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Theme Thursday: Black and White

Two posts in a row.  Two links in a row.  What the????  Yes, crazy.  I know.  I have a wee bit of extra time this morning since I am letting the girls sleep in and go to Popop’s to swim this morning and bring them to day camp after lunch.  Win-win for Mama!!

Black and white.  I love black and white.  It is so forgiving!!!  Mysterious.  Dramatic.  Stands out.  I don’t have enough time this morning to take a NEW B&W photo, but have included a favorite of mine for submission!


There’s plenty more where this one came from, and likely way cooler over @ Cari’s.  You can link up your own sweet B&W!!!     And you can check the laundry barometer while you are there….almost $7500!!!!  Looks like Dwija is going to have a sweet REAL laundry room, mice and drying rack free!!!