All in favor of a two-day work week, say “Aye!”

Since taking three days off of work to spend time with the kids for their Spring Break, my “week” is two days at work and PHEW!, I’m ready for the weekend.

I forgot how HARD being a stay-at-home mom was.  It’s been awhile, forgive me, but OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!!   The chores.  The needs to be met.  Errands to be run.  Sheesh.  Fortunately for me, I decided early on Monday (about half way through errand running) that these days off would be about bon-bons and chillaxin’.  The rest would take care of itself somewhere along the week.  And this is what my week consisted of:

  1. Monday-Wednesday at 9 a.m.  attending our church’s Lenten mission to hear Father Richard Leonard speak on the history of the church and Mary, discernment and God’s will in our lives and forgiveness and faith.  Tremendously uplifting and Living Water for this thirsty soul, right when I needed it.  Very cool how “GOD-planned” to offer this retreat on my EXACT days off.
  2. Monday, Tuesday, and today (Friday), hit the gym with my girlfriend and got our strength training on.  And abs.  And cardio.  You know it’s a good exercise week when you are still feeling it on Friday from Tuesday!
  3. I was able to have our girls’ BFFs over to play each day I was off.  The boys are older and do “their own deal”, but it was nice to be able to get them breakfast and lunch and run them around a bit as well.  Not to mention how great it felt to be able to help out some moms and provide a fun day for their girls.  Having “been there, done that”, it is always a happy feeling when you know your kids are having fun with their friends and not bored at home, coming up with new ways to irritate the you-know-what out of each other.
  4. Dinner was taken care of.  Monday:  chicken and rice for the fam and I went out with the girls to celebrate my girlfriend’s 12th annual 38th birthday!  Tuesday:  crock pot.  Wednesday:  leftovers.  See?  Dinner was taken care of.
  5. We hit the beach.  Every day.  See previous posts from this week…..Sunscreen aplenty, boogie boards, beach toys, snacks and water.  Recharged!
  6. We tried out a scrumptious cupcake bakery in town.  (sorry, no link, no web-based orders, local only)  My youngest daughter and I had a hard time picking out a dozen minis to share with everyone.  Though the price was quite affordable, the calories are simply not a luxury and we will be making a wide berth.  Except for special occasions.  Maybe.
  7. Book 3 of Hunger Games, “Mockingjay” is downloaded to my Kindle.  Which is charged.  I have to work today, however, my lunch hour and free time between football games this weekend will be consumed by Katniss, Gale and Peeta and wrapping up this depressing, yet fascinatingly addictive series.

Things that didn’t get taken care of this week:

  1. Laundry.
  2. Spring cleaning
  3. Reorganizing the pots and pans (a mess, let me assure you!)
  4. Reorganizing the spices and pantry (I want it all in ONE spot)
  5. Purging the girl’s toys
  6. Purging the boy’s clothes
  7. Purging my clothes

No big deal.  It’s still there and it WILL get done.  However, the world will go on regardless, right?

See what other’s weeks looked like @ Conversion Diary’s Friday Quick Takes with Jen Fulwiler!

Have a blessed weekend!

4 thoughts on “All in favor of a two-day work week, say “Aye!”

  1. djmillerwriter

    I’m with you on the whole 2 day work week! Gosh I have to work today and tomorrow. I swear those people are trying to suck the life out of me.

    As for the whole house cleaning. I don’t even worry about my house I have four kids and I’m pretty confident that their purpose in life is to destroy cleaned areas.

    Love your post. Can’t wait to read more.





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