It’s the end of the week as we know it….

  • I’ve finally made some headway into writing the story of our family’s Faith walk through our years of incarceration.  For some reason, (I’m going with the Holy Spirit’s leading on this one), I haven’t been able to write.  Perhaps it’s nerves.  Either way it’s begun and to say it’s mind-blowing to look back on how firmly we were under the protection of the Lord, and still are, is truly amazing.  God IS good.  In the midst of it all, He is good, He is present and He loves.
  • We are going to attempt a photo shoot (complete with tripod) for our Christmas card this weekend.  I have a mental block on ANY Christmas shopping until our card is done, ordered and MAILED–shortly after Thanksgiving (I like to be one of the first–I’m weird like that!!).   I’d love to do a post on the pics that don’t make the cut.  You know the ones….”he’s touching me, I’m TIRED of smiling….this is boring….WHY do we do this EVERY year”…and so on and so on….at least they are a little older and tend to sit longer for pictures these days…mostly…
  • I have pinpointed my errors in lack of pre-planning for our week with the dueling football and softball schedules.  I now have a plan going forth.  Not surprisingly, it usually takes me a couple of weeks to “work out the kinks” when change is upon us!  There will be freezer meals a-cookin’ in the casa this weekend!!
  • The weather is changing, the air is fabulous and crisp.  Now to decide if we will be brave enough to go through with our scheduled stand up paddleboard trip on Saturday morning.  It’s supposed to be in the low 70’s and sunny….and I suppose if I stay OUT of the water it will be OK…
  • Had a great two days of exercise in early this week.  Mid-week…ummmm, let’s call that “recovery” and here’s to hoping the week finishes BIG with a fun and physical weekend–which of course, means I have to get off the laptop and walk this morning before work…
  • Successful purging of summer clothes into fall/winter clothes is complete with a VERY small list of “needs” for the girls (even smaller for the boys) AND I managed to make it to the Post office to send off some winter shoes I purged to a dear friend’s daughter.
  • I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since 9-11.  Wow.  There are no words.  Prayers for all the souls of the lost.  Prayers for the families who annually relive that day.  Prayers for peace in this world.
  • It’s the end of the week…the kids sweetly asked if I would have today off also for Veteran’s day, but alas….not so much.  Daddy is working from home to oversee activities and such, so for THAT I am heartily grateful!  And on that note, I think I will grab some sweatpants and go for a brisk walk and get this day started!!  Happy Weekend, y’all!!

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