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When your stats flatline

August 31st, people. August 31.  Summer is over.  We shall be soaking it up here at Casa E with my sister and fam this weekend, hopefully in the pool and beach (assuming the weather is going to cooperate) and sleeping in and NOT.  GOING.  TO.  WORK.  ON.  MONDAY.  (Thank you Congress, class of 1894! and President Grover Cleveland!)

It’s also a short break after 2 whole weeks in school.  Whew.  Exhausting.  After Monday, those who haven’t started school will join in the fun.  So far so decent in our house, but I haven’t hit my new routine yet.  And….by the look of my stats, my blogging has taken a hit.  It happens when you don’t blog.  I’m still looking for the elusive extra hours in the day and until I find them, I’ll be flatlining over here.

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 7.04.24 AM

That BIG spike is my road-trip-friends post. I should write about my friends more!!!

I’d like to join in with JEN and Co. with 7 Quick Takes, but it’s just not going to happen this week.  Until I get it together this will suffice.  Now…..today I have a football game to get to, maybe I’ll get another post or two ahead this long weekend, see how it goes!  Wish me luck and happy looooooong weekend to you!!!

7 super quickety quick takes

Joining Jen and gangster bloggers for the 7QTS this week!!  Woop Woop!

And so in my usual bon-bon fashion….I am leaving myself with 6 whopping minutes to post this before I need to get ready for work.  Fortunately, I’ve showered, eaten and my lunch is mostly ready.  Ready set GO:

1.  This week I flipped back to old school style planner.  Paper.  Pens.  Pencils.  Still love my iPhone calendar, but I’m a tactile person and I need paper.  My anxiety is decreasing already….this will do until I find something super purty…feel free to leave your suggestions in the combox!


2.  This past weekend (Sunday) counts as the week start correct?  We did a huge ole bed swap…our bunk beds to the neighbors (below right) and my girlfriend’s daughters trundle to our girls (below left) and my girlfriend’s daughter moved a futon into her room for hang/sleep/teen stuff (not posted)….can you say WINX3?!?!?PicMonkey Collage

3.  Back to school is right around the corner…..Our sophomore had orientation and our 6th grader as well.  2 down and 2 to go.  Sweet structure is almost here.  orient4.  I’ve been walking all week while our youngest has cheer practice for about 45 minutes each night (in addition to my morning classes) and am down 3 pounds.  BooYA.  Meh, the weekend is coming, all subject to change!

5.  I’m taking one last road trip before school starts with my girls.  We leave in the a.m. for a fun and packed weekend of friend visiting….hence the 3 pounds are subject to change.  You feel me?

6.  Oh no…..3 minutes over my time.

7.  Have a great weekend!!!

Back to school. Halt! Not yet!!


Back to school is coming quickly.  For the kids it means earlier bed times, earlier wake times, scheduled days, band practice, cheer practice, homework.

But….we have 3 more weeks.  In that time we’ll* finish school shopping, stay up late, sleep in, enjoy the lazy days, soak up the sun and fun of summer.  So go eat ice cream, play in the sprinkler, and take naps.  Summer is still on.

*we refers to the kids.  Madre and Padre have no summer and yet….it’s still lazy and awesome!


Yes, that is a baby shark in my baby’s hands. *2 summers ago, I just moved all my photos onto external hard drive


Sand castles never really get old….*also 2 years ago


This view never gets old either!

Lessons learned…wisdom earned? Time will tell….

Friday, Friday and the kids have no school and yet…..yes, that’s right…..Mama and Papa have work.  Stinkers.  Whatev….Either way, I am wrapping up my week with a few lessons (in Quick Take, Conversion Diary form)  learned from this week.

Lesson 1.  Home with the youngest on Monday and I learned that I could do without HALF of my closet.  I mean really, how MANY pair of khaki capris and shorts does one need?  Between donating 5 bags (Publix size, not garbage!) to our church’s thrift store and then reorganizing by color, I feel refreshed, uncluttered and actually inspired to be a little more “fashionable”.  I’ll do it again once it’s cool enough to bring the winter-ish clothes down.  True fact.

Nice right? OK, not my closet, but you can find some great organizing ideas AND this picture HERE!

Lesson 2.  There is a need to revamp my social media.  Apparently.  Now I know why people are always face down in their phones.  They are updating tweets, RTs, MTs, statuses, blog reading, photo sharing, liking, commenting.  You HAVE to be face down 24/7 to keep up. Farm out the laundry, dinner, kid care, schooling, house chores, work for $$ job, because you cain’t do none of that if you’re doing the other. Serious. As for me,  I joined Twitter to be more abreast on the world.  Facebook to KIT with fam and friends.  Pinterest…..ah, I’m not sure on that one but I’ve gotten lost on there a few times and have really added to Hubby’s “to-do” list.  Instagram b/c I love photos, taking and looking.  However, the sad fact is that I don’t get paid to be social 24/7, so I am going to just chill.  Check in when necessary, disregard the numbers and try to relax on the house projects.  ‘Cuz it’s crazy yo!!!    True fact.

Image cred and social media organizing tips HERE

Lesson 3.  Walking near dusk with a gator in the lake, the podcast must be turned down, eyes must be watchful, legs must be ready to run and camera must be ready to shoot.  Sadly I missed the basketball versus gator wrestling match, I heard it was a doozy.  True fact.

