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In joining in with Jen et al. this week for the 7QTs, I found in my reading the highly recommended Bloglovin’ reader.  Apparently, the Google reader just croaked or got axed or something and this was a good great substitute.  MY reader consisted of my bookmark manager (HIGHLY inefficient) and my WordPress reader (sufficient for WP blogs).  So on a fabulously breezy Sunday evening while at the park with the girls I managed to move my fave blogs to Bloglovin’; I also managed to finish a directed reading on Fungus for my CEUs at the same time (super thrilled, right?).  Gotta love the free WiFi at the park.


Love the name or hate it, it’s pretty useful.  MOST of the blogs I follow are found on the reader (even mine…) making it super-dee-duperty convenient AND there’s an App for the ole smarty pants phone, too.

It is Spring Break here, I have no children to shake out of bed this morning (they can sleep in all week-long…) and I am up early, so I shall go read some blogs.  or work on my CEUs.  or get some exercise.  I’ve got 2 hours to kill before I have to be at work.  I love Spring Break.  The BEST thing though?  I’m OFF Thursday and Friday.  How about that?  It’s looking like we may actually be able to participate in Triduum services without the constraints of work/school/bedtimes getting in the way!!

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