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Enough already!!!


Oh my goodness!  It’s been a solid flippin’ day of this!!  I know I shouldn’t whine, but….  WAH, WAH, WAH!!!!

Fortunately, Saturday we got all of our chores and running around done because we knew it was going to be this way today.  Mass this morning was fine and then about noon, the skies opened up and really haven’t stopped.  This my friends, is a tropical storm.  This my friends, is me sticking my tongue out….:P   yes, I look just like that!

I thought I’d be so excited to sleep, it’s such a constant sound.  And yet, 12:23 a.m.  sleep eludes me.  I have work tomorrow, TS Debby!  Do you not care?!?!?  No.  She doesn’t.

Sadly, I am like this every time we get a bad storm blowing through.  I’m certain it’s due to the trauma of 2004 when we moved back home and were socked with 4 hurricanes within the 1st month.  It’s a testament to God, Himself that I didn’t completely fall apart during that time.  Truly.  My stomach hurts just thinking back.  So on that note, I think I’ll try to head back to bed and grab those last few hours of sleep!

on a bright note, I only have about 18 mos of blog posts left to move over to WP!  so there’s that…

I should make better use of insomnia

It’s Friday, folks; that means it’s time to wrap up the week with a pretty little bow and join in with all the regular Conversion Diary folks—-this week @ Hallie Lord’s blog and see what the rest of the world has been up to!

  1. I was able to get good workouts in this week.  Although my friend and I didn’t get our acts together until Thursday to work out TOGETHER, I DID manage to get my 3 strength days in and cardio.  We also added two sets of THIS Men’s Health ab routine on the exercise ball.  All I can say is, it’s been a LONG time since my abs were THIS sore.   I had to modify it a little because I couldn’t come all the way up on my hands for the second exercise, so I stayed on my elbows–my girlfriend further modified by going off the ball, onto the floor in plank position–and STILL, OUCH!  Good stuff!!
  2. End of the year activities are coming to a head.  Our youngest daughter’s school choir performance was Tuesday.  It was sweet.  And packed.  A joint venture with the high school and middle school it was a full 90 minutes!  Even though it was a packed auditorium and our seats were not so awesome, it was quite enjoyable.
  3. My mom is in town!  Yay!!  And my sister comes next weekend!!  Hoping to have my mom and my aunt and grandmother over for dinner Sunday night…but I’m Queen of Procrastination so I’ll call them later and set it up….
  4. I DID purchase Mother’s Day cards AND some May birthday presents AHEAD of time, completely contradictory of my procrastination.  Now I just need to send them out today and I’ll be good to go with a strong chance of them making their destination (mostly local) by tomorrow!!
  5. I did not get good sleep last night.  Highly unusual for me.  I woke at sometime after midnight and thought I had a text from our son (who was sleeping)–I wasn’t quite awake yet..and after that I tossed and turned for the remainder of the evening.  At one point reasoning with myself that I should just get up and do those Mother’s Day cards, pay bills, sign permission slips and make lunches since I was up anyway….. I opted out and stayed in bed.  Probably the better choice!
  6. I came across THIS ARTICLE in the National Catholic Register by Matthew Archbold regarding Nancy Pelosi and her statement that her Catholic faith compels her to support same-sex marriage.  Now while I know this is controversial (and I HATE conflict), everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have yet to come across ANY thing Catholic or Christian that supports SSM.  She must have a different copy of the Catechism than I do…
  7. Our garden is growing, our garden is growing.  OK. Hubby’s garden, he did/does all the work.  But….our garden is growing!!  Starting small this year to experiment, tomatoes and cucumbers and YAY!!!
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