Image cred…ME..on Instagram 🙂

Lesson 4.  If perhaps you are with a middle schooler for after school pick up and you see a fight going on with the amoeba crowd closing in and would by chance, I don’t know, lay on the horn like a crazy lady a few things would happen:  a) the amoeba crowd would scatter like ants and, b) the middle schooler in your vehicle would become like melted butter and sink to the floor of the vehicle.  Then, if you were to call the Rec center to report the fight and the coppers came and some kids almost got arrested, YOUR middle schooler would be the scapegoat the next day.  However, if you use The Jedi Mind Trick and remind him that cell phones are pretty popular and ANYONE could have called as well as blaming the honking on a mother– reminding him to remind his friends that their parents are embarrassing sometimes, too….suddenly the scapegoat is freed and the mob are again little kittens eating out of his hands.  And he wouldn’t be mad at his mother anymore either.  Hypothetically true fact.  Of course.

Lesson 5.  If you call your friend to chat and her 2 toddlers answer taking turns regaling you of tales of nausea and vomiting  and “Mama in the shower”…she probably isn’t going to get that message.  True fact.

Lesson 6.  If one is tempted off their healthy eating focus by a son’s birthday it most definitely is a force to be reckoned with to get back on track.  4 1/2 days later I think I broke the spell with a 40 minute power walk, abs and arms workout followed by a healthy dinner!  The fact is, “we can start our day over at any time….even if it’s 5:30 p.m.”  True fact.

Lesson 7.  Open house at the girls elementary school was eye-opening as our district introduces “standard based grading” and implementing all steps at the same time.  And…..it’s not fully ready yet.  All I can say is, holy crap.  These teachers are getting the shaft.  The tediousness in grading in this manner is ridic beyond words.  Not to mention I am going to need a ruler, reading glasses and a freakin’ LEGEND to interpret the grades when this thing is finally up and running.  I am seriously drafting a letter (sans text lingo and cussing) to the school board, because apparently someone with way too much alphabet soup behind their name decided a nice complicated system would make them look like they are earning their grotesque salaries!  Well, guess what…I have alphabet soup, too….(BS)(RT)(R)(CT).  This  IS putting a teacher’s day far beyond the 8 hours required for their job and I honestly believe… 3 months off for summer isn’t enough.  True fact.

That’s all folks.   Hope you learned a thing or two from my own experiences.  Have a great weekend!  Be sure to check in with the MANY awesome peeps @Conversion Diary with Jen (Reality star).  There’s a bunch so a beverage and snack come in handy when reading through…it’s a great Saturday morning distraction for me 🙂

Friday Frenzy….

It’s the end of the week AAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD the end of the month, how in the???  what???  ugh.  You know when you’re growing up and all the old people your parents tell you, “The older you get the quicker time goes by”; I hate that they were right.  Therefore, as we roll out of August and into September (and subsequently get ready to celebrate our SECOND teenager) you can join me AND Jen and all her groupies/bloggies as THEY wrap up THEIR  week, too!

  1. I am having a little bit (just a touch) of CNMC 2012 envy.  It’s the Catholic New Media Conference and I think it would be a completely phenomenal way to spend a few days meeting a lot of these people I follow through blogs and podcasts, books and the National Catholic Register.  I’m sure I’d be a complete geek, stalker.  It would be fun though.  I imagine it to be a  huge pep rally going into the “Year of Faith” and New Evangelizer focus in the Catholic church.  I’ll have to put it on my bucket list.  Ah, but then I’d have to start a bucket list…  
  2. Partly because of the CNMC and Hurricane Isaac (in case you don’t know, it was a huge storm that took the same path as Hurricane Katrina did 7 years ago TO.  THE.  DAY.  right into Louisiana, Mississippi and some of Alabama) I joined Twitter.  Mainly just to get the updates.  I can’t change anything, but I need to be informed and my news input through the day is just sporadic between patients.  So.

    A pic from our Louisiana friends. Thankfully, they evacuated and are safe!

  3. In regards to Twitter , I don’t REALLY get it.  I think I may have just sucked myself into yet another social vortex.  You can follow me.  So far, I’ve got nothing to say (on Twitter), I’m standing there with my mouth wide open….I want to put the tweets into folders or something…can’t you organize it better?  Ah, for now I’ll just check in and scroll…..and scroll…..and scroll.
  4. Week 2 of school and I think we are getting into the swing here.  Some tasty meals (and quick…..I’ll add 2 new recipes in my recipe section if interested!), some extra graces for pushed back bedtime on sports nights and kids getting into their homework groove.  The key has been communication.  If we can keep this up……we’re golden.  I usually peter out about 2 weeks in and fall back into my ways, hopefully Hubby can keep me on track!
  5. And lunches….making them the night before a HUGE time saver.  HUGE I say.
  6. Workouts…ehhhhhhh, not quite on track this week, the rain has been killing us in the evenings (excuse 1) and I haven’t been going to the gym @ lunch b/c I am counting on walking in the evening and sooo……you can see the pattern.  I have seen what needs to be changed, I’ll take care of that next week!
  7. Resume is updated.  CPR is updated.  Professionally, I’m feeling pretty organized, let’s see if it brings me any luck…..I’m feeling God has something in mind for me and to say I’m stepping out and going blind is pretty fair.  I’m just putting it out there and we will see what happens.

The high schooler is stirring and thus begins the Friday Frenzy……I AM the EARLY girl today!  C ya, peeps!  Have a great weekend and be sure to blog….I’ll have lots of time @ the football fields between games and such!!