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A link up…in photo style!

I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to host a link up.  Which I’ve never done before, but how hard can it be?  Right?

So here’s the theme:  A DAY IN THE LIFE….IN PICTURES!  Because a picture speaks a thousand words…photo fun!

  • Pick a day.  ANY day.  However, it should be a pretty average day for an average look at your life, HOWEVER, if you choose to pictorialize (yes, it is a word…I looked it up!)  your 5 year-olds EPIC birthday party…go right on ahead…no judgment zone.
  • Try and get as close to these “times” as possible:   Waking up. Bring your best bed head and all.          Breakfast (yours or your family’s).             Mid day.  How you hanging so far??             Lunch.  What’s on the plate?         Mid-afternoon.  The crazy zone for a lot of you!             Dinner.  All together ?  In the car?  Out?  Inquiring minds and all.            Mid evening.  Winding down people!!!              Bed time.  Success.  Lived to tell the tale of another day!  Woot woot!!             More or less. No fast rules.
  • I’ll throw the link up on Monday, so you have 4 days to get your photos together.

You know the rest, link your blog, yada, yada, yada.

Fun way to find new blogs and get a glimpse of life all over.

I’ll TRY and link up with Jen on Friday, but for sure I’ll see you back here on MONDAY to link it up!  (plus that gives me a few days to hopefully figure it out!)

Peace out, y’all!