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Friday Quickie x 7

Get your mind out of the gutter would you?  I’m just linking up to Jennifer Fulwiler and her amazing round-up of people sharing their top 7 thoughts/ideas/highlights of the week and since I’ve got time this week, I’ll share again.

  1. Home for the 4th day in a row status post tonsillectomy.  Oh, but it’s summer.  And there are children home.  All.  Day.  Long.  Not really, but sort of.  Enough that I wouldn’t call it a week of “quiet time”.  Not so much time to really get a lot “done”.  And yet…..it’s better than being at work!  So I’ll zip it.

    Sometimes you fall asleep with popsicle in hand after surgery

    Sometimes you fall asleep with popsicle in hand after surgery

  2. I did get a few things done this week.  My desk area is cleared off, bills are paid, laundry is done, sheets are changed and dinners have been cooked AND eaten prior to 7 p.m. more than a few times this week.
  3. The girls and I took my new-to-me sewing machine to my grandmother’s for a refresher lesson (it’s been at least 12 years since I last set that bobbin and thread and needle).  The girls enjoyed a ride in the neighbor’s golf car/cart thing and my grandmother and I figured that baby out.  It is now getting a good maintenance and I am armed, ARMED, I tell you with knowledge.  Pillows and curtains certain to be forthcoming….

    My grandmother is the BEST!  A true blessing in our family.

    My grandmother is the BEST! A true blessing in our family.

  4. My camera is back.  I haven’t used it yet.  I HAVE found some useful websites to explore and experiment with.  And I still have 2 days left of this medi-cation….(haha, I crack myself up!)grid
  5. Paid Sonic a visit.  Milkshakes and a sore tonsil area?  Yes, please.  ‘Twas a hot one and tasty they were.  On a sad note, I now have confirmation that milk is no longer my friend.  <sigh> at least  my hips will be thankful.IMG_4711
  6. Finished Hubby’s Father’s Day project, cards bought AND mailed and plans to visit with my step-dad and siblings on Sunday are cemented.  Days ahead of time.  Do you SEE how much my job gets in my way of getting stuff done????
  7. Made it to Daily Mass on Thursday at the church we first attended when we moved here.  It’s a Basilica now and it is just a stunning church.  My crappy iPhone pics do not do it justice, but I will try to doctor them up and present them in a separate post….it’s worthy.  Here’s a little sneaky peak ‘tho.

**as a bonus, I’ve talked to my BFF every day this week, had a text fest daily with several people without the threat of being fired and I’ve caught up with a few other friends by PHONE this week.  It’s a big week to connect, folks!  Big week!

While I choose my next book, y’all go visit Jen et al!



5 Favorites because it’s WEDNESDAY!

Yesterday our youngest had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  This sweet little, strong-willed girl has had strep so frequently over the last few years she could diagnose it before they swabbed her and so, it finally came to getting those no-longer-doing-their-job suckers OUT.  This also resulted in Mama taking off work to be with our little patient for week 1 of recovery (with Papa taking week 2 shift).  With some extra “time” on my hands I’m joining in with Hallie and the “girl posse” (coined by Cari) and this week’s



  1. Since it’s been quite some time since I’ve been home during the week, yesterday I enjoyed my most favorite of favorites:  The Nap.  Yes.  On the couch.  In the middle of the day.  Apparently snoring.  Whatever.  Getting up at 5, waking the girl up so we could leave at 6, to be at the hospital at 6:30 for her 8:30 surgery, waiting on the doctor, boohooing on Hubby, being with her in PACU, bringing her home….Emotionally and physically done.  Mama.  Needed.  A.  Nap.
  2. My iPhone.  Seriously kept me busy all morning during surgery.  When I couldn’t focus on Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious by Pat Gohn any longer…..I checked Facebook, Twitter, Insta.  Quick little taps.  Brief little interludes.  Then tears when I clicked on Ann Voskamp’s post yesterday.  **note to self, don’t read Ann’s heart benders when I am already raw.  Once again, I could totally and utterly relate.  Parenting=Tough heart work.
  3. Next up.  I’m a freak, I know it.  Getting chores done mid-week.  Laundry is done.  Sheets are changed.  Floors vacuumed.  Eggs boiled.  Chicken soup going on soon.  Accomplishments without the stress of doing it all after working all day!!  #winning
  4. Reading.  Which I’ve already mentioned a bit.  I am finishing Pat’s book and gathering my thoughts to share with her for her podcast.  If you’ve read her book, join in HERE.  Also catching up on my Joy Dare notebook, the Catechism and starting a new book since Anne put out her summer reading list!!
  5. Photos.  I received my camera back from the shop and the baby is ready to go!  I’m brushing up on how to use different settings and get out of the Automatic mode and truly get my photos rockin’ and rollin’.  Of course, it’s only Wednesday…and tomorrow I am heading over to my grandmother’s to get a refresher on my new sewing machine.



Go visit the posse and see what other favorites are favorite this week, from Pringles to Play lists…it’s covered!!


Summertime and the living is easy….for those who have off that is!

My view from the track for the next few months…BUT….it’s guaranteed cardio, so there’s that!

‘Tis the last week of summer for us and I’m taking off Wed-Fri to chill and occupy the children.  Except that I panicked at the thought of the next 4 months being utterly sucked up by soccer and cheer practice/games and any opportunity of any travel outside of games is POOF, gone, so I decided to make an somewhat-impromptu visit to see my girlfriend in Atlanta.  Taking my girls, of course.  (the boys aren’t interested…they are too cool for that, besides her boys won’t be there…)

what bored soccer players do at cheer practice…

It will be a busy few days, because that’s how I roll….all busy and hectic and such…it’s black and white with me sometimes–ok mostly.  Balls to the wall busy or slug.

