Monday, Monday….yawn….already?!

Funny thing about 3-day weekends, they go by FAR too quickly!

We jammed about as much into the weekend as possible and the downside is that I’ll pay for that when waking the kiddos this morning, because I am not the ONLY one who was comfy in my bed.  It’s a frequent question on Mondays:  “Should we have a fun weekend and suck it up on Monday? or should we be bored all weekend and look forward to Monday?”  A dilemma.  A question that comes with no answer from our little flock of kiddos.

It’s been a fabulous and full 3-day weekend, I’m only half-heartedly complaining, therefore….. since I’ve beached it, recital-ed it, ice creamed it, chore-ed it, church-ed it, exercised it, read it, napped it and laundered it…I’m pooped and now I need to hit it if we are going to get out of here on time this morning!  Check out the rest of the crew and see what they are up to and I’ll be back tomorrow!








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