Get ready

Welp.  Looks like the next couple of days will be interesting.  Praying Matthew doesn’t change course any further west and hooks east back out to sea.  It’s a thing, it can happen. See Hurricane Charley (although that hooked east about mid-state–which was NOT good!).

The last time we dealt with a big hurricane it WAS Charley in 2004, who was followed by 3 friends.  The others are a blur, because with 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks, that was a crazy I do not care for.  Prior to that was Floyd in 1999 when most of Central Fla evacauated north (we were in the Panhandle at the time and were fortunate enough to host my dear friend and her family for the night—which was in turn fortunate for us as our 2nd son was born early the next morning!).

This time though, we are here.  This time it’s far larger and stronger.  People may have been slow to act (12 years will do that to you), but I can assure you that the gas stations, grocery stores and home building stores were bustling yesterday.  The Hubs, is a planner though and when we grocery shopped last week we stocked up on the water, gatorade and soup.  Our cars are all gassed up.  Our windows are about a year old.

Today, we will watch the forecast and the Hubs and kids (and cat and dog) will head inland to a friends and depending on whether I get called to the hospital, I will meet them tomorrow after we close or head in to weather out the storm at the hospital.

Pray it up, people.

Head east, Matthew.  WAY east!!!


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