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5 Favorites because it’s WEDNESDAY!

Yesterday our youngest had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  This sweet little, strong-willed girl has had strep so frequently over the last few years she could diagnose it before they swabbed her and so, it finally came to getting those no-longer-doing-their-job suckers OUT.  This also resulted in Mama taking off work to be with our little patient for week 1 of recovery (with Papa taking week 2 shift).  With some extra “time” on my hands I’m joining in with Hallie and the “girl posse” (coined by Cari) and this week’s



  1. Since it’s been quite some time since I’ve been home during the week, yesterday I enjoyed my most favorite of favorites:  The Nap.  Yes.  On the couch.  In the middle of the day.  Apparently snoring.  Whatever.  Getting up at 5, waking the girl up so we could leave at 6, to be at the hospital at 6:30 for her 8:30 surgery, waiting on the doctor, boohooing on Hubby, being with her in PACU, bringing her home….Emotionally and physically done.  Mama.  Needed.  A.  Nap.
  2. My iPhone.  Seriously kept me busy all morning during surgery.  When I couldn’t focus on Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious by Pat Gohn any longer…..I checked Facebook, Twitter, Insta.  Quick little taps.  Brief little interludes.  Then tears when I clicked on Ann Voskamp’s post yesterday.  **note to self, don’t read Ann’s heart benders when I am already raw.  Once again, I could totally and utterly relate.  Parenting=Tough heart work.
  3. Next up.  I’m a freak, I know it.  Getting chores done mid-week.  Laundry is done.  Sheets are changed.  Floors vacuumed.  Eggs boiled.  Chicken soup going on soon.  Accomplishments without the stress of doing it all after working all day!!  #winning
  4. Reading.  Which I’ve already mentioned a bit.  I am finishing Pat’s book and gathering my thoughts to share with her for her podcast.  If you’ve read her book, join in HERE.  Also catching up on my Joy Dare notebook, the Catechism and starting a new book since Anne put out her summer reading list!!
  5. Photos.  I received my camera back from the shop and the baby is ready to go!  I’m brushing up on how to use different settings and get out of the Automatic mode and truly get my photos rockin’ and rollin’.  Of course, it’s only Wednesday…and tomorrow I am heading over to my grandmother’s to get a refresher on my new sewing machine.



Go visit the posse and see what other favorites are favorite this week, from Pringles to Play lists…it’s covered!!


Saturday, snooze, snacks and shopping…

As of right now, we have 15 days of summer left (for those people in this who don’t hold full-time jobs), so that means since it was raining AND tax-free weekend we attacked the bulk of the school shopping on Saturday.  Somehow, I managed to guilt Hubby into coming (who would rather you play Beethoven’s 5th on a chalkboard with your nails than to go shopping).  Sadly, I didn’t really think about the lethal combination of Tax-free shopping+rainy Saturday+Son#2 who shares Daddo’s extreme dislike for all things shopping…..anyone have a lighter and an aerosol can???  I’ll spare you the details, but trust me on this….That.  Combination.  Will.  NOT.  Happen.  Again.  Ever.  The good news is, we are all aware of this now and on the same page.  The other good news is that after 2 thrift stores and Old Navy we completed the bulk of the shopping.  The OTHER good news is that over a dinner of pizza and Wings (I worked OT remember????) all was well.  

We (meaning the cat) also took advantage of the rainy day and snoozed….



We (meaning ME) also made some snacks….Lemon Puppy Chow via A Sweeter Thing….Oh.  My.  YUM!  I had no lemons (apparently someone ate them….) so I used lemon extract…it worked…



And to sum up the day with the BEST.  PURCHASE.  EVER.  Really.  If you knew this kid, you’d understand how perfect this shirt is for him…maybe you have one of your own….


OK, that’s all for now…but fear not…it was a busy weekend and there’s some seriousness on bullying, some manic cooking and bedazzling that occurred…I also uploaded Evernote and Skitch…to help me be more productive…kind of an oxymoron since they are sure to take plenty of my time to master!!  Either way, stay tuned!  Now I have to get in bed…Boot camp is calling me (my last week of early a.m. craziness, we’ll just move it to the cheer fields @ night!).