Mr. Fix-It


Funny how fixing something can make you feel so great…all pumped up with yourself and USEFUL!  Our washer pooped out on us this weekend, fortunately it was the second to last load and ready for spin cycle.  After driving all over town on Sunday afternoon looking for a laundromat to wash the ONE last load (boy’s gym clothes made it a necessity!) Hubby stopped by my step-dad’s house to wash since all the laundromats were closed.  He gave Hubby some ideas on what it could be and today he put the theory to the test, installed the part via Youtube and….Voila!  Fixed.  And already in action.  On a roll, he then tackled replacing the sprayer in the kitchen sink….drumroll for…..SUCCESS!  


The guy is smoking!   I should find something else that needs fixing.  You know, strike while the iron is HOT!  I figure between the washer repairman and the plumber he saved us at least $150….I think I’ll make him some cookies this week!  It’s the little things.  Poor guy though, between the P90X, waking up @ 4:30 a.m. and all that “fix-it” after working all day….he’s in bed asleep at 9!  I’m so jealous!!


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