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I think I can, I think I can….

Just thought I’d take a little break from moving 3 years of blogs over with 4 days left…..however, I am only down to the last 3 months and I just finished the annual May blog-a-palooza, so it should go quickly from here (in theory).Since I am usually BURNED out after May I don’t blog too much for a bit, although last year was pretty intense from May on so I may have had lots to share…..either way, I hear the Rocky theme in my head and I’ve got this!!!  Just.  Three.  More.  Months.  ADRIANNE!!!!!

We had a little storm this week, starting Sunday and today, actually this evening, the skies FINALLY began to clear.  See above photo.  In celebration of sunshine, I opted out of boot camp and opted in for a brisk walk around the neighborhood with our youngest while big sis was at soccer, Dad was running at the soccer fields, our oldest was skating and our youngest son was bike riding with my nephew.  We weren’t going stir crazy at all……

I’m off to bed…two stinky nights of interrupted sleep, I’m ready to SLEEP the whole night through!!!  I hope….

Love me some Saturday mornings!

The one day a week that waking up at any specific time is optional.  Purely optional.  Lie in with Hubby.  Wake up and get the day going.  No plan.  It’s the one day a week I actually enjoy getting up while it’s still dark…..because I don’t HAVE to!

This morning was no different.  Hubby and I chatted while waking with no hurry to get ready for work.  Enjoyed coffee in the dark living room while the sun slowly rose gently lighting the room through the open shades.  70-ish degrees Fahrenheit, breezy, NO humidity.  Pure awesomeness.

Hubby did his deal this morning and I took a great walk while the kids were still sleeping.  Before I pay bills.  Before I go grocery shopping.  Before the day gets rockin’ and rollin’!

You can’t feel the breeze or smell the flowers, but hopefully you enjoy the pictures! (I did my best to name all the plants….always leaving room for error)

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Psalm 118:24

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