Parenting. Not for the weak.


It’s summer.  Need I say more?

I didn’t think so.

It’s rained this week.  All.  Week.  Every.  Day.

I actually enjoyed working because I knew I wasn’t cooped up in the house with bored kids trying to fray each other’s last nerve as a past-time.  I was glad the girls had day-camp to go to.  Glad the boys are old enough to entertain themselves with bike rides and skateboarding (in between the rain) and horn practice and video editing.

Last night though.  The rain mojo.  Oy.  So bad.  So bad that on the way to our son’s July 4th concert I turned the car around.  Yes I did.  We kicked the girls out.  Yes we did.  We made them go back in the house.  Yes we did.  It cancelled all “rest and relaxation” time for our 15-year-old, but hey if Mama and Papa aren’t getting any R&R why should he?

We asked each other, “What the he** are we doing wrong???”

Reality:  Rainy week.  Less than adequate planning.  Tired kids.  Tired parents.  Boom!

Answer to our question:  “nothing”.  We are doing everything right.  Life happens.  Especially when you have 6 personalities to deal with.  And rain.  Life happens.

Moving on.

3 thoughts on “Parenting. Not for the weak.

  1. Ellie at This Emerald Life

    Ahhhh. Welcome to life Irish style!! We have to work out summers around the rain! 😉
    Hope the weather improves for you. We are promised a “heatwave” this weekend. Look up the Irish weather forecast for a laugh – see how hot we get . It will make you smile.


    1. tracye1 Post author

      OK. I DID get a good laugh at your “heatwave”….and I want to know how you avoid the grumpies from all the grey skies!!!! I must confess we had plenty of Mr. Sun today…to the tune of a wee bit of a sunburn….OY!!


      1. Ellie at This Emerald Life

        I’m not sure how we avoid the grumpies. We are so used to rain that ANY sunshine cheers us up! My kids have been doing arts and crafts for most of this week. Hopefully next week they will be out in the sunshine!!


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