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Saturday, snooze, snacks and shopping…

As of right now, we have 15 days of summer left (for those people in this who don’t hold full-time jobs), so that means since it was raining AND tax-free weekend we attacked the bulk of the school shopping on Saturday.  Somehow, I managed to guilt Hubby into coming (who would rather you play Beethoven’s 5th on a chalkboard with your nails than to go shopping).  Sadly, I didn’t really think about the lethal combination of Tax-free shopping+rainy Saturday+Son#2 who shares Daddo’s extreme dislike for all things shopping…..anyone have a lighter and an aerosol can???  I’ll spare you the details, but trust me on this….That.  Combination.  Will.  NOT.  Happen.  Again.  Ever.  The good news is, we are all aware of this now and on the same page.  The other good news is that after 2 thrift stores and Old Navy we completed the bulk of the shopping.  The OTHER good news is that over a dinner of pizza and Wings (I worked OT remember????) all was well.  

We (meaning the cat) also took advantage of the rainy day and snoozed….



We (meaning ME) also made some snacks….Lemon Puppy Chow via A Sweeter Thing….Oh.  My.  YUM!  I had no lemons (apparently someone ate them….) so I used lemon extract…it worked…



And to sum up the day with the BEST.  PURCHASE.  EVER.  Really.  If you knew this kid, you’d understand how perfect this shirt is for him…maybe you have one of your own….


OK, that’s all for now…but fear not…it was a busy weekend and there’s some seriousness on bullying, some manic cooking and bedazzling that occurred…I also uploaded Evernote and Skitch…to help me be more productive…kind of an oxymoron since they are sure to take plenty of my time to master!!  Either way, stay tuned!  Now I have to get in bed…Boot camp is calling me (my last week of early a.m. craziness, we’ll just move it to the cheer fields @ night!).  


Friday: caffeine, cooties and chicken edition

All I can say is T.G.I.F.!!!!!!  It’s been a full and exhausting week and I pray, Pray, PRAY we have zilcho going on this weekend—-even though I know it’s doubtful….I’m still going to pray for it!  Read about Sunburned Jen who also enjoys her coffee (especially when it’s free!) and her other friends/groupies/bloggies and their week HERE!!

  • The Olympics.  Holy.  Cow!  I am loving it.  Every bit.  Diving, swimming and gymnastics take up most of our viewing time due to our TV window in the evening, but a little beach volleyball, rowing, biking have snuck in and I’m really looking forward to track and field.  Anyone else  completely in awe and inspired by all this athletic talent?!?!?!?  The only down side is that with such a time difference here in the States, many of the results are spoiled before we can see the contest AND I’m up WAAAAAAAAY too late and am taking in seriously increased amounts of caffeine to make up for it.  I’ll suck it up.  It’s worth it.
  • The Chicken.  Holy.  Non-cow.  I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken biscuit for breakfast the other day, but I REALLY enjoyed all the pics and news coverage of people all over the country waiting in MASSIVE lines supporting Chik-fil-A, traditional values (crazy, right?), and freedom to speak DIFFERENTLY.  Political correct-ness, be damned.
  • Strep.  Round 2.  What the FUDGE!??!?!  Our youngest is going to have her tonsils yanked (by me!!!) if this keeps up.  OY!  And then dear ole dad/Hubby succumbed to the cooties for a double dose of fun.  Let’s just say the week started off quite bumpy and grumpy but THANKFULLY is smoothing out.  Phew!
  • Adoration.  For a dear friend’s daughter.  There is simply NO better way to spend a lunch hour…although with the drive to and fro it’s a more like 30 minutes, but….I’ll take it!!!
  • Boot Camp.  I make it back.  One day anyway.  (planned on this morning, but last night’s Olympic-viewing killed me for this morning…apparently I didn’t hear the alarm)  I did get some walking in the evening though this week during soccer and cheer practices.  So there’s that.
  • Cloning.  Can we reconsider this?  I’d like a clone of me.  To send to work.  Then I could shuttle kids to and fro to practices/games and work on dinner….OR.  OR.  OR.  I could learn to LET GO and share tasks with my Hubby, my helpmate, my love.  (but it’s so haaaaaaaaaard to not do it all, I say!!!)  Either way, something’s gonna give since with soccer and cheer our fall will be full…right up to January.  I do believe I will begin a love affair with my crock pot, otherwise our family will surely starve to death these next 4 months!
  • Back-to-school will be what kills my weekend.  We start the 20th (yes, 17 days away) and this weekend is “tax-free days” and with 4 kiddos to supply we’ll take every percentage we can get.    I’ll need some beach time to recoup from it for sure!

How’s YOUR week been?  What’s YOUR weekend shaping up to be?  How’s YOUR Olympic experience going??  Check out Jen and the throngs @ Conversion Diary and see what’s going on around the world!   If you haven’t already seen this, I’ll leave you with this tasty idea in caffeine enjoyment! Blessings and Happy Friday!!

What?!?! A cookie coffee cup! Yum!