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5 Faves of this week

What?  Two posts in two days?  Don’t get used to it, people.  The cheer schedule changed a bit and by some strange twist of fate I have my laptop all to myself, so Imma gonna go with it!

Linking it up with Hallie @ Moxie Wife via Grace @ Camp Patton.  Confused?  Don’t be.  It’s all good.  Link to either and you get lots of goodies!

Here’s mine:

1.  My Pinterest food boards coming through for dessert for work luncheon tomorrow.   We chose these, my awesome 11 yo made them and we all had a little bitty taste test.  You know.  Just to be sure and all.  We were out of sprinkles (travesty) but it didn’t seem to hurt these dense and super sweet little babies.

original post from HERE

original post from HERE

2.  Evernote and recipes.  Totally saved dinner tonight.  Or created dinner tonight.  Either way you look at it.  Awesome!!

fresh off my phone, yo!

fresh off my phone, yo!

3. More foodish items.  Do you like chai tea?  I do.  My friend told me about this new Tazo flavor and I had a cup this evening for a little pick me up to make it through the evening.  Yum.  Like a spicy chocolate milk.  It’s still 90 degrees here, so I drank mine on iced almond milk…you can make it hot if you prefer.

yes, please!

yes, please!

4.  This dude.  Ah, that we were all so completely confident to sleep so completely and blissfully aware of the mulch hanging from our rear ends.


5.  This dude.  So completely confident in himself that he wore his sister’s headband in his hair like this ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  to school.  Then he was inspired by this the ‘do to seek a new cut….scheduled for Saturday.  Love him and his manly poser poses.


Now go on and check out all the other fun faves for the week!



Time flies

School is back in and HOLEEEEE. CRAP.  Summer done washed away my memories of how freakin’ busy the fall is.  Lord, have mercy.

We are starting to hit our rhythm now that we are done with Labor Day’s brief respite and it’s starting to come back to me.  Plan.  Plan.  Planplanplanplanplan.  Ahead.  The planner aheader gets the easier night.   Truth.  Young mamas, take note.

Last night I had the amazing GRACE of our 16 yo son calling me at work to see what he could do to help with dinner.  Be still my heart.  The boy got those meatballs simmering and then whipped up the awesomely hugemongous spinach salad to go with the Angel hair past and meatballs.  WinNING!!!  He also chauffeured me to me grandmother’s to pick up some family tree papers to add to our 11 yo’s family tree project .  A sweet treat.

Then taking our almost 14 yo to his French horn practice we had a raucous discussion on men’s hairdos (the  boy is FINALLY going short–fingers crossed and double crossed, I think the Bieber look is on the way out!!) and somehow we were rolling on a drag queen discussion–don’t even ask–and Mama made a huge funny because that kid was almost hyperventilating he was laughing so much.  Mark another “W” in the column.  A banner evening.  Topped off only by waiting for the horn prodigy for a mere 30 minutes in which I was able to read, get caught up on some emails and do a chapter in my study with my awesome friend.

Tonight I got a great walk in while our youngest was at cheer practice and came home to chicken and dumplings in the crock pot which EVERYONE loved….seriously, do you know how hard it is to find a meal that they ALL love???!!!!?  Insanity.  Hubs and the 16 yo enjoyed watching the World Cup Qualifying Final with the US and Mexico, I kicked the 13 yo off the computer and made time to blog.

I should stop while I’m ahead.  It’s only Tuesday.

Dang, that first week of school is HARD!!


Happy earlier bed times…I mean 2013-2014 school year!!

One week under our belts here.  Please don’t take this as boasting….please.  Just don’t.  But…..it went pretty well.  I even experimented with doing my MWF (scratch Monday to just Wed/Fri this past week) in the a.m. and had Hubby wake the kiddos so that our 5th grader is ready (almost) for me to take her to school when I get finished at 7.  So far, so good.  (The high schooler is long gone at that point and the middle schoolers still have an hour-ish before they leave).  We also had cheer practice on Tuesday and Thursday.  Lawn mowings at the end of the week.  Of course, no real homework to speak of until Friday, overall, I simply can NOT complain.  Disgusting, right?  Hopeful, yes??  Yes.  I vote yes.

