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Flashback Friday..QuickTakes Style!

Phew.  Friday.  Thank you, God!!!

For a wrap up of the week I’m hanging with Jen and the peeps all sharing about our week..go visit, bring coffee…and a donut…or if you are eating clean, maybe some hardboiled eggs.

As for me, I’ve got a few flashback moments of kiddos…I guess all these graduations are making me a little nostalgic!

— 1 —

The dangers of going commando.  Our youngest son, in 3rd grade, learned a difficult lesson in the importance of wearing underpants.  A classmate decided that “pantsing people” (you know, randomly yanking down pants of unsuspecting or suspecting people and running away) on the playground would be fun.  Our son and some friends thought it funny and the 6 of them just chased each other around (our son had a belt on and felt invincible) until the mastermind of the game had the tables turned, our son pantsed him and much to everyone’s surprise….the kid was commando.  Game over.  All 6 boys were suspended for the day, our son got a 2 day suspension (since he was the ill-fated puller-downer-of-the no undies boy–don’t even get me started).  He doesn’t “pants” anymore and I sure hope the kid who was “exposed” learned to put on some underpants.  Funny now.  Not so funny then.

— 2 —

Our oldest girl has begun the braces.  3rd child.    If only thumb-sucking wasn’t so cute in little kids…..she has her spacers in and impressions taken and next week we go for the next step.  It brought back memories of our oldest when he had his braces and expander and HEADGEAR at night.  Oh the crazy of the hair in the a.m.  Good times.  Goooood times.

— 3 —

Our youngest sweet pea was a real stinker when she was little.  She still gives us a run for our sanity, but when she was about 2 she would stand at the top of the stairs in the middle of the night at the gate and bang on the wall for me yelling at the top of her lungs…”Mama….I talking to you”.  A bullhorn would have been less intrusive to sleep….

— 4 —

Another time, I put her on the balcony for a time out and she banged on the side of the house so loud the back neighbors came running because they thought it was a gun shot.  True words.  Last time I picked that spot for a time out…..epic parenting fail.

— 5 —

When I had my first knee surgery, our oldest daughter was being sweet and figured she’d share a Warhead candy with me.  I was in bed, propped up, immobile.  And apparently a sucker…..Have you ever had one?  No?  Well, go to your local convenience store, grab your video, open the wrapper and let the YouTube viral hits begin.  My mouth still salivates and tingles just hearing the word “Warhead” and my daughter tries to repeat the episode from time to time….uh uh…ain’t gonna happen.  But you go ahead….

— 6 —

The time our youngest son—-hoo wee…this kid’s got a bunch of ’em—-decided at about 6 years old to make a slingshot in the backyard/woods out of 2 young saplings (still attached to the tree).  He was successful for about a few turns, until that ONE rock backfired and busted him in the mouth…cracking 2 teeth and bloodying his EVERYWHERE….oh….the….blood…In the end, he didn’t lose any teeth, there was a fracture but the root was spared and there was a slight gap and two front teeth chipped.  He’s 13 now and since he’s finished with braces we finally got the teeth bonded.  He didn’t want to do it since it was such a part of his history…but it made Mama feel better.  And we all know that when Mama’s happy….it’s allllllllll good.

— 7 —

Mother’s day is upon us….Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there….babies, fur babies and spiritual babies, May God Bless your mothering spirit!!

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