A new chapter…..a new blog!

I’ve been contemplating for some time now on changing and/or moving my blog to a more “public” site, and with the coming of changes with THE CLOUD @ apple and my previous web site in the “cone of uncertainty” when that change happens, it was the shove I needed to make the leap to my new domain.  After praying about it, I feel led to share our journey; it is a terrifying prospect, however, if our journey can bring even one person peace in their own trials, bring it on!

With this more public blog, you may notice a little less familiarity/diary-style in my life, my children referred to in letter form and more soul-baring, opinionated and pondering on the blog than before as I delve in to our story: past and present (no one really knows the future)…… It’s still in progress, so we’ll see how it goes as I navigate my way around the wordpress site. It may morph into something else.  Time will tell the tale, right? 

And with that….buckle in, subscribe “ON” and AWAY we go!


Sunset @ NSB

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