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A few of my favorite things

Not that I don’t really want to work weekends forever—in fact, my next assignment I have weekends OFF!—but weekdays off have their merit! It’s a little like how I imagine retirement to be-HAHA, but truly, it hasn’t been terrible and here are a few things I’ve enjoyed as a result of this weekend assignment:

5. Target is EMPTY. Cashiers wait at the end of their row to beckon you over to check out—like Publix, but it is TARGET! It is glorious, I tell you! Aldi is another story—-quite busy, but it’s Aldi. You can get in and out pretty easy regardless of the people. Almost makes grocery shopping fun! almost…..

4. Crossing the main street on my walks is easy–peasy! Very little traffic on the main road during the day, makes for a peaceful walk! Also, very few people walking/running/biking so I don’t have to share the sidewalk very often. Petty, I know. Just being honest here.

3. I have the beach to myself—-ok, who am I kidding? We are a tourist destination, so it’s never REALLY to myself and our “spot” is pretty quiet even on the weekends, but getting on the beach and driving to my destination with sparse traffic, makes my favorite place even better!

2. Daytime with my hubby. We get to enjoy quick walks during the day. Intermittent conversation and just being near each other with no hustle and bustle. Going through the day together. Work, lunch, dinner prep, exercise. It’s very peaceful hanging out all day. I didn’t expect that, honestly. I thought he’d be very focused on work (he is laser focused, type A), but we actually have many moments during the day to chat, grab a hug, walk, make plans, etc. In person. Not via text or phone. In person. That’s the best part. This also bodes well for our empty-nest adventure!!

1. Daily Mass. Since I am working on Sundays for this assignment, I miss Sunday Mass. My shift is 7a-7p so there are no Masses available and so I attend during the week. Fortunately, this is a temporary situation but it is not lost on me that this period of time falls during Lent with my first available Sunday Mass being EASTER!!! Perhaps it is missing Sunday Mass which makes me appreciate Daily Mass so much, but the time is more reverent, focused and beautiful to me and it is time I wholly look forward to throughout the week.

Not that you asked….but there’s a few (5) little silver linings I’m enjoying while working weekends.

Peace! T


‘Twas a different Thanksgiving for us this year.  Mom and her Hubs stayed home in PA, sis and her family stayed put in Tally, my mother-in-law’s sister passed away last week and understandably they just weren’t up for anything and my step-dad and his family had his 1st wife and sister and boyfriend  in town (awkward and loud and weird).  so we stayed put.  and cooked.  and enjoyed dinner with my grandparents.  This is how the day went down:

The morning started out brisk at 37 DEGREES!!!! and warmed up to the 60’s.

Macy’s day parade on for our viewing pleasure whilst cooking the bird and organizing the side dishes.  (for me, I don’t get all crazy so it’s not the cooking but the TIMING of it all that makes me a little wired, and somehow it always works out even though I’m not sure HOW….but it does).

Finished up the Christmas cards (ready to mail tomorrow, don’t hate, but I truly can’t wrap my head around Christmas shopping until this is done.  it’s the way I am and I’m ok with that).  Sadly, I ran out of labels and had to hand write 1/2 of my cards!  However, if my friend who sends at least TWICE what I send can do it, I’ll zip it…but those labels???  They are on the grocery list; THAT won’t happen again!


A little bike ride with our youngest around the ‘hood left me wishing I wore my gloves.  I’m a baby, I know.  Blame it on my thin Florida blood.

Appetizers at 1.  Mountain Dew, it’s what the 16 year old brings home when you send him for drinks and Triscuits.

who knew the goat cheese and cranberry would be such a hit?

who knew the goat cheese and cranberry would be such a hit?

Dinner 1:30 ish.

I guess I didn't need the WHOLE 5 lb bag of potatoes....

I guess I didn’t need the WHOLE 5 lb bag of potatoes….

The kids opted to eat outside

The kids opted to eat outside and so did the cat, thankfully.

we use these dishes ALL month long!!

we use these dishes ALL month long!!

Caramel got his first turkey ever.  loved it.

Caramel got his first turkey ever. loved it.


Pie 3 ish with a little fire pit action.

Shower and PJs by 5:30.  Is that so wrong?  It sure didn’t feel like it!!  Then……

Ordered my Free Shutterfly calendar for 2014 (use FREECAL as the promo code until Monday.  I think.  not sure.)

Ordered Nutcracker tickets for the girls and I for our annual ballet and cupcake fix.

Washed fire pit clothes.




How was YOUR Thanksgiving?  Hopefully blessed!!



Road Trippin’ for a Friend Fix

There lies the season where I miss my friends.    It’s a crazy thing, getting older.  Not as simple to make friends any more.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone has baggage.  And so I remember the plaque that hung in my grandmother’s kitchen from a hundred years ago….(or 40):

Make new friends, but keep the old;

The new are silver and the old are gold.

