Tick, tock…2 days left!

This month o’ bloggin’ is almost over.  PHEW!  It’s HARD to write everyday….especially when you’re not a writer (not a paid writer…)  It’s always eye-opening to do this every year, I definitely get a smattering of insight as to what you “real” (paid) writers do everyday.  Good grief!!  Where do you get the ideas????  Perhaps I am just to ADD and/or unfocused to write daily…it does take some time, peace and quiet to put these thoughts on computer/paper.  Either way, it is fun.  I’ll have a wrap up of my month on the last day 😉  so you have that to come back for!

Hope you had a great weekend!  We had a tropical storm most of our weekend which was good in that a) we REALLY needed the rain and b) I really needed a day or two where I was stuck at home and could tackle some long-procrastinated chores:  sewing, banking (not that procrastinated, but disliked), sign ups for next year’s Faith Formation (they have a new system and you have to enter each kiddo in INDIVIDUALLY!!! so they can build their database….next year will be a snap, not so much this year, especially when the system crashed TWICE on me during registration.  it’s done!), soccer and cheerleading tryouts/sign ups are scheduled, Theology of the body books ordered (middle school and high school), quality time with oldest daughter, sheets changed (I HATE bunk beds!!!), word/licensure survey completed, updated resume started (AGAIN!), and new book began.  Even got a walk in between the downpours.  It’s good to have a rainy day now and again!!

Go catch up with these peeps: new houses, new babies, beach pictures, great quotes, great gardens and recipes…








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