Road trip!

Waycross, GA. or as I like to refer to our little trip as Waaaaaaaay-‘cross Georgia..

School is upon us and we can no longer deny the fact that the lazy days of summer are crashing to a close.  The kids will be grudgingly turning in sooner, waking earlier and submitting to whatever form of homework their teachers proffer (while Hubby and I pray we can keep up and help them if needed–mostly we just stay out-of-the-way!).  With the addition of cheer and soccer (which I’ve mentioned a zillion times already) as well as band commitments, I realized my traveling-for-fun weekends are done.  So, I decided to take a “quick” 8 hour road trip up to spend time with my girlfriend in Atlanta.  Her Hubby was traveling for work and her boys were on a school retreat, so the girls and I made the trek for a super-quick all-girls Road trip.  Let’s just say, I’ve cured myself for a bit.  I’m not as young as I used to be, but I can definitely say… was well worth the effort!

A visual “Quick Takes” of our road trip and the you can check in with Jen @ Conversion Diary and LOTS of other people, too!  Enjoy!!


Our sassy girl found a little mailbox that reminded her of our cat during our little exploration of Roswell’s “Alive after Five” event in historic downtown Roswell. Tons to do and see and eat (if you want to wait an hour….)


Bulloch Hall. A pic for my Hubby who is a big Teddy Roosevelt fan….so this will do until he can see the childhood plantation home of President Roosevelt’s mum!


A pic for my meat and sausage and BACON loving boy! Provisions…quite the happenin’ spot as we picked up some sausage for my girlfriend’s lasagna the next day…sadly it was forgotten in the trunk until the next day! OOPS!


The girls enjoyed the burlap chairs and couches @ Provisions (a super quaint and old-timey spot) as well as great people watching and super tempting delicacies all around…dinner was CALLING!


The. BEST. Part of the evening (for the girls)…topless in the Beamer….”put your hands in the air like you don’t care!” They loved it and are now spoiled for all other vehicles. Poor dears.


Cruising through downtown ATL. The girls were fascinated by the toll booths–apparently they forgot we actually have a few in Orlando…***the girls were iPhone-shooting all pics from the car, not me.…PuhLEEZE!! I was white gripping that wheel like a maniac!!


Had to stop and get a photo OP with ‘Mater in a little used car parts/pieces place just south of Waycross. Although that doesn’t explain why our youngest’s shorts are pulled up like Erkel….ah well, whatcha gonna do?

***a couple bonus shots…


My girlfriend’s AHHHHHH-some deck. We most certainly spent ALL morning on this baby, chatting, reading, drinking coffee and enjoying the breeze, the shade and each other’s company. Simply the best part of their renovation–and their kitchen is to die for–but this….this is beyond peaceful.


Taz enjoys the deck also. What he wasn’t all the interested in were 2 little paparazzi who wanted to use his image on their Baldify app….



Nothing like a rainbow to settle your nerves after a good storm on the road

Happy weekend y’all!






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