Anyway, possibly a day trip to Gainesville to see my pregnant friend before she enters the world of 4 kiddos, birthday skateboard shopping for our almost 15-year-old!  WHhAaTt?!??!?!  Meet the teachers.  Pick up middle schooler’s schedule/locker/etc.

But first….let me get my arse off the chair and get ready to GO VOTE!

Have a great day and hopefully will have some fun stuff for you at the end of the week!


Beach biking on a weekday

This week I took a few days off to keep the kids from killing each other busy before camp starts Monday.  The girls were invited to join in @ VBS (Vacation Bible School) at the Catholic church the next town over the same week; however, since my time off was already approved……I kept my days off.  In those three days, I enjoyed a quick trip to see friends, celebrated our youngest’s birthday and had a day to get my chores done leaving our weekend wide open for Father’s Day fun!  Finding myself with an hour to kill on Friday, I put the bike on the truck and headed to the beach for a ride.  It was great.  No crowds.  Lovely weather.  Quite the peaceful way to break a sweat!

My parking spot...a house smack in the middle of condo central!

My parking spot…a house smack in the middle of condo central!

Weekday "crowds"

Weekday “crowds”

Rentals ready for occupancy

Rentals ready for occupancy

Condos, condos, everywhere!

Condos, condos, everywhere!

Lush condo complete with manicured lawn ON THE OCEAN!

Lush condo complete with manicured lawn ON THE OCEAN!

Still waiting on repairs/renovations status post 2004 Triple Threat Hurricane Season

Still waiting on repairs/renovations status post 2004 Triple Threat Hurricane Season

These giant shoeboxes are actually in the process of renovations

These giant shoeboxes are actually in the process of renovations

Stretch of homes between the condos

Stretch of homes between the condos

Sweet crib yo'

Sweet crib yo’

Surf camp in session

I never get tired of this view!!

Lifeguard on duty

Lifeguard on duty

Can never get enough of this view!

Surf camp in session

Surf camp straggling back from their workout

Surf camp straggling back from their workout

Junior lifeguard camp in session....a sea of yellow and red across the sand

Junior lifeguard camp in session….a sea of yellow and red across the sand

This little couple gets their arm work done WITH their cardio

This little couple gets their arm work done WITH their cardio


Hydration!! Thirsty work in the sun….

Open road for most of my ride

Open road for most of my ride, and a lovely day for a ride it is!

God is good!  All the time.  We just need to make the most of each day and LIVE!

Psalm 188:24

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it!

All in favor of a two-day work week, say “Aye!”

Since taking three days off of work to spend time with the kids for their Spring Break, my “week” is two days at work and PHEW!, I’m ready for the weekend.

I forgot how HARD being a stay-at-home mom was.  It’s been awhile, forgive me, but OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!!   The chores.  The needs to be met.  Errands to be run.  Sheesh.  Fortunately for me, I decided early on Monday (about half way through errand running) that these days off would be about bon-bons and chillaxin’.  The rest would take care of itself somewhere along the week.  And this is what my week consisted of:

  1. Monday-Wednesday at 9 a.m.  attending our church’s Lenten mission to hear Father Richard Leonard speak on the history of the church and Mary, discernment and God’s will in our lives and forgiveness and faith.  Tremendously uplifting and Living Water for this thirsty soul, right when I needed it.  Very cool how “GOD-planned” to offer this retreat on my EXACT days off.
  2. Monday, Tuesday, and today (Friday), hit the gym with my girlfriend and got our strength training on.  And abs.  And cardio.  You know it’s a good exercise week when you are still feeling it on Friday from Tuesday!
  3. I was able to have our girls’ BFFs over to play each day I was off.  The boys are older and do “their own deal”, but it was nice to be able to get them breakfast and lunch and run them around a bit as well.  Not to mention how great it felt to be able to help out some moms and provide a fun day for their girls.  Having “been there, done that”, it is always a happy feeling when you know your kids are having fun with their friends and not bored at home, coming up with new ways to irritate the you-know-what out of each other.
  4. Dinner was taken care of.  Monday:  chicken and rice for the fam and I went out with the girls to celebrate my girlfriend’s 12th annual 38th birthday!  Tuesday:  crock pot.  Wednesday:  leftovers.  See?  Dinner was taken care of.
  5. We hit the beach.  Every day.  See previous posts from this week…..Sunscreen aplenty, boogie boards, beach toys, snacks and water.  Recharged!
  6. We tried out a scrumptious cupcake bakery in town.  (sorry, no link, no web-based orders, local only)  My youngest daughter and I had a hard time picking out a dozen minis to share with everyone.  Though the price was quite affordable, the calories are simply not a luxury and we will be making a wide berth.  Except for special occasions.  Maybe.
  7. Book 3 of Hunger Games, “Mockingjay” is downloaded to my Kindle.  Which is charged.  I have to work today, however, my lunch hour and free time between football games this weekend will be consumed by Katniss, Gale and Peeta and wrapping up this depressing, yet fascinatingly addictive series.

Things that didn’t get taken care of this week:

  1. Laundry.
  2. Spring cleaning
  3. Reorganizing the pots and pans (a mess, let me assure you!)
  4. Reorganizing the spices and pantry (I want it all in ONE spot)
  5. Purging the girl’s toys
  6. Purging the boy’s clothes
  7. Purging my clothes

No big deal.  It’s still there and it WILL get done.  However, the world will go on regardless, right?

See what other’s weeks looked like @ Conversion Diary’s Friday Quick Takes with Jen Fulwiler!

Have a blessed weekend!