Random remarks….

I am truly NOT complaining about the rain recently.  We’ve sure needed it; that’s been our summer pattern…drought, rain, drought, rain….usually in the afternoon.  THIS time, we’ve gotten it several mornings which always throws me off for some reason.  And to make matters worse, we have three lovely arched windows in our scan room at work so when it’s nice….it’s taunting, and when it’s not…..I want to take a nap!!  Maybe I’ll get a nap this weekend since there’s more of the wet stuff headed our way!

Our good friends (minus hubby) came through town the other night with their two boys on the way to Port Canaveral for a cruise.  After MUCH coercion, she finally agreed to stay with us for the night (versus a hotel) and we had SUCH a great visit!!  It’s common knowledge:  girlfriends are good for the soul.

On the agenda for the weekend:  a visit from my mom (YAY!).  The girls and I will pick her up from the airport and then have lunch before we bring her to her friend’s house…and then have her over at least twice this week for dinner!!  She will visit with my sis later next month…this whole living several states away is for the birds!!  We’ll enjoy her while we can though.

An observation from the pantry after the kids were home all day for a teacher duty day:  Oreos last FOREVER when kids are at school all day.  Not so much when they are home.  Good thing tomorrow is grocery day.

Somehow, even with the rain, the girls managed to swim a large portion of the day at a friend’s house.  Sadly, they mistook the beginning of school as the end of the sunscreen..the aloe plant has already been cut and is ready to apply..and I’m thinking bedtime will be early….gotta love the pool!

And we wind up the week in celebration of hubby’s new FULL TIME job which begins in another week!  Another example of God’s perfect timing as his other 2 main jobs are both either finishing up or petering out.  So, it appears the 2+ months of working 7 days a week are coming to an end, can I get an “AMEN”?!??!!?  Gratitude and appreciation of God’s plan merely scratch the surface of what we are experiencing right now.  What.  A.  Ride!

Matthew 6:34 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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