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Memorial Day

As we remember those who died serving our country, the sacrifices of those who currently serve and the veterans whose lives are forever changed by their service, we gain an extra day off in the process.  In the wake of this week’s brutal slaying in the UK we are reminded of what these men and women face daily and how easily we can take that for granted.  So this weekend, say a prayer of thanksgiving for our service men and women, buy a meal for a veteran or a soldier home on leave, encourage that ROTC cadet.  It is a bittersweet occupation, but for those who answer the call and their families, let us pray for them and give thanks for their sacrifices.


Memorial Day

All we have of freedom, all we use or know –
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.
~Rudyard Kipling, The Old Issue, 1899

Today we remember all those who gave their lives in serving our country, fighting for the freedoms we can’t possibly appreciate unless we’ve had them revoked.

A chance to thank our veterans and our active servicemen and women. A chance to thank their families.  You don’t get rich being in the armed services and the sacrifice to our country is a domino affect.

Parades.  BBQs. Decorating of the headstones and graves of fallen soldiers.  Take a minute today and give thanks.  Remember.  Memorial Day.

Sleepy Sunday

8 a.m.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!!!  I don’t remember the last time we ALL stayed in bed so late.  YIKERS!!!  Even Hubby (to which our youngest said, “Good job, Dad!!”–since he’s usually up and gone early in the week and then has the routine of the week waking him early on the weekend as well.

Since this is our forecast/radar today….all that GREEN heading our way (supposedly not until later today), it could potentially be a super LAZY day today!  I have lots of little inside projects, or a nap, or a new book to read.  We shall see what the skies show after Mass…but I’m getting excited about a little rain (and so is our poor crunchy grass!).  **So excited I just learned to screen save AND screen save a ‘specific’ area on the screen.  It’s the little things….

There are only a couple of days left in Blog-Every-Day-in-May.  We are most certainly past the “Love” portion of the month into the “Hate” portion of the month and rejoicing the silly daily blogging is almost done!!!  I

t’s a long holiday weekend here in the States as we observe Memorial Day, a day/long weekend, we remember, in gratitude all fallen soldiers serving our country in all wars to protect our freedoms that we certainly take for gratitude on a regular basis.

Based on the long weekend, there may be a smattering of posts along the way…but be sure to check them out!  Happy Sunday and blessings to all!!