Teacher duty day…1/4 of the school year: DONE!

And this Friday finds our lovely children home with Hubby (as he actually tries to work with them around…good luck with that, babe!) as their teachers put together report cards wrapping up the first 9 week period of the school year.  And you’ll find me…..at work.  Whatever.  At least I’m not waking/dragging kids out of bed, to the breakfast table and then herding them through general hygiene and dress to the car.  A little break, if you will.  I’ll take it.  You’ll also find me “groupie-style” with Jennifer Fulwiler and peeps throwing down some Quick takes…7 to be exact.

1)  I’ve lost my way this week.  Eating healthy that is.  It started with my sister and nephews in town for the weekend (I always like to blame my sister….it feels comfortable…), then rolled into a potluck lunch at work and now here it is Friday and I’m wondering where in the HECK did my mojo go???    Fortunately, I’m still moving.  Each day I seem to pull it together a little more, however, it’s KOOKOO (for cocoa puffs) KRAZAY what sugar does to you….it’s like a drug.  Serious.  C’mon, just a taste.  Everyone’s doing it.  Before you know it…it’s Friday and your body is all kinds of confused and begging you to just.  walk.  away.

2)  We let our oldest stay home from school one day.  End of the semester.  The older grades were doing PSAT testing and the 9th graders were stuck in home room all day.  Not to fear though….I left him a list.  *finish driving permit practice test *laundry.  all of it. *dishwasher *vacuum house*mow lawn. front and back.  and neighbors.  front and back. It was sooooo nice to come home to a clean and tidy house.  We should keep him home more often…

3)  I had to make a difficult decision in the best interest of someone else this week.  Sadly this resulted in cutting out a treasured annual trip.  However, in doing so, and receiving affirmation from a friend in my decision, it was an incredibly FAST and certain answer to prayer.  I’m not sure what God has in store for ME that weekend, but I know He’ll be busy and I’m happy to not be an obstacle, but rather an intercessor, and that’s OK.  The most important work ALWAYS happens behind the scenes.

4)  Our girl has her cheer competition this weekend and each practice I’m more amazed at how these girls have put so much effort in over these past few weeks and to see this routine come together.  Tonight, I actually got a lump in my throat as they practiced in front of the older and younger cheer groups.  Pathetic, I know.  What can I say?  I’m a sap.  Her first year cheering and of this I am sure:  Sunday will be quite the experience that is a certainty.  Which also means the season is almost over.  Can I get an AMEN?!??!  **note to self, grab earplugs from MRI tomorrow….

5)  We are one week into the Read the Catechism in a Year for the year of Faith.  I must say, I am truly enjoying it.  So is Hubby!  It’s in small bite size pieces (so far) and it’s a great Faith discussion for us to focus on TOGETHER during this year.

6)  It’s Biketoberfest here.  Thinking about taking my camera this weekend and shooting some frames.  An interesting mix.  Soccer. Football. Romney/Ryan. Cheer comp.  Bikes.  We live in an interesting and eclectic area.  Fo’ sho!

7)  Now that I’ve stayed up too late…it’s time to go to bed….and get a walk in before work.  Because I can.  Happy Friday, all and have a super weekend!!

**in reference to a portion of #6, I will NOT be attending…mainly due to time constraints and kid activities, also I really don’t enjoy getting stuck in traffic, etc.  I’m good, I’ve made up my mind….I completely agree with Calah Alexander on her article about Politics…I’m pretty sure she wrote it for ME…though with many more actual facts…I’m not really a detail person, so thanks, Calah!!

7 thoughts on “Teacher duty day…1/4 of the school year: DONE!

  1. jen

    It’s such a polarizing political atmosphere that I think we’re all praying that we make the right decision. What keeps me somewhat sane is the knowledge that whoever is elected isn’t going to have a Congress and Supreme Court who are rubber stamps for policy so that should minimize damage. We’re also not looking at the country splitting in half like Lincoln was looking at in 1860 so this isn’t the most dire situation.

    1. tracye1 Post author

      I hope that’s true. Unfortunately our Congress has angered me in their actions, inactions and choices based on partial information, so my hope in them is shaky. For me, our country had a mess to clean up that we ALL knew wouldn’t be “fixed” in 4 years, however, I hoped for some sign of turning around. A glimpse of hope. Now I’m just hoping this is the worst it is for the “It will get worse before it gets better” adage. Regardless of who wins, I fear the next 4 years will be quite unpredictable as well.

  2. Jennifer

    I love #3!! I’ll bet he won’t be asking to stay home again in a hurry!! We’re enjoying the CCC so far this year together too. It’s exciting times to be Catholic…oh my!! Especially for you in USA!! And here in Ireland also where you need nerves of steel to show your cards lol!! I am praying lots for America these days, especially with this election coming up..Yikes!! It’s nerve-wrecking, what happens there always has a big effect here. If religious freedom is indented in US, we can all quake in our boots.

    1. tracye1 Post author

      Commence the quaking….it will be interesting and to say that our religious freedoms are being infringed upon (to put it lightly) terrifies me for what lies ahead. We have a big fat mess to be fixed. Big. Fat. The domino effect worldwide is awful. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. tracye1 Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I completely understand the need for “mental health days” for ALL of us. All of the kids have good grades and as long as they are somewhat”productive” while home, they have the rest of the day to chill. 🙂


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