These friendships have weathered life’s storms:  Cancer, infertility, marriage struggles, divorce, faith struggles, death of a child, children with emergency surgery, financial drain, suicide, depression, alcoholism, prison, poor health, aging parents, death of parents, miscarriage, many children, few children, job changes, bullying, education challenges, children growing up and moving away, children with faith crises, deployment, moving, starting over, making new friends and the list goes…..it is life.  Distance may separate us, however, these life cords forever bind us.

So worth the road trip with my girls to visit these dear friends.  We didn’t get to make ALL the rounds due to end-of-summer craziness and that only makes the argument for another visit and for visitors here.  Life’s too short, make the effort, you won’t regret it.

Rollin' with my homies.

Rollin’ with my homies.

Step out of the box.

Originally sent as a private message, however, I felt led to share because we ALL need to remember the marvels the Lord has done.  Especially when we might not particularly be “feeling the love”  right this second.
From today’s readings:
Psalm 105: 16-17
When the LORD called down a famine on the land
and ruined the crop that sustained them,
He sent a man before them,
Joseph, sold as a slave.
R. Remember the marvels the Lord has done.
Bottom line:  It seemed pretty crappy what Joseph had to endure and yet GOD USED IT.  He used the poor choices of his brothers driven by jealousy.  HE became THEIR saviour, in a sense.  God allowed it and yet had an even bigger plan in store for Joseph AND his brothers, even though, to our eyes, they were not worthy.  HE, GOD, made them worthy.  You are worthy.  I am worthy.  WE are worthy of these amazing gifts we receive on a daily basis.  Our jobs, health, kids, marriage, family.  Even beyond that.  We put our “plan” in a tidy little box, but God’s plan for us is so much bigger.  Squash those thoughts from haunting you.  Step out of the past.  Step back from the future.  Today is what matters.  There is NOTHING man can do to us that God will not allow and USE for HIS and OUR good.  We only need to look back and see we have always been firmly in the palm of HIs hand.
Remember the marvels the Lord has done.

5 Favorites of ADORATION

Joining in with Hallie and the lovely ladies all sharing their 5 faves this week…for a smile on your face, for some “GO GOD” in your heart, you really neeeeeed to visit and start with Hallie, K?  K.

5 Favorites @ Moxie Wife

5 Favorites @ Moxie Wife

This week I was able to head over to Adoration during lunch and as always it’s truly my favorite lunch spot.  Ever.  Really.  Here’s why.

5.  Like most of y’all, I live a pretty busy life.  Husband.  4 kiddos.  Full time out of the house job.  Ever searching for the always elusive “perfect” balance between family and work.  Adoration IS as close to “perfect” as my life gets.  The profound sense of peace, joy and love when I walk through the door instantly soothes my heart and mind of whatever is jumbling it up at that moment.  Perfection.

4.   I may not ALWAYS  get immediate answers, direction and resolution of any given life challenge, however, I’ve received clarity, wisdom and peace over the years in answer to prayers during Adoration with much fruit in return.  Just ask my friend; one day I called her after Adoration and told her I felt their family was to home school.  She laughed. (nervously I think, since this was an announcement straight out of the blue).  They start their 3rd (?) year homeschooling this year.  Adoration don’t lie.

3.  I like to pray for people.  God hasn’t seen fit to fill our bank accounts to overflowingness (one can still hope though….) and I can’t always help people materialistically, however, I.  CAN.  PRAY.  Countless friends and family over the years have been the recipients of my prayers, some known, some unknown (but God ALWAYS knows), I’ve even prayed much for this sweet lady and her unborn baby.  You can’t underestimate the power of prayer.  Ever.  You might be too tired, angry, hopeless to pray, but I’ll pray for you.  I know I’ve been the recipient of a jillion and ten prayers and if my own give back even a tenth of intercessory love…I’m in.  Anytime.  Just say the word.

2.  This world is a wild and rocking and crazy constantly go-go-go world.  Sometimes I just need to be still.  I have my morning quiet time with the Daily Readings and that is phenomenal.  Coffee.  Word.  Start the day.  But sometimes….I just need to be still, quiet and listen and thank God for everything I don’t always remember to thank Him for.  Sometimes I just need to be still.  To listen if He wants to talk to me.  and one time ……..

1.  ONE TIME…….I’m telling you…….the monstrance and altar moved.  Throughout my time at Adoration.  I thought I was tired and cleared my eyes, but it kept happening.  Finally I just watched.  It was weird.  It was goosebump-giving.  It was mind blowing and heart filling.  Afterward I texted two friends who also attend Adoration and asked them a vague “have you ever had weird things happen at Adoration?” .  In the end, I’m not sure WHAT it meant, but perhaps He just wanted to say, “Hey, thanks for coming….check this out….I love you….I’m with you….come on back again, my love!”  And so I do.

Now head on over to Hallie’s for more fun things!!