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Monday minutiae and a shrunken head

Day 2 of the 7 day stretch with the Conversion Diary peeps!

Mondays are crazy here;  are they that way for you, also?  Coming off the weekend high of relaxed (hopefully) schedules and then BAM!  back into the grind.  The a.m. moves a little slower and grumpier around here on Mondays, but somehow we make it through.  The Monday Miracle, I say.

Our Monday brought Eeyore kind of weather:

“It’s snowing still,” said Eeyore gloomily.”So it is.””And freezing.””Is it?””Yes,” said Eeyore. “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.”

Ok, kidding.  No snow or freezing, but totally gloomy.  Whatevs.  Spring will come and summer, too and before long, we’ll be crying the blue about the heat, so I’m zipping it.

Work has been crazy busy and steady and today after work I took our oldest daughter to the Walk-in clinic for a sinus infection (just call me doctor, I diagnose for fun), anyhoooooooo, huge mistake.  In the end, we spent almost 2 hours between the wait (one person in front of us at the clinic) and the pharmacy for a:  sinus infection.  Just give me my own Rx pad and DEA# already.  Moral of the story:  sticking to the kids Pediatric clinic; worth the 20 minute drive…everytime.  Silver lining:  road to recovery coming soon!

Today will bring a lunch time workout because our clinic visit pushed us so far backward last night I was too tired this a.m. for spin…boo hoo.

Here’s hoping we don’t see this dude again, today!

The crazy things our patients use as walking sticks!

The crazy things our patients use as walking sticks!

All I could think of was the Brady Bunch episode:  Hawaii bound.  Or Scooby Doo.