysol on!!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession!  Thanks, Cari!!

ah, PicMonkey, you are my new favorite obsession! Thanks, Cari!!

Spring comes early in these parts and since it is 79 beeeeyoooouuuteeeeeful degrees out and gas is a gut-wrenching, throat strangling $3.91, I forced myself to ride my bike to Publix to pick up the script.  <sigh>  A mother’s sacrifices never end…ammiright??