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Friday Quickie x 7

Get your mind out of the gutter would you?  I’m just linking up to Jennifer Fulwiler and her amazing round-up of people sharing their top 7 thoughts/ideas/highlights of the week and since I’ve got time this week, I’ll share again.

  1. Home for the 4th day in a row status post tonsillectomy.  Oh, but it’s summer.  And there are children home.  All.  Day.  Long.  Not really, but sort of.  Enough that I wouldn’t call it a week of “quiet time”.  Not so much time to really get a lot “done”.  And yet…..it’s better than being at work!  So I’ll zip it.

    Sometimes you fall asleep with popsicle in hand after surgery

    Sometimes you fall asleep with popsicle in hand after surgery

  2. I did get a few things done this week.  My desk area is cleared off, bills are paid, laundry is done, sheets are changed and dinners have been cooked AND eaten prior to 7 p.m. more than a few times this week.
  3. The girls and I took my new-to-me sewing machine to my grandmother’s for a refresher lesson (it’s been at least 12 years since I last set that bobbin and thread and needle).  The girls enjoyed a ride in the neighbor’s golf car/cart thing and my grandmother and I figured that baby out.  It is now getting a good maintenance and I am armed, ARMED, I tell you with knowledge.  Pillows and curtains certain to be forthcoming….

    My grandmother is the BEST!  A true blessing in our family.

    My grandmother is the BEST! A true blessing in our family.

  4. My camera is back.  I haven’t used it yet.  I HAVE found some useful websites to explore and experiment with.  And I still have 2 days left of this medi-cation….(haha, I crack myself up!)grid
  5. Paid Sonic a visit.  Milkshakes and a sore tonsil area?  Yes, please.  ‘Twas a hot one and tasty they were.  On a sad note, I now have confirmation that milk is no longer my friend.  <sigh> at least  my hips will be thankful.IMG_4711
  6. Finished Hubby’s Father’s Day project, cards bought AND mailed and plans to visit with my step-dad and siblings on Sunday are cemented.  Days ahead of time.  Do you SEE how much my job gets in my way of getting stuff done????
  7. Made it to Daily Mass on Thursday at the church we first attended when we moved here.  It’s a Basilica now and it is just a stunning church.  My crappy iPhone pics do not do it justice, but I will try to doctor them up and present them in a separate post….it’s worthy.  Here’s a little sneaky peak ‘tho.

**as a bonus, I’ve talked to my BFF every day this week, had a text fest daily with several people without the threat of being fired and I’ve caught up with a few other friends by PHONE this week.  It’s a big week to connect, folks!  Big week!

While I choose my next book, y’all go visit Jen et al!



5 Favorites because it’s WEDNESDAY!

Yesterday our youngest had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  This sweet little, strong-willed girl has had strep so frequently over the last few years she could diagnose it before they swabbed her and so, it finally came to getting those no-longer-doing-their-job suckers OUT.  This also resulted in Mama taking off work to be with our little patient for week 1 of recovery (with Papa taking week 2 shift).  With some extra “time” on my hands I’m joining in with Hallie and the “girl posse” (coined by Cari) and this week’s



  1. Since it’s been quite some time since I’ve been home during the week, yesterday I enjoyed my most favorite of favorites:  The Nap.  Yes.  On the couch.  In the middle of the day.  Apparently snoring.  Whatever.  Getting up at 5, waking the girl up so we could leave at 6, to be at the hospital at 6:30 for her 8:30 surgery, waiting on the doctor, boohooing on Hubby, being with her in PACU, bringing her home….Emotionally and physically done.  Mama.  Needed.  A.  Nap.
  2. My iPhone.  Seriously kept me busy all morning during surgery.  When I couldn’t focus on Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious by Pat Gohn any longer…..I checked Facebook, Twitter, Insta.  Quick little taps.  Brief little interludes.  Then tears when I clicked on Ann Voskamp’s post yesterday.  **note to self, don’t read Ann’s heart benders when I am already raw.  Once again, I could totally and utterly relate.  Parenting=Tough heart work.
  3. Next up.  I’m a freak, I know it.  Getting chores done mid-week.  Laundry is done.  Sheets are changed.  Floors vacuumed.  Eggs boiled.  Chicken soup going on soon.  Accomplishments without the stress of doing it all after working all day!!  #winning
  4. Reading.  Which I’ve already mentioned a bit.  I am finishing Pat’s book and gathering my thoughts to share with her for her podcast.  If you’ve read her book, join in HERE.  Also catching up on my Joy Dare notebook, the Catechism and starting a new book since Anne put out her summer reading list!!
  5. Photos.  I received my camera back from the shop and the baby is ready to go!  I’m brushing up on how to use different settings and get out of the Automatic mode and truly get my photos rockin’ and rollin’.  Of course, it’s only Wednesday…and tomorrow I am heading over to my grandmother’s to get a refresher on my new sewing machine.



