View from the pew, an 8 year old’s eyes

We are enjoying Spring Break here, and it’s been a lovely week with truly amazing weather; this IS the reason people come to Florida’s beaches.  I’ve taken three days off (back to work today) with the kiddos and it’s been fun.  Coincidentally, our church had it’s Lenten mission this week the EXACT days I was off.  The speaker, Father Richard Leonard, a Jesuit priest from Australia was truly inspiring.  He had the perfect blend of history, theology, lightness, seriousness, delightful personal anecdotes with hilarious impressions of friends and family as well as a deep, strike-your-soul, baritone song and sung prayers.  (I’m sure I’ll blog (hopefully) later this week about the mission, however, I’m still processing the three days.) The talks were at 9 in the morning and repeated at 7 in the evening and since I was home, I hit the morning mission and hubby hit the evening ones.  Since I was home with kiddos, I brought varying children with me each day and on the second day let my 8 yo daughter play with my phone, as she was losing interest in the talk.  I enjoyed her vantage point of the church and small glimpse into her view of the church.

Baptismal font

Feet resting on the kneeler

Always fascinated by the organ pipes

Our seats "up close" to see better..(though this vantage point has room for improvement!)

Is she interested in which hymn we are singing next or the Exit?

She finds this banner colorful and SO COOL!

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