Tick tock…get ready!

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The holidays are upon us.  I’m getting a little panicky……Excited and overwhelmed.  However, I just bought tickets for the Nutcracker, we have much of our Thanksgiving food procured (sans the bird, yet!) and tonight…TONIGHT I will order Christmas cards!!!  For me, I just can’t start shopping until the cards are DONE!  It signifies the start of the shopping season for me.  WOW!!  How about you???  Do you wing it or are you structured?  Blessings!!

4 thoughts on “Tick tock…get ready!

  1. pamasaurus

    I definitely wing it. Every year I tell myself I”m going to work on projects/shopping throughout the year. At least this year I bought stuff to make the projects with…. but that’s as far as I got. It’s crunch time!


  2. farfromhomemama

    I am organised beyong belief but that helps me to relax and enjoy everything. I love this time of year. Everything seems just that little bit more cheerful when lit by fairy lights. Good luck with the shopping!


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