Sunday rest, weekends are best!

It was a brisk one here this weekend…no snow, but with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s, that’s a little on the cold side here in sunny FLA.  On the bright side, the cooler weather made it positively perfect for a fire in the backyard on Friday night.  Some of us even brought our fish and chips out and ate around the fire; it was  fabulous end to the workweek.

Saturday morning I picked up my girlfriend and we hit the gym I snagged a Groupon for (6 weeks of personal fitness training/group environment–seriously HARD!!!!) and joined in their AMRAP challenge.  As Many Rounds As Possible of:  25 Jumping jacks, 20 Basketball jumps, 15 Pushups, 10 Burpees and run to the stop sign and back (a pretty long block) and repeat for 35 minutes.  y’all.  Holy hurtness.  I did 6 Rounds.  The winner (who I’m sure was like 15) did 9, the woman’s winner did 8.  I was proud of myself, especially considering I can’t run, so the down and back was walking.  It’s going to be an interesting 5 more weeks….Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday mornings.  These guys are seriously professional, encouraging and motivating, even making sure they know their clients by first name….all 40 of us on Saturday!  It’s refreshing.  The professionalism.

Sunday was full on NOTHING!  Mass was great.  I mean who CAN’T relate to the woman at the well?  We all FAIL.  We all fall short.  We can all receive that everlasting water, that grace, that mercy; we just need to seek Him out.  If we can but take a minute and not judge others, but turn our gaze inward we can see we are ALL the same and we can ALL receive grace and healing in our broken-ness.

Follow that message up with a quick little trip to Target for some essentials and a day of just puttering, relaxing, tackling bills and thank you cards for 1)yummy food and 2) I job I didn’t get, some Downton Abbey (which I purely cried my eyes out on), homemade mac and cheese with ham and ALL the kids home and chilling out all day, was a total home run.  The only downside?  Today is Monday.

Have a great week, y’all!

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