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I think I can, I think I can….

Just thought I’d take a little break from moving 3 years of blogs over with 4 days left…..however, I am only down to the last 3 months and I just finished the annual May blog-a-palooza, so it should go quickly from here (in theory).Since I am usually BURNED out after May I don’t blog too much for a bit, although last year was pretty intense from May on so I may have had lots to share…..either way, I hear the Rocky theme in my head and I’ve got this!!!  Just.  Three.  More.  Months.  ADRIANNE!!!!!

We had a little storm this week, starting Sunday and today, actually this evening, the skies FINALLY began to clear.  See above photo.  In celebration of sunshine, I opted out of boot camp and opted in for a brisk walk around the neighborhood with our youngest while big sis was at soccer, Dad was running at the soccer fields, our oldest was skating and our youngest son was bike riding with my nephew.  We weren’t going stir crazy at all……

I’m off to bed…two stinky nights of interrupted sleep, I’m ready to SLEEP the whole night through!!!  I hope….

Enough already!!!


Oh my goodness!  It’s been a solid flippin’ day of this!!  I know I shouldn’t whine, but….  WAH, WAH, WAH!!!!

Fortunately, Saturday we got all of our chores and running around done because we knew it was going to be this way today.  Mass this morning was fine and then about noon, the skies opened up and really haven’t stopped.  This my friends, is a tropical storm.  This my friends, is me sticking my tongue out….:P   yes, I look just like that!

I thought I’d be so excited to sleep, it’s such a constant sound.  And yet, 12:23 a.m.  sleep eludes me.  I have work tomorrow, TS Debby!  Do you not care?!?!?  No.  She doesn’t.

Sadly, I am like this every time we get a bad storm blowing through.  I’m certain it’s due to the trauma of 2004 when we moved back home and were socked with 4 hurricanes within the 1st month.  It’s a testament to God, Himself that I didn’t completely fall apart during that time.  Truly.  My stomach hurts just thinking back.  So on that note, I think I’ll try to head back to bed and grab those last few hours of sleep!

on a bright note, I only have about 18 mos of blog posts left to move over to WP!  so there’s that…

Sleepy Sunday

8 a.m.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!!!  I don’t remember the last time we ALL stayed in bed so late.  YIKERS!!!  Even Hubby (to which our youngest said, “Good job, Dad!!”–since he’s usually up and gone early in the week and then has the routine of the week waking him early on the weekend as well.

Since this is our forecast/radar today….all that GREEN heading our way (supposedly not until later today), it could potentially be a super LAZY day today!  I have lots of little inside projects, or a nap, or a new book to read.  We shall see what the skies show after Mass…but I’m getting excited about a little rain (and so is our poor crunchy grass!).  **So excited I just learned to screen save AND screen save a ‘specific’ area on the screen.  It’s the little things….

There are only a couple of days left in Blog-Every-Day-in-May.  We are most certainly past the “Love” portion of the month into the “Hate” portion of the month and rejoicing the silly daily blogging is almost done!!!  I

t’s a long holiday weekend here in the States as we observe Memorial Day, a day/long weekend, we remember, in gratitude all fallen soldiers serving our country in all wars to protect our freedoms that we certainly take for gratitude on a regular basis.

Based on the long weekend, there may be a smattering of posts along the way…but be sure to check them out!  Happy Sunday and blessings to all!!








Road trip…view from the backseat

  • ImageLast weekend, my girls and I took a road trip to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephews; while we were there, my sis, my girlfriend and I were going to see my friend’s daughter in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  It was a whirlwind weekend, rainy, cold and eight hours of car time, but we had a great time.
  • Quality time with my sister:  a play AND appetizers/dessert (I know you are jealous…you should be), something that so rarely happens without at least one of our children present.
  • Catch up (in fast forward) with a good friend and praising God for His mercies and the works He has done in her family’s life after just a year ago their son being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma.  To just visit with her after their year that changed their lives and see the grace and growth and the LIVING that continues…HUGE.  God IS good.  Even when the circumstances purely suck.
  • Mass at our old church with a powerful sermon by a young priest who is simply ON FIRE and IN LOVE with our Savior.  Seeing and hugging old friends and their growing children.  Life goes on.  We are blessed with the richness of friends and family and this weekend was but a small example.

Back to the road trip portion…..the girls come ready, they pack their own bag o’ goodies.  Snacks.  Games.  Books.  They are veterans of this drive and they know what it takes to stay busy and pass the time.  In the end, they barely touched their bag (aside from the snacks) and we listened to their music so we could hear Taylor Swift (Mama’s iPhone needs to be updated with T’s music), they made up car games, sang songs, played on the iPhone, watched the world go by and took pictures.  Love.  Them.  


They packed their own snacks.  And dad vaccuumed the crumbs when we got home.  oops.  Image

It’s a long boring drive


Hoping the truck gets close enough to do “the sign”…you know ‘honk your horn, mister!’  he didn’t.


Searching for horses….


Finally.  No offense to country music.  After 8 hours though….Mama needed a change-up in tunes!


10 and 2, baby!  It was comin’ down!


Should have checked the weather before we left….


Love.  Free.  Apps.


More clouds.


Rewarded by a group performance in the garage by Ty and his crew…PRICELESS!  (he’s the one commanding the lead from the cooler/stage)