Go visit the posse and see what other favorites are favorite this week, from Pringles to Play lists…it’s covered!!


Merry Christmas and all that comes with it!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus making a pre-run/last warning call on behavior...

Santa and Mrs. Claus making a pre-run/last warning call on behavior…

Wishing you a Merry and wonderful Christmas.  Winter white (Mid-ish West and Northeast) or rainy and dodging tornadoes (Southeast) or just lovely and balmy (our neck o’ the woods), may your day be lovely.

My Christmas present to you:

In your downtown and sugar induced coma I have some GREAT links to keep you busy and up your screen time….aaaaaaaafter you have sufficiently spent Quality time with the fam,K?  K.

First, you can check out all the Christmas decorations with Katie @ NFP and me.  I love checking out other people’s homes and decorations, super fun and done in my jammies.

Best PG view....with a "white" top it's just not really "general public" kind of viewing...ya know?

Best PG view….with a “white” top it’s just not really “general public” kind of viewing…ya know?

Second, you can check out all the Christmas fashion you can stand and then some with the lovely and very preggo (and ridiculously tiny) Grace @ Camp Patton, also done in the PJs if you’d like….

My 'fit....super similar to Sunday

My ‘fit….super similar to Sunday, ‘scuse the look…this was 1a.m….Mama’s done.

Except for the super awesome necklace my sis gave me last year....jelly??

Except for the super awesome necklace my sis gave me last year….jelly??

Orrrrrr, you can read MY recap…because it’s my blog, right?  😉

Christmas Eve:  Work until 3.  Quick “last minute stocking socks” and caffeine stop.  6 o’clock Mass with the family.

Making our way...like herding cats.

Making our way…like herding cats.

Then off to the brother’s casa to feed the grumbly in the tumbly….

Papa and the clown-boy

Papa and the clown-boy

Papa and almost as tall as him boy....

Papa and almost as tall as him boy….

Popop and his girls

Popop and his girls

Pensive and handsome in his new jacket...

Pensive and handsome in his new jacket…


Dinner @ brother’s with extended family.  Or is it dessert with a side of dinner?

My sugar jumps just looking at them again....is there such a thing as too much chocolate?  A question to ponder...

My sugar jumps just looking at them again….is there such a thing as too much chocolate? A question to ponder…

Back home to get kids set up for their annual “campout in brother’s room” and a movie and Christmas Eve present (new pillows and 3 new Christmas movies….I was told they had enough PJs….the usual gift!) and then back for Midnight Mass with our French horn player.

Midnight Mass roundup

Midnight Mass roundup

Stockings filled, Presents out. Bed @ 2 a.m.

Pretty....for a few short hours

Pretty….for a few short hours

Girl loves this "hamster vest"...

Girl loves this “hamster vest”…


Christmas Day:  Up at 6:30 a.m. with LOTS of coffee and present time and cinnamon buns, visit from the grands and walk around the ‘hood.  Now it’s chill time and then on to the In-laws for lunch.  I am officially breaking up with food (again) after today and if the weather keeps up I’m thinking a bonus walk around the ‘hood. Or some more Dance4….because I just whooped my girl at Rock Lobster…Please….years o’ practice…Mama don’t play.   Or a nap.  BCuz I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING these cozy jams…

Can you feel the cozy awesomeNESS?!?!  Huh, can ya, can ya???

Can you feel the cozy awesomeNESS?!?! Huh, can ya, can ya???


Blessings abundant to you all!!  And be careful and don’t break your leg…like my Mom did last night.  Surgery today or tomorrow…keep those prayers comin’ ya’ll!!

The power of prayer: for Lauren

A few days ago I posted about my friend’s daughter, Lauren,  who would be having surgery to remove a benign, but troublesome, tumor from her head, as it is pressing on her brain.  Today is that day.  Lauren’s friend had set up a prayer chain so that she would be completely covered in prayer throughout the day.  I had the honor earlier this morning, although my prayers will continue throughout the day.  I have personally experienced the AWEsome power of prayer in my own life and difficult times and can attest to the fact that HE is a force to be reckoned with as Our Lord is inundated with intercessory prayers.  It is never too little or too late.  He is always there. Ready.  Waiting for us to seek Him.

I have no doubt Lauren, her husband, Chris, my dear friend and her husband and their two other daughters in community with all their friends and family will witness the amazing graces of God in response to the prayers of so many on behalf of one.  He can use ANYthing to His glory, even an ugly tumor in a tricky spot.

How “coincidental” that today’s Daily Readings are all about healing and the grace of God, the intercession of Christ and Faith in the One who has authored this story, who is the Healer, the Great Physician.

Psalm 46:8 The Lord of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob.

In your spare time today, won’t you lift up Lauren and her family?  Thanks, and may God Bless you.