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‘Twas a different Thanksgiving for us this year.  Mom and her Hubs stayed home in PA, sis and her family stayed put in Tally, my mother-in-law’s sister passed away last week and understandably they just weren’t up for anything and my step-dad and his family had his 1st wife and sister and boyfriend  in town (awkward and loud and weird).  so we stayed put.  and cooked.  and enjoyed dinner with my grandparents.  This is how the day went down:

The morning started out brisk at 37 DEGREES!!!! and warmed up to the 60’s.

Macy’s day parade on for our viewing pleasure whilst cooking the bird and organizing the side dishes.  (for me, I don’t get all crazy so it’s not the cooking but the TIMING of it all that makes me a little wired, and somehow it always works out even though I’m not sure HOW….but it does).

Finished up the Christmas cards (ready to mail tomorrow, don’t hate, but I truly can’t wrap my head around Christmas shopping until this is done.  it’s the way I am and I’m ok with that).  Sadly, I ran out of labels and had to hand write 1/2 of my cards!  However, if my friend who sends at least TWICE what I send can do it, I’ll zip it…but those labels???  They are on the grocery list; THAT won’t happen again!


A little bike ride with our youngest around the ‘hood left me wishing I wore my gloves.  I’m a baby, I know.  Blame it on my thin Florida blood.

Appetizers at 1.  Mountain Dew, it’s what the 16 year old brings home when you send him for drinks and Triscuits.

who knew the goat cheese and cranberry would be such a hit?

who knew the goat cheese and cranberry would be such a hit?

Dinner 1:30 ish.

I guess I didn't need the WHOLE 5 lb bag of potatoes....

I guess I didn’t need the WHOLE 5 lb bag of potatoes….

The kids opted to eat outside

The kids opted to eat outside and so did the cat, thankfully.

we use these dishes ALL month long!!

we use these dishes ALL month long!!

Caramel got his first turkey ever.  loved it.

Caramel got his first turkey ever. loved it.


Pie 3 ish with a little fire pit action.

Shower and PJs by 5:30.  Is that so wrong?  It sure didn’t feel like it!!  Then……

Ordered my Free Shutterfly calendar for 2014 (use FREECAL as the promo code until Monday.  I think.  not sure.)

Ordered Nutcracker tickets for the girls and I for our annual ballet and cupcake fix.

Washed fire pit clothes.




How was YOUR Thanksgiving?  Hopefully blessed!!



Thanksgiving Fashion

Since “What I Wore Sunday “at Fine Linen and Purple is so fun, Grace decided to host a “What I wore Thanksgiving” and of course, I am dropping in.  Now I won’t hold it against Grace that she had a totally PRE-planned outfit all put together for her cutie preggo self and since I love seeing what everyone else is in AND how they take their photos, especially whilst wrasslin’ younguns in the process….I’m joining in….although Thanksgiving is a long day……(be sure to check them out in your tryptophan induced haze…I certainly am!)

Morning attire. Need. Coffee. PJs, robe and slippers. Need to start the turkey….

You know you looked like this, too! Post a.m. “pre-turkey feast” walk in my cozy pants and thermal and then topped off with my favorite apron by Brite…ready to wrangle the vittles!!

Amazingly suckered the oldest into becoming my photographer for this one!! Long skirt and shirt from Kohl’s and belt to tie in the shirt a bit. Tank from Wally world.

Super comfy slide wedge shoes from Kohl’s with painted tootsies!

Love this necklace and the dear friend who gave it to me!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all, hope it was festive and delicious and awesome!!





Tick tock…get ready!

source unknown

The holidays are upon us.  I’m getting a little panicky……Excited and overwhelmed.  However, I just bought tickets for the Nutcracker, we have much of our Thanksgiving food procured (sans the bird, yet!) and tonight…TONIGHT I will order Christmas cards!!!  For me, I just can’t start shopping until the cards are DONE!  It signifies the start of the shopping season for me.  WOW!!  How about you???  Do you wing it or are you structured?  Blessings!!