Scenes from a cheer practice.  Girls under cover, mama in the car.

Scenes from a cheer practice. Girls under cover, mama in the car.

And so why in the he-double hockey sticks were the Hubs and I flat exhausted this week?   Flat. Out.  Exhausted.  Hopefully we will get a second wind and adjust to our schedules and school life–which as history shows, we will.  Until then, I will sing the praises of the iced coffee and the franchise of the Donut that is Dunkin’.

ye olde afternoon pick-me-up

ye olde afternoon pick-me-up**

**of course, adjusting bedtimes, dinner routines and getting back on the healthier eating choices will help, too.  DD is just so tasty and convenient, though!

Because we can't be having THIS scene every night, those kids DO like dinner.

Because we can’t be having THIS scene every night, those kids DO like dinner.

7 super quickety quick takes

Joining Jen and gangster bloggers for the 7QTS this week!!  Woop Woop!

And so in my usual bon-bon fashion….I am leaving myself with 6 whopping minutes to post this before I need to get ready for work.  Fortunately, I’ve showered, eaten and my lunch is mostly ready.  Ready set GO:

1.  This week I flipped back to old school style planner.  Paper.  Pens.  Pencils.  Still love my iPhone calendar, but I’m a tactile person and I need paper.  My anxiety is decreasing already….this will do until I find something super purty…feel free to leave your suggestions in the combox!


2.  This past weekend (Sunday) counts as the week start correct?  We did a huge ole bed swap…our bunk beds to the neighbors (below right) and my girlfriend’s daughters trundle to our girls (below left) and my girlfriend’s daughter moved a futon into her room for hang/sleep/teen stuff (not posted)….can you say WINX3?!?!?PicMonkey Collage

3.  Back to school is right around the corner…..Our sophomore had orientation and our 6th grader as well.  2 down and 2 to go.  Sweet structure is almost here.  orient4.  I’ve been walking all week while our youngest has cheer practice for about 45 minutes each night (in addition to my morning classes) and am down 3 pounds.  BooYA.  Meh, the weekend is coming, all subject to change!

5.  I’m taking one last road trip before school starts with my girls.  We leave in the a.m. for a fun and packed weekend of friend visiting….hence the 3 pounds are subject to change.  You feel me?

6.  Oh no…..3 minutes over my time.

7.  Have a great weekend!!!

Bloglovin’….I’m lovin’…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

In joining in with Jen et al. this week for the 7QTs, I found in my reading the highly recommended Bloglovin’ reader.  Apparently, the Google reader just croaked or got axed or something and this was a good great substitute.  MY reader consisted of my bookmark manager (HIGHLY inefficient) and my WordPress reader (sufficient for WP blogs).  So on a fabulously breezy Sunday evening while at the park with the girls I managed to move my fave blogs to Bloglovin’; I also managed to finish a directed reading on Fungus for my CEUs at the same time (super thrilled, right?).  Gotta love the free WiFi at the park.


Love the name or hate it, it’s pretty useful.  MOST of the blogs I follow are found on the reader (even mine…) making it super-dee-duperty convenient AND there’s an App for the ole smarty pants phone, too.

It is Spring Break here, I have no children to shake out of bed this morning (they can sleep in all week-long…) and I am up early, so I shall go read some blogs.  or work on my CEUs.  or get some exercise.  I’ve got 2 hours to kill before I have to be at work.  I love Spring Break.  The BEST thing though?  I’m OFF Thursday and Friday.  How about that?  It’s looking like we may actually be able to participate in Triduum services without the constraints of work/school/bedtimes getting in the way!!