Hypochondriacs, UNITE!!

Sometimes it’s a problem working in the medical field.  For a lot of reasons.  First, let me assure you, I enjoy my job, taking care of patients (I’m a nurturer), hearing their stories and seeing what’s going on inside the body (I like to pretend I’m a doctor and figure out what’s the problem–makes the day more interesting).  Buuuuuuuut……sometimes I get a little over it and have to dig DEEP for some compassion, because after the 20th whine story I’d rather get a spinal needle in the eye.  Just sayin’….that’s when my friend and I encourage each other with these kind of things:

you are never too old for a “Gold Star”…

The bad thing is that when people get sick at home and I’ve been dealing with sick people all day, sometimes I have to dig even deeper.  Pathetic.  I know.  And this week I’ve had to pull out the big shovel and dig for flippin’ China because we’ve had round 2 of our youngest getting sick AGAIN with a visit to the After hours Ped clinic and diagnosed with a virus lasting 5-7 days. Nausea, fever and all the good stuff that goes with it (if you can read between the lines).  After recent strep throat and treatment for that, I was less than amused to deal with a virus.  Nor was she.  <sigh>  Then it gets good….

Hubby becomes violently ill the next night with our daughter’s symptoms.  Great. (here comes living out that “in sickness and in health” part…. So after a night of holding our daughter’s hair back a few times and about 3 hours of sleep next to the human furnace, I was thrilled to head to work, leaving our 14-year-old in charge of doling out Tylenol and water.  Both of them were basically out of commission the entire day.  I came home from work and went to work bleaching both bathrooms, kitchen and doling out more fluids and meds.  They were rallying, then….

Dearest daughter complained of peeling feet and achy joints.  I made the fatal mistake.  yes.  I web-surfed her symptoms.  I know better.  Let me STRONGLY encourage you.  DO.  NOT.  DO.  THIS.  EVER.  SERIOUSLY.  Every symptom has a bizarre and rare disease to match on the web (this is why you DON’T surf the web for medical advice, people!).  I found a disease for her, too.  I did what any mother would do.  I made her another doctor appointment.  Hubby took her (he is now recovering somewhat).  She did not have Kawasaki disease despite the matching symptoms…PHEW!…she DID (they are pretty sure after the swab)…have another round of Strep throat, so it’s another visit to Publix for free antibiotics and hopefully we are all on the upswing…… but…..

There are 4 other people in the house still, so we will see how it goes!

St. Raphael, the Archangel, patron saint of illness and healing, Pray